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Sunday, 12 November 2006

Wal Mart creating a Storm - Selling Nazi Symbols

Seems the proverbial has hit the fan at Wal Mart.

Blogger Bent Corner didn't realize the storm he would create when he noticed that the local Wal Mart was selling T shirts with The Death's Head symbol as worn by the members of the German Nazi SS. Wal-Mart is selling Nazi SS skull t-shirts

Since then he has had phenomenal traffic and the story has whipped across the Internet.

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What's hard to believe is that in the 24 hours since, Wal Mart still hasn't managed to remove the product from sale, and the unfortunate event is that White Supremacist sites are now catching on and rushing to ' catch these now collectibles'. Their actually rushing to buy them. We have white supremacists rushing to buy up stocks of these.

White Supremacists record website, Resistance has this post
WOA!! N*gg*r*Mart selling Totenkopf shirts! [link is highly offensive]

This might suit Walmart, it getting rid of the remnants of their stock, but that's exactly what they were supposed to stop. Reports are coming in that all around the country people are seeing stacks of stocks of these offensive T shirts still not removed from sales areas. Wal-Mart is still selling Nazi SS skull t-shirts

Here's a picture of the death skull T shirt in question, it was taken by Bent Corner with their cell phone.

Here's the original symbol as used by Hitler's death Squads:

The Death's Head symbol was worn by the members of the German Nazi SS. The Totenkopf on the Wal-Mart t-shirt looks very similar to the divisional insignia of the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf. As you can see, It's almost an exact copy.

Neo-Nazi's sometimes use the Totenkopf image because it is not as easily identifiable as other Nazi symbols such as the swastika. You might see one of these tattooed on someone's arm while standing in line at Burger King and think it's just an poorly done pirate skull. It's not.

Left: A New 'Proud' owner wears her T shirt

One new proud White Supremacist woman displays her new recent purchase after Wal Mart was supposed to have removed the stock. She has the time to read about it on the web, decide to go shopping,drive there, find the T shirt and pay for it. But Wal Mart can't remove an offensive T shirt in more than 24 hours??

I wonder how long it would have taken if it was a t shirt like this one Walmart?

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Bent Corner Thanks for the HT!
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