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Monday, 13 November 2006

US Christian wins seat in Saudi Arabia's non elected Parliament

IAPU: Just coming in from the wires a US Christian, chanting praise 'Jesus' amen, standing with a backdrop of Christian supporters cheering loudly 'Jesus is Lord' in front of a crowd of conservative Saudi Arabians, announced they have not been given a seat in the Saudi Arabian non elected Parliament. [ err wires crossed....]

But in other news in this political universe:

But hey, that doesn't mean we can't chant ' All yah can buy" when a Muslim candidate wins a seat in Congress.

Watching the video, is quite a shock because as blogger Double Tap whose just back from Iraq so succinctly puts it

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'When I hear people screaming or chanting "Allahu Akbar", it's usually in the context of a jihadi video where terrorists are chanting it just prior to, or immediately after, blowing up or shooting an American soldier or marine. In Iraq, I knew that if I heard that, bad things were about to happen.'

Click Photo to see video
When I hear it being screamed at the victory speech of a newly elected U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, a cold chill runs down my spine. See it here. Notice that they switch quickly off the live feed after the chants start and try to play it down.

and in a rant by The Arab American: Elections strengthen Israel's support

After attacking US policy in respect of the middle east, US Jewish candidates for congress and a whole lot of other targets, they finish of their diatribe with:

A bright spot? For the first time, a Muslim is set to become a U.S. congressman. Keith Ellison, a Democrat, easily defeated Alan Fine, a Jewish Republican, in a Minneapolis area district in Tuesday's 2006 midterm elections. Ellison earned endorsements from leading Jews in the district and expressed regrets about his ties in the mid-1990s with the Nation of Islam. He is due to visit Israel for the first time in the coming weeks as a guest of the Minnesota Jewish community.

Expressed regrets about his ties with the Anti Semitic site Nation of Islam??

In Real speak: that's called ' political expediency'

IAPU: ' In a parallel universe'

My Fox Twin Cities: Ellison Accepts Seat as First Muslim Congressperson
The Arab American: Elections strengthen Israel's support
Wikipedia: Nation of Islam

Double Tap Thanks!
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