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Friday, 17 November 2006

Naomi Campbell Super Pratt Limited Edition Cell Phone

From Gallery of the absurd
Even if you manage to avoid being crushed like a bug by Angelina Jolie's 'Security' , and you've managed to avoid Mel Gibson's Anti Semitic tirades whilst out socializing, or worse K_Fed is harassing you trying to give you tickets to one of his concerts, things still aren't safe.

You still have to worry about the possibility of an angry Naomi Campbell hurling one of these limited editions at your head. One of the largest mobile device makers has teamed up with the aging super pratt to introduce the most fashionable phone to ever hit the runway. Studded with sparkling pink Swarovski crystals and featuring an exclusive 3 carat diamond, no one would guess that with a push of a button, this innocent little phone becomes a dangerous Ninja shuriken. The antenna doubles as a grenade pin...just pull and toss at your enemy! A set of Swiss army knives are also included, along with a high quality nail file and secret lipstick compartment.

Now there's a thought, you're booking into a NY hotel and next to your right is Mel Gibson and on you left is Naomi Campbell.

The bellboy is K_Fed and security is organized by Jolie, do you even bother asking for room service?


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