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Monday, 13 November 2006

Tefillin Barbie: Meet the other Barbies

Seems that that little Shiksa running round flirting with all the good Jewish boys has settled down, converted and is becoming observant. We've seen innumerable variations of Barbie in the mass market. Now we have a now Jewish addition to the diverse range.

Right: Shiksa Barbie

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Tefillin Barbie
Courtesy of Geniza.net meet Tefillin Barbie:

Barbie reading the Torah

Obviously a fairly progressive Jew here she is reading from the torah.

This may become the hottest little item for observant little girls (and not so little),

and it seems that this spiritual connect between Barbie and Faith has even caught on in the Islamic world!

What's bound to be the present of the season for every little good Palestinian girl is...

Humanshields Barbie

Humanshields Barbies come in a pack of 5

These barbies come in sets, the larger the better, guaranteed to be obedient and do what ever they are ordered to do, they each come carrying an extra burqah, they face death with joy, knowing they will be shahids inspires them.

Suicide Barbie

If your little Muslim youngster is looking for that special more spiritually enhanced Barbie don't forget we have the limited edition, once in a life time ' Suicide Barbie '.

Keep an eye out for our expanding Muslim youngsters line of Islamic Barbies.

Right: Suicide Barbie without Burqah

There's the Barbie 'piece of meat' hussy

The infidel Christian school girl with detachable head.

Even an Infidel 'Ken the contractor' you can drag behind your scooter.

Left: Best of Friends 'Plate of Meat' Barbie and Islamic Barbie?

Upcoming change of range:
The range is soon to expand further, these models shown below are soon to be very collectable, as they are expected to change to Burqahs soon. Unfortunately the French version is no longer available as it seems to have sold out.

Sweden, Poland, Holland, Norway and German Barbies.
Right: Barbies of the World, Burqahs soon?

TheCulture.net: Barbie
Geniza.net: Tefillin Barbie

Me-ander Thanks for the HT!
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