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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Anti Semite Mark Glenn makes another outrageous claim:
'Brits say Israel Staged 1976 Hijacking'

It's not enough to be known as a major contender for the paranoiac Tin Foil Hat of the year award, Mark Glenn is working to increase his chances of both winning the award and to get institutionalized. (A not so rare double)

His latest rant encompasses some of the most outlandish claims to have been seen recently.

Apparently according to Glenn's article in the AmericanFreePress: , 'Brits say Israel Staged 1976 Hijacking' he has come across evidence that Israel staged the Entebbe Hijacking. [never mind that this 'conspiracy' story broke a week earlier than his article], his use of context provides plenty of scope for the reader to imagine it was none other than super sleuth Mark Glenn himself.

He cites with out actual referencing, an obscure diplomatic report filed by a British diplomat D.H. Colvin who was working in Paris.

Its not enough that Colvin was merely passing on unverified information from a contact:

"He heard it from a contact in the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association three days after the Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris was seized in mid-air by Palestinians and German terrorists on June 27, 1976.

Mr Colvin told his superiors that his source suggested that the attack was carried out by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine with help from the Israeli Security Service, the Shin Bet.
t was designed to torpedo the rival Palestine Liberation Organisation's standing in France and to prevent what they saw as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans.

''My contact said that the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis,'' Mr Colvin added. The message was received without comment by the Foreign Office but later officials recorded that a journalist from the Liverpool Post, Leo Murray, had also told them that a splinter group of PFLP was planning a series of spectacular incidents to disrupt contacts between the PLO leader Yasser Arafat and the US."

An unverified report from a source now becomes proof in Mark Glenn's eyes.

But in the very same news article from the Telegraph that this quote comes from, there is also the mention that
"Frank Wheeler, the first secretary, reported that there was abundant evidence of Ugandan collaboration with the hijackers. Palestinians had been brought from Mogadishu in President Amin's private jet to join the hijackers, according to the file."
But this little gem seems to have fallen on the editing floor of our grand paranoiac Mark Glenn.

There's also the possibility that Arafat was trying to discredit the PFLP and Israel at the same time, the article mentions that "Arafat's recent approach to the French in Cairo warning us of further attacks."

But no, Mark Glenn seems to simply ignore all the possible political intrigue around this event and settles for the most suitable solution to him, them Jooz must have done it.

Where as the rest of the sane world think it was carried out by Palestinian terrorist organisation the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Glenn agrees it must have been a master conspiracy plan where the Israeli Shin Bet helped the PFLP in their plot to hijack the plane.

Apparently Mark Glen seems to think that the Israeli secret service organisation Shin Bet would endanger the lives of hundreds of people including almost a hundred Jews in an attempt to score political points and swing public opinion away from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.

Only to then send in a team of Israeli soldiers at great risk to try to save the hostages.

Mark Glenn's article descends further into the abyss of his own hatred, he rounds his illuminating article nicely with:
"Along with the United States and Britain, Israel has a long and well-established history of assisting individuals and groups said to be responsible for acts of terrorism since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948."

Seems your medication has ran out Mark maybe you should get a refill?

Telegraph.co.uk: Israeli agents 'helped Entebbe hijackers
American Free Press: Brits say Israel Staged 1976 Hijacking


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Feel Good News:
Birthright inspires dancer to join Israel Ballet

After going on birthright israel in 2004, ballet dancer Lisa Oberman knew immediately where she wanted to pursue her professional dance career.

Now almost 20, Oberman is making aliyah and has joined the Israel Ballet, the country’s only major classical ballet company.

“I fell in love with Israel and knew in my heart that’s where I wanted to dance,” she says.

Joining the Israel Ballet is the culmination of a lifelong dream to dance professionally, says Oberman, who attended the Kirov Academy of Ballet (now the Universal Ballet Academy) in Washington D.C., and danced with the U.S.A. Ballet in Illinois.

“I’ve been on stage since I was three years old. At four, I played the lead in Grease. Going away to a ballet school when I was 16 was the natural thing to do.”

Oberman’s mother Deborah, says that when Lisa was young, she took her to see Karen Kain in the Nutcracker Suite. “She turned to me and said ‘One day, that will be me.’ I knew then where her future lay.”

Lisa Oberman credits her dance teacher and mentor Tatiana Stepanova, of the Stepanova Dance Academy, for helping her focus on ballet when she was 14.

“She became my teacher when I was 10, and I still train with her. She could see I was driven, and she encouraged me to become a [classical] ballet dancer.”

She knew she made the right decision about dancing with the Israel Ballet when she met the dance company’s co-founder and co-artistic director, Berta Yampolsky, who was once a prima ballerina with the Odessa State Ballet.

“She went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable,” Oberman says. “She is warm and kind, and ensures that there is no competition among the peers. They are like family to each other. There is so much happiness in the field of art in Israel.”

Dancing is a lifestyle, Oberman says.

“When I take a day off, I feel it. I take a 11/2 -hour class every day, and if I’m in a performance, I have a rehearsal,” she says.

“I also make sure I never eat too much. I eat a little bit at a time whenever I’m hungry because that is lighter on the stomach. To dance, I need to be thin, but I also need to be healthy and powerful.”

When she dances, she says, she speaks through her body.

“I convey a message [with my movements.] I don’t need to speak because the audience can see how I feel.”

Dina Gidron, regional director of the Israel Aliyah Centre, which is affiliated with the Jewish Agency for Israel, says it’s amazing to see how birthright israel can give young Jews such a strong connection with Israel.

“[Lisa] fell in love with Israel, and then she honed into her real passion. I give credit to birthright.”

Oberman says that by making aliyah, “I am following my dream. There are not a lot of teens in the ballet world, but I am committed.

“I’m also committed to living in Israel. When I walk around there I feel no fear. There is a sense of security there.”

The Canadian Jewish News:
Birthright inspires dancer to join Israel Ballet


Haveil Havalim - #120
A Journey back in time

Topic matter: 6 Day War, Aliya, Prayer and other topics.


Just another day in Gaza:
Everybody is shooting at everybody

Palestinian gunmen battled inside a hospital and fired on the prime minister's office in factional fighting today that killed 13 people and cast fresh doubt over the future of the unity coalition.

"Everybody is shooting at everybody," a doctor at the Beit Hanoun hospital in the northern Gaza Strip said as a gunbattle raged between the Islamist Hamas and secular Fatah groups, hours after the latest in a series of ceasefires collapsed.

The death toll for the day was one of the highest in the internal strife, in which some 630 Palestinians are estimated to have been killed since Hamas beat Fatah in a 2006 election.

At the hospital, a member of Hamas's Executive Force, two Fatah fighters and another person, who was not immediately identified, were killed and 19 people wounded, medical officials said.

In separate violence in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya, Jamal Abu al-Jedian, a co-founder of Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, was killed in a Hamas assault on his house.

His home was attacked after a Hamas fighter was killed.

"Help us. They want to kill us," a woman inside the house pleaded earlier in a telephone call to a radio station.

Jedian's brother was seized by Hamas gunmen and was later found dead, Fatah officials said.

The fighting doomed an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire announced just hours before and cast a shadow over long-term prospects for the coalition that Hamas and Fatah formed three months ago.

The hospital battle, waged inside and outside the facility, was triggered by the fatal shooting of a bodyguard of an intelligence officer affiliated with President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction.

Relatives of the dead man and Fatah fighters then stormed the hospital, which is guarded by the Executive Force, a security contingent loyal to Hamas.

In Gaza City, two Hamas fighters and a Fatah gunman were killed in clashes along with a 72-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl whose home was hit in the crossfire, hospital official said.

Earlier today, gunmen shot at the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. No one was hurt in the attack, which an aide to Haniyeh blamed on Fatah.

But the cabinet session that had been under way in the building was suspended because of the gunfire from a nearby rooftop. Fatah denied its fighters were involved. Only one Fatah minister attended the meeting.

Gunmen also stormed a mosque in Gaza City, damaging a library, Hamas said. The incident touched off a gunbattle outside the house of worship. Fatah denied any involvement.

A key motive behind the latest truce was to permit 70,000 high school students in Gaza and the occupied West Bank to take their matriculation exams peacefully.

Most pupils took circuitous routes to their schools to avoid the gunmen, witnesses said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said ahead of a visit to Washington next week and possible talks with Middle East power brokers in Egypt later in the month that he was "prepared to renew talks ... at any time" with the US-backed Abbas.

Abbas cancelled talks with Olmert last week in a dispute over Israel's withholding of Palestinian tax revenues.

A senior aide to Abbas said the president stood ready to meet Olmert any time - once Israel released the money.

Bagelblogger: No world condemnation, no cries of innocents being killed. Just another day in GAZA, with the peace loving Palestinian Hamas and Fatah parties trying to out do each other in killing. 630 Palestinians dead in the internal strife... and these are the people Israel has to negotiate a peace with.

Everybody is shooting at everybody [SMH]


Father orders daughter's brutal death

A father who ordered his daughter's brutal death for falling in love with the wrong man in a so-called honour killing has been found guilty of murder in the UK.

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was strangled with a boot lace, stuffed into a suitcase and buried in a back garden.

Her death is the latest in an increasing trend of such killings in Britain, home to some 1.8 million Muslims. More than 100 homicides are under investigation for being potential "honour killings".

Mahmod Mahmod, 52, and his brother Ari Mahmod, 51, planned the killing during a family meeting, prosecutors told the court.

Two others have pleaded guilty in the case. Two more have fled the country. Sentencing is expected this month.

The men accused the young woman of shaming her family by ending an abusive arranged marriage, becoming too westernised and falling in love with a man who did not come from their Iraqi village. The Kurdish family came to Britain in 1998 when Banaz Mahmod was just 11.

"She was my present, my future, my hope," said Rahmat Suleimani, 29, Banaz Mahmod's boyfriend.

More than 25 women in Britain have been killed by their Muslim relatives in the past decade for offences they believe have brought shame on their family. More than 100 other homicides are under investigation for potential honour killings.

Some Muslim communities in Britain practice Sharia law, or strict Islamic law.

"We're seeing an increase around the world, due in part to the rise in Islamic fundamentalism," said Diana Nammi with the London-based Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation.

During the three-month trial over Banaz Mahmod's murder, prosecutors said the girl's father began beating her at an early age for using hairspray and becoming too westernised.

Her uncle once told her that she would already have been "turned to ashes" if she were his daughter and had shamed the family by becoming involved with the Iranian Kurd, her sister 22-year-old Bekhal Mahmod testified.

Banaz Mahmod ran away from home when she was a teenager, but was later sent an audio tape in which her father warned he would kill her sisters, her mother and himself if she did not come home, her sister said.

She returned home and was later hospitalised after her brother attacked her, her sister testified. The brother said he had been paid by their father to finish her off, but in the end was unable to do it, but in the end was unable to do it, the sister said, testifying in a full black burqa. She said she still feared for her life.

The years of Banaz Mahmod's abuse were compounded by officers who repeatedly dismissed her cries for help.

She first went to police in December 2005 when she suspected her uncle was trying to kill her and her boyfriend. She sent the police a letter naming the men who she thought would later kill her.

On New Year's Eve, she was lured by her father to her grandmother's home and believed she would be attacked after he forced her to gulp down brandy and approached her while wearing gloves. She escaped by breaking a window, and was treated at a hospital.

Police dismissed her claims. One officer, who is under investigation, considered charging her with damages for breaking her grandmother's window.

Laying in her hospital bed after the escape, Banaz Mahmod recorded a dramatic video message saying she was "really scared".

The videotape, taken by her boyfriend at the hospital, was shown to the jury during the trial. The boyfriend feared it could be the only chance she would have to detail her fears.

After she was released from the hospital, she returned home and tried to convince her family she stopped seeing her boyfriend, according to court documents.

But friends told the family they spotted the couple together on January 22, 2006.

Soon after, a group of men allegedly approached her boyfriend and tried to lure him into a car but he refused. It was that event that prompted Banaz Mahmod to go to police again. This time officers tried to persuade her to stay in a safe house. She refused, believing her mother would protect her, according to court documents.

But her mother and father left her alone in the house the next day. Her boyfriend - who noted the absence of text messages - quickly alerted police.

Her body was not discovered until three months later, after police tracked phone records.

One of the men who fled the country is allegedly the man who arranged for her burial in the northern city of Birmingham.

Bagelblogger: I can't be bothered to even try to keep the PC line here. What sort of twisted culture places honor in killing a daughter but approves a father threatening to kill her sisters, her mother and himself if she did not come home.

Despite protestations from the Muslim community, murders such as these would not occur if the particular communities involved weren't at least complicit in them through lack of action, and denouncement.


SMH: Father orders daughters brutal death


Monday, 11 June 2007

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest Week 25
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