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Friday, 30 March 2007


Mr Bagel has been so busy lately

So many things seem to be happening at once. I seem to not have enough hours in the day

After redoing my entire template for my blog, I've been quite neglectful of actually writing posts this week. To be candid, I have been a bit blogged out.

I've actually felt quite 'blog blocked'.

Which apparently is something that is not to uncommon during Pesach. Hopefully after pesach Mr Bagel will have his words flowing more freely rather than suffering bloggers block.

In re developing my template, I've tried to make it slightly more friendly and quicker loading. I've still got quite a bit of work to go.

If you want to give me feedback, on how it loads, problems you have or anything constructive please do. I am especially interested in problems with certain browsers, browser type and build. i.e. Internet explorer 6.04 on a PC.

If you simply want to have another kick at Mr Bagel then look at your own backyard first!

If your idea of the web is monotonal swarthes of boring repetative text then I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I like web content, and I see my blog as an alter ego, an extension of myself. I spend all day writing 'fast loading' efficient' pages for the web. This is my indulgence, if you don't like it, then there's 53 million other blogs you can choose from.

P.S. I needed to write a test post to test a few things so this is it, I will write more later.


Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The Joys of no Electricity: Or What to do when the Electricity goes out

The power goes out faced with a rampaging bored 3 year old, what do you do?...

Wonder why we have black outs all the time?

Today did not get off to a good start.

Where we live, every thing is utterly dependant on the electricity.
I'm not talking about your coffee kettle, your microwave or your lighting,

I'm talking about everything.

Here's what happens.

The electricity goes off.
The Phone system goes off.
The water pump goes of.
The toilets don't work.
The taps don't work.
The 'non school kidies' go on a 'black out' rampage.

Which means Ruby runs around the lounge room (along the walls).

8.40 am I was faced with two choices

[Choice 1] - 3 year old Ruby on a Rampage
[Choice 2] - 3 year old distracted Ruby goes on a day trip.

Luckily we made the right choice.

At the end of a rather busy day, we came back and these are just a few of the photos we had of our day.

Better times 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Picket Fence 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Slab Fence 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Slab Fence Tree 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Private Road 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Beach Cliff 1- 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Beach Cliff 2 - 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Beach Cliff 4 - 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Beach Cliff 5 - 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size]

Beach Cliff 6 - 2007

[ Click each picture to see a larger size ]

Thanks for looking, Aaron


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Well just don't sit there go have a look!
JPix 4 is now Live

Mr Bagel would like to announce that JPix 4 is Up!
Read Which blogger has posted JPix4 ...

Lizard 2007

Chaim from Life of Rubin has done a stupendous job of JPix4.

I'm really starting to enjoy this photocarnival.
Its not just the great, varied and different photos that the different hosts post about each week, it is that with different people hosting the carnival, we get to see new Jewish bloggers, we might not come across.

I know I've been amazed at the quality of Jewish photoggraphic work out there on the web.
I'd like to congratulate Chaim for a job well done, pass on my awe for some of the amazing photos that Temunot shoots, and last but not least introduce you to the blogger who posts a different picture every day on her blog Tel Aviv Daily Photo, her name is Mandi.

Make sure you have a look.

JPix is looking for a hoster for JPix5 and beyond.

Dont foget to submit your photos for the upcoming JPix 5
which will be in about 2 weeks date to April 9.

For more info on the carnival check out: Here

or email: jpixcarnivalATgmailDOTcom

Apologies to GoGolan for miscrediting top photo to another blogger : [BB]
I realised too late.


Sunday, 25 March 2007

JPix 4 Last call for Submissions..Hurry!

Hear Ye Hear Ye!
Get you Photo Posts in Now!
Last call for Submissions for JPix4
Read more about where and what is JPix ...

City Hall
With thanks to Sara
with no H
JPix 4

[Image Copyright: Sara with no H,

If you didn't visit Me-anders blog and check out the photos of JPix 3 Part 1 and Jpix3 Part2 the Jewish Photo Carnival then you missed an amazing carnival. Batya was overwhelmed with submissions and still managed to keep it together.

This is the last call for submissions to JPix 4

Don't forget to get in your submissions for the JPix 4 carnival
which will be hosted by Chaim at Life of Rubin.

Last Submissions by Early Sunday 25th March at the latest,
The Jpix 4 Photo carnival opens on the 26th March.

If you have any questions you can email:

Chaim at life of Rubin

or otherwise



JPix 5 is still looking for a host so step up and help this carnival
(and get a significant boost to both your traffic and links)


Here's a little badge to put on your side menu. Point it to go to:


If you would like to have the submit buttons and
archive buttons there on the side bar of Bagelblogger.

Dont forget the only criteria to entering your photos is:

What is JPix
JPix is a carnival for Jews and their pictures, it doesn't necessarily have to be that 'joyous expression of art' which photography can capture, it doesn't have to be just about photos of Eretz Israel, though they are most welcome, its not even about communicating some deep spiritual meaning in a long photo essay, although that's alright too, its about two things.

You're Jewish and you have photos you want to share, wether they be family, historical, artful, funny, quirky its about sharing, so get your submissions in for the next JPix.

Thank you to all those that submitted their wonderful photos to:

JPix 1 , JPix2 , JPix 3 Part 1 , Jpix3 Part2

I look forward to seeing some great photos in the next carnival JPix 4

If you have any questions you can email Rubin at Life of Rubin

or JpixcarnivalATgmailDOTcom

Bagelblogger Get those entries into JPix4..!
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