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Sunday, 1 April 2007

Mr Bagel's Comment Policy

Mr Bagel's Comment Policy:

Mr Bagel would like comments to be friendly, and of course (no swearing, personal insults, marketing, pornography and the like, anti semitism will be dealt with the contempt it deserves), but Mr Bagel is also hoping that people try to be as calm, reasoned, and substantive as possible.

So please, avoid rants, invective, substantial and repeated exaggeration or expressions of hate, and radical departures from the topic of the post, if you can't be logical then there are far better venues for you to waste your time. Sticking with substance, and staying on-topic (to the post) , will make the comments more helpful to other readers, and more pleasant.

As this is my blog, I reserve the right to delete comments, and even to kick out commenters, though I hope that both of these will be exceptional events.

I also reserve the right to be busy with other things, and therefore I may not :

(1) Remove all the comments that might merit removal.
(2) Ignore demands such as "You should remove X's comments, because they're just as inflamatory as Z's!"
(3) Have the opportunity to reply to all comments, as a rule I do like to reply to comments I think it is simply courtesy, if you have spent your time leaving a comment, then If possible I will reply.

Mr Bagel is also fallible so I can miss things, if I do I apologise.

Commenting hint: Reread your comment, and think of what other people would think if you said this over dinner. If you think people would view you as a crank , ranter, troll, a blowhard, or as someone who vastly overdoes it on the hyperbole, rewrite your post before hitting enter. If you wouldn't like what you have typed said about you then ensure you are being honest and at least considerate of the possible impact your comments could have.

If you don't like rules, suggestions or guidelines and resent the aims of this comment policy then I suggest you follow Groucho Marx and not join this little club.

If you're a visionary, but just misunderstood, one of the rare few who actually sees the world clearly; but fools wrongly view you as a crank , ranter, troll, a blowhard, or as someone who indulges in unecessary swearing - then you should still rewrite your post before submitting it or simply you could chose to take the blue pill instead.

After all, if you're one of the few geniuses who sees the world clearly, then surely it's especially important that you co anmmunicat effectively and present your arguments convincingly in a way that is persuasive and as unalienating as possible to those not as gifted to you. Use of over jargonistic language is not the sign of an education , it is the sign of arrogance.

If you're particularly grammatically challenged, then please by all accounts spend your time checking you're comment.

Poor spelling is the bane of the modern world, occasional mistakes are welcome, even human, but if you spell trailer park with a 'y' please have your edukated freind rite the wurds.

Mr Bagel's goal is to provide an interesting and pleasant environment that can help inform readers. To do that, Mr Bagel will occasionally have to exercise his editorial discretion. Think of this as discussion group, where having different voices is critical to a great conversation - but where sometimes Mr Bagel may have to deal with cranks who sour the conversation more than they enliven it.

Naturally, there's always a risk that this discretion will be used erroneously, no matter how well-intentioned Mr Bagel is. But discussion groups (especially on the web, but also off it) generally need an editor who'll occasionally make such judgments.

And, remember, the Internet is enormous and growing rapidly. If you think Mr Bagel is mistaken in not allowing your comment, removing your comment (or, in extreme cases, in removing you) -- or if you prefer a less rigid approach -- there are many ways you can still get your views out, a Google search will quickly put you in contact with the kind of atmosphere you would enjoy.

Lastly if all else fails and your feel this blog, is unjust in its posts, comment policy or editorial decisions, then by all accounts please create a blog and rant all you want about this.

Please ensure you have plenty of cross links to my material. I could do with the added traffic.

Remember treat others as you your self would like to be treated.

Mr Bagel

[This policy is always under reviewed.]

1 Comment:

Barbara said...

I often tell people "I have an overload of common sense, but I assume wrongly that the rest of the world does too."

Seems anyone can own a computer these days, huh?

You might find this post interesting Mr. Bagel and best of luck with the cyber blue pill. You have a great blog, it would be horrible to see it ruined by keyboard terrorists.