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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Malaysian Newspaper Front page shows Jesus smoking and Drinking.

Jesus smoking and Drinking. But its ok, because it
was an honest mistake by a graphic designer.

From the Australian ABC News

A Malaysian newspaper has apologised to Kuala Lumpur's Roman Catholic archbishop after publishing a front page picture of Jesus Christ clutching a cigarette.

The Makkal Osai, a Tamil-language daily, printed the picture earlier in the week, provoking criticism from religious leaders and politicians in multicultural Malaysia.

SM Periasamy, general manager of the paper, said someone had downloaded the image from the internet to illustrate an article, and did not notice that Jesus appeared to be smoking.

"We are sorry for the mistake, but it was a very honest one," he told AFP, adding that the person responsible had been suspended.

Local media reported that the picture also showed Jesus holding a beer can in one hand, but Mr Periasamy said it was in fact non-alcoholic.

He said the paper had written to Murphy Pakiam, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, and he had accepted their apology. They had also explained the mistake to the Malaysian Government, he added.

"At no time did we mean to downgrade any religion," Mr Periasamy said.

The New Straits Times on Thursday (local time) quoted the archbishop as saying the image was upsetting to Catholics but that he considered the matter closed.

The paper also reported that a Malaysian Indian Congress party member lodged a police complaint saying the picture threatened national harmony..

The picture was used to illustrate an article on the sayings of great leaders, and ran with the quote: "If someone repents for his mistakes, then heaven awaits them," the New Straits Times said.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi later said that such images could be hurtful to Christians and disturb religious harmony in the country.

More than 60 per cent of Malaysia's 27 million people are Muslim Malays and Islam is the official religion.

Bagelblogger: I find it extremely hard to believe that a graphic designer accidentally didn't notice that Jesus was smoking and drinking in the picture that appeared on the front page of the The Makkal Osai.

Especially considering '
the picture was used to illustrate an article on the sayings of great leaders, and ran with the quote: "If someone repents for his mistakes, then heaven awaits them'. Poor taste possibly, but an accident? I don't think so.

Malaysia a country that has approximately 60% Muslims should observe this episode as a demonstration in moderation, rather than the typical explosive Islamic protests, and killings which followed the 'blasphemous' portrayals of Muhammad in cartoons.

I wonder how the Islamic world would react to an accidental portrayal of Mohammad holding a Durex condom and a book of nursery rhymes?

ABC: Malaysian paper says sorry over Jesus with cigarette pic


Giving yourself a helping hand

If your having problems what to wear on your next charity lucheon, then Louis Vutton may have just come up with a solution.

In their exclusive limited editon Louis Vuitton tribute Patch work Bag, you'll never need to worry if your handbag matches your latest Designer Diva outfit.
With the bag being made up of 14 different Louis Vuitton bags from this summer's collection , its guaranteed not to match what ever you're wearing.

If you're the kind of person who goes for Louis Vuitton, then feel assured if you see this little creation on ebay its not a real one.

Coming in at US$45,352 its just the thing to set you apart from the sane.

Just so us guys can appreciate the beauty of this Louis Vuitton tribute Patch work Bag, I'll let you know you could buy a top of the line 2008 Hummer H3 SUV Alpha and have almost US$10,000 in change, now there's a hard decision.


Ahmadinejad vows to continue nuclear programme

From AFP
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrapped up a visit to neighbouring Azerbaijan on Wednesday with a vow to continue Iran's contested nuclear programme.

Ahmadinejad said US-backed international sanctions would not deter the Islamic republic from developing nuclear technology.

Left: Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev, greets
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"They know well that their behaviour vis-a-vis the Iranian nation will have no impact on our nation's resolve and that they will be forced to openly admit the rights of the Iranian nation," Iran's official IRNA news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

"We want nuclear technology to be at the service of (all) nations' progress, welfare and peace, and we are against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," he said.

Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency agreed on Tuesday, after two days of talks, on a timetable for Tehran to answer outstanding concerns about its nuclear programme, although the dates have not been made public.

The agreement means that Tehran will have to answer specific questions about its nuclear programme -- which the US claims is aimed at making atomic weapons -- in line with the agreed timetable over the coming weeks.

Ahmadinejad, speaking at the end of a two-day visit to Azerbaijan to counter growing US influence in the oil-rich ex-Soviet republic, also accused "Zionists and groups attached to big powers" of "striving to sow discord among nations."

"They are making mistakes because the bonds of friendship between the two nations of Iran and Azerbaijan have roots in history," he said.

Bagelblogger: The strategic importance of Azerbaijan in relation to the on going war of words between the US and Iran seems to have prompted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into action.

Despite a lot of tension between the two neighbors, many co operative programs between the two are on the drawing boards or about to be commenced.


Hindustan Times: Ahmadinejad vows to continue nuclear programme


Iranian Defense Minister: Highlights Preparedness of Iranian Armed Forces

Fars News Agency

TEHRAN - Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar Thursday underlined full preparedness of his country's armed forces, saying that Iranian troops are closely monitoring enemy moves in the region.

The General further told reporters that Iran's strategy pursues protection of peace and security in the Persian Gulf region, reminding that the Islamic Republic's performance in the last 28 years proves that Tehran has always been pursuing the policy of détente in the region.

"And it (the Islamic Republic) will move on the same track in future, and if any problem arises in this region, it would happen as a result of the deployment of alien troops," he continued.

The minister reiterated the need for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the region, and said that security must be established in the Persian Gulf through collective measures and cooperation by the littoral states.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has always had the message of peace and friendship for its neighbors in the Persian Gulf, and we are eager to lead a peaceful life and have interaction with the Muslim and neighboring states over the issues of this region," he said.

The General stated that following the recent orders by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Iranian armed forces are now implementing several plans to further establish security in the Persian Gulf.

He also said that Iranian armed forces are using all their modern and advanced tools and possibilities to safeguard peace, stability and calm in the Persian Gulf.

Reiterating that Iran is using advanced weapons and equipment to merely serve regional peace and friendship, Najjar said enemies are trying to portray Iran as a threat to regional countries through scattering rumors and launching psychological operations.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the military and scientific achievements of his ministry, and said that Iranian experts and researchers are hectically working on designing and manufacturing hi-tech defensive tools and equipment, adding that his ministry is now manufacturing Cruise missiles with different ranges, anti-armor rockets and missiles, surface-to-surface missiles with a range of two thousand kilometers, drones, and various types of naval weapons and instruments, including naval guns and cannons, arsenals, naval vessels, PT boats with launch pads, destroyers and submarines.

Najjar also voiced pleasure in the defense ministry's efforts to manufacture a passenger plane called 'Iran 140'.

Bagelblogger: Is it just me or is there a sense of impending confrontation running through this article? I do wonder how long have cruise missiles been considered defensive?
"Iranian experts and researchers are hectically working on designing and manufacturing hi-tech defensive tools and equipment, adding that his ministry is now manufacturing Cruise missiles with different ranges,..."

The Iranians seem to be upping the ante as they madly prepare for a 'confrontation'. The rhetoric is approaching the ridiculous;
"Iranian armed forces are using all their modern and advanced tools and possibilities to safeguard peace, stability and calm in the Persian Gulf."

Yes, Yes we always welcome friendship and Peace by increasing the production of
"Cruise missiles with different ranges, anti-armor rockets and missiles, surface-to-surface missiles with a range of two thousand kilometers, drones, and various types of naval weapons and instruments, including naval guns and cannons, arsenals, naval vessels, PT boats with launch pads, destroyers and submarines"
I wonder what other gestures of friendship Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has install for us?

FARS News Agency: DM Highlights Preparedness of Iranian Armed Forces


Iranian Army about to Use Newly Manufactured 35mm Cannon

From FARS News Agency:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian defense minister said that his troops next week would start using a newly manufactured 35mm gun called 'Sky Guard'.

Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said that the 35mm cannon and also a destroyer which have both been recently manufactured by Iranian experts would come into operation next week on the occasion of the Week of Government.

Elsewhere, he underlined that mutual relations with the Muslim and neighboring countries sets a priority for the Islamic Republic's foreign policy, saying, "That's why the president, the foreign minister and other cabinet members have paid over 100 visits to other countries and it is due to the same reason that our country has a strong diplomacy in Latin America and Africa."

The minister further voiced Tehran's enthusiasm for staging joint war games and signing collective security and defense pacts with regional countries.

Bagelblogger: An escalation in Iranian rhetoric, announcements of new arms, public statements of the Jews being destroyed, any one see a pattern here?

FARS News Agency: Iranian Army about to Use Newly Manufactured 35mm Cannon


Iranian MP calls US "Greatest Terrorist State in World"

From the FARS News Agency
TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian lawmaker here on Friday said that the US is the greatest terrorist in the world, noting the United States' terrorist operations worldwide.

Eshrat Sheyeq told FNA that the US efforts to blacklist Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) would not deter Iranian nation and officials from strengthening the country's armed forces, including the IRGC.

"Human communities embark on forming armed forces in a bid to protect their independence and territorial integrity and also to establish security," she said, reminding that any country facing threats would reinvigorate its armed forces with more sensitivity.

The legislator reminded that millions of Iranian people are considered as members of the Basij (mobilized troops) which is an affiliate to the IRGC, "and this shows our people's trust in this holy institution."

She further reiterated that the US efforts to undermine IRGC are doomed to failure.

"Considering the US crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and (Palestinian) occupied territories, the world public opinion knows very well which country is a terrorist state," Shayeq concluded.

Bagelblogger: I think you can tell a lot by what a totalitarian State control media outlet publishes, generally speaking they publish news slanted towards their own agenda, but try to maintain some level of 'creditability', that the FARS News agency has published this opinion from an Iranian MP gives us quite an insight into the kind of distorted representation the Iranian Public is fed, and more importantly what the population may be willing to digest.

FARS News Agency: MP Calls US Greatest Terrorist State in World


Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mr Bagel Cartoons:
A Fair Compromise: 'Land For Peace'

If you haven't checked out Mr Bagel's Cartoons, then now is a good time!
Seems a few heads have an idea of Israel's future.

Check out the Mr Bagel Cartoon section here:
Mr Bagel Cartoons
or if you prefer simple click on the 'cartoons' button in the above menu.


Crematorium gets 'cremated'

A crematorium was set ablaze Wednesday night in the town of Hibat Zion in the center of the country. The site, which belongs to "Alei Shalechet", a civil burial company, is the first of its kind in Israel.

The crematorium has drawn fire from various religious bodies since its opening, due to the fact that cremation is strictly forbidden by halacha.

The site's location, which has been kept secret for fear of Haredi harassment, was publicized Wednesday in the Haredi Kol Ha'ir.

The police suspect arson and have initiated an investigation.

Army Radio quoted one of the crematorium's owners, Alon Nativ, as saying that he had warned police of a Haredi plan to set the site alight earlier in the week.

He also claimed that he had received threats to his life.

Zaka, which has long been crusading against the crematorium, was not displeased with the results of last night's arson. "I congratulate the person who did this," Maariv's web site quoted Zaka head Yehuda Meshi Zahav as saying.

"Although we are opposed to belligerent protestation we are still glad for the result," he added.

BagelBlogger: Whilst I certainly have some reservations with a crematorium operating in Israel, I'm also uncomfortable at the lawlessness some groups seem to display, when they object to issues such as this. Whats your take?

References: JPost: Controversial crematorium set ablaze


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Looking out! There's 21 Flying Frogs

If you haven't checked out the Kosher Cooking Carnival
at Juggling Frogs then you should go take a leap!

It looks like a Kosher goumet's dream come true.


Monday, 20 August 2007

Pet camel kills woman 'trying to have sex'

An Australian woman was killed by a pet camel given to her as a 60th birthday present, police have said.

The woman, whose name was not released, was killed at her family’s sheep and cattle ranch near Mitchell, 350 miles west of the Queensland state capital Brisbane, Detective Senior Constable Craig Gregory said.

The 10-month-old male camel — weighing about 330 lbs — knocked the woman to the ground, lay on top of her, then exhibited what police suspect was mating behaviour, Mr Gregory said.

“I’d say it’s probably been playing, or it may be even a sexual sort of thing,” he said, adding the camel had almost suffocated the family’s pet goat by straddling it.

Chris Hill, a camel expert, said he had no doubt the camel’s behaviour was sexual.

Mr Hill, who has offered camel rides to tourists for 20 years, said young camels were not aggressive, but could be dangerous if treated as pets without discipline.

The woman was given the camel by her husband and daughter. “She had a love of exotic pets,” Mr Gregory said.

The fate of the camel was not known.

Bagelblogger: Quite a horrible way to die I imagine, and very disturbing for the Husband and children who brought it as a gift.

Telegraph: Pet camel kills woman 'trying to have sex'

Kippertip to Yid with Lid