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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Iranian Army about to Use Newly Manufactured 35mm Cannon

From FARS News Agency:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian defense minister said that his troops next week would start using a newly manufactured 35mm gun called 'Sky Guard'.

Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said that the 35mm cannon and also a destroyer which have both been recently manufactured by Iranian experts would come into operation next week on the occasion of the Week of Government.

Elsewhere, he underlined that mutual relations with the Muslim and neighboring countries sets a priority for the Islamic Republic's foreign policy, saying, "That's why the president, the foreign minister and other cabinet members have paid over 100 visits to other countries and it is due to the same reason that our country has a strong diplomacy in Latin America and Africa."

The minister further voiced Tehran's enthusiasm for staging joint war games and signing collective security and defense pacts with regional countries.

Bagelblogger: An escalation in Iranian rhetoric, announcements of new arms, public statements of the Jews being destroyed, any one see a pattern here?

FARS News Agency: Iranian Army about to Use Newly Manufactured 35mm Cannon

1 Comment:

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"any one see a pattern here?"

I do: that of increasing death wish ;-)