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Friday, 21 September 2007

Whoops? Reuters India shows exactly what the Sub Editor was thinking?

'Israel troops say kill Palestinian in West Bank'

Could it be the editor wrote the title correction and the typist typed it exactly??

Could it be that the usual clumsy language that is the result of cost cutting by Reuters has revealed a bias from within the organisation. Its hard to explain away this terrible use of the English language other than a transcriber has typed exactly what a editor has said.
Could it be the dialogue went something like this??

Don't use Shoot, say Kill its so much more effective when reporting on those dam Jews...

Israel troops say kill Palestinian in West Bank
click

NABLUS, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a member of the Islamist Hamas group during a raid on Wednesday in the occupied West Bank, local hospital staff said.

The Israeli army said troops shot a gunman on the second day of an operation against militants in al-Ein refugee camp in the city of Nablus.

Hospital staff named the dead man as Adeeb e-Sleem, 28, a Hamas activist in Nablus.

Family members said he had been unarmed and looking out of the window of his house at the time of the attack. They said e-Sleem had been disabled during a 2001 Israeli air strike in Nablus.

Mr Bagel: Would you really expect a Palestinian family of a militant to say otherwise? Does this not show a degree of stupidity on the Journalist behalf to even ask such a question?? Is it just a co -incidence that an Israeli soldier just happened to be shot in the same area!
Or is it more likely that
Adeeb e-Sleem's time had come this time, when he was spotted by an Israeli snipper with a weapon in his hands 'just looking out a window'...

On Tuesday, an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian militant were killed in fighting in the same area.

E-Sleem was the fifth Palestinian to be killed in clashes in the West Bank in the past four days. Israel has said all the dead were gunmen.

Israel Troops say kill Palestinian in West Bank


Thursday, 20 September 2007

The 22nd Kosher Cooking Carnival is up!

The 22nd edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival is up at Me-ander.
Muse is the original founder of the Kosher Cooking carnival and she does a wonderful job every time it comes her time to host this carnival.

If you haven't had a go at hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival then maybe its time you stepped up to the 'plate'?
Contact Muse, she will be quite happy to provide guidance if its you first go.


Carter shows he is still the Prince of Peanuts

Carter: Iran No Threat to Israel Now

From AP:

ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday that it was almost inconceivable that Iran would "commit suicide" by launching missiles at Israel.

Speaking at Emory University, Carter, who brokered the 1979 Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt, said Israel's superior military power and distance from Iran likely are enough to discourage an actual attack.

"Iran is quite distant from Israel," said Carter, 83. "I think it would be almost inconceivable that Iran would commit suicide by launching one or two missiles of any kind against the nation of Israel."

Iran's deputy air force commander said Wednesday that Israel is within range of Iran's medium-range missiles and bombers and that Tehran would strike back if Israel "makes a silly mistake."

The White House said the comments almost sound geared toward provoking a fight and Israeli officials said they take the threats seriously.

Carter did not dismiss the idea that Iran might want to attack Israel, noting Iran's refusal to suspend uranium enrichment production despite two United Nations resolutions imposing sanctions on the country. Tehran insists its nuclear program is aimed at producing energy for civilian use but the U.S., its European allies and many others fear the program's real aim is to produce nuclear weapons.

"Obviously, we all hope we can do whatever we can to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power," Carter said.

Carter said unease between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank is a far greater threat to Israel's security than Iran. He criticized the Bush administration for not doing enough to broker peace in the region.

Mr Bagel:

I think we all know how much of an expert Jimmy 'The Prince of Peanuts' Carter was when it comes to the Iranians. It was thanks to Mr Carters ineptitude that so many Americans were held captive against their will for 444 days.

Jimmy Carter makes a fundamental error, he assumes the Iranians will act in a Western centric logical fashion, where things will be measured in logical outcomes.

He fails to remember there's nothing logical from a western viewpoint when it comes to acting in a suicidal fashion. Something both Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and radical Islam seems to view as a worthy and admirable path.

AP: Carter: Iran No Threat to Israel Now

Picture credit thanks to C&F for original base of Jimmy, peanut head by Mr Bagel


Another UN organisation hijacked by the Arab Block

Mr Bagel:
Absolute lunacy must be prevailing at the UN. Instead of trying to get the UN to maintain any illusion of objectivity and fair handedness, the Arab block is continuing to create a self serving block only interested in looking after its own needs and furthering its agenda to ostracize Israel. Read this latest report where Syria has been elected co -chairman of the IAEA. The inmates are running the asylum.

Syria voted co-chairman of the IAEA

Two weeks after Israel's alleged bombing raid in Syria, which some foreign reports said targeted North Korean nuclear material, the UN's nuclear watchdog elected Syria as deputy chairman of its General Conference on Monday.

The 51st session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) opened in Vienna on Monday and will run through Friday.

The Syrian news agency SANA proudly reported the election on Tuesday, adding that Syria was also successful in including "the Israeli nuclear arsenal as an item on the agenda of the conference."
The agenda for the meeting includes the item "Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat." While Iran will be a focus of the discussions, there is no item on the agenda referring to the Islamic Republic by name.

Israel's Foreign Ministry had "no public comment" on Syria's election.

But Gerald Steinberg, chairman of Bar-Ilan University's political science department and an authority on nonproliferation, said the election "reflects the absurdity of the political process inside the IAEA."

The deputy chairman has no real power and is merely a symbolic post, similar to a deputy president of the UN General Assembly or a deputy speaker of the Knesset, he said. However, Steinberg added, "this move shows how little these types of international frameworks can really do when some of the main players are also the main violators of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty."

Steinberg said that both Iraq and Iran have held similar positions within the IAEA in the past. He also said there was no connection between the political level and the organization's technological branches under the directorship of Mohamed ElBaradei, which inspect nuclear facilities.

The General Conference, made up of some 144 countries, is the least important of the IAEA's three main bodies. The other two bodies are the Board of Governors and the Secretariat.

The General Conference meets annually to approve budgets and to discuss nuclear-related issues and IAEA policy.

Syria voted co-chairman of IAEA


The benefit of having friendly neighbours...

Why can't we just let Iran go about their business.. It's not like they would use their fast developing nuclear technology to develop Nuclear weapons, Iran is a peace loving country that means no harm to anybody.

Can't you remember the sit in love fest when the US embassy hostages hung around for 444 days? That was just a great big misunderstanding.

Iran would make such lovely nuclear neighbors, why can't they have nuclear weapons?

Its not like they have threatened to wipe out any particular country have they?....err

From AFP:

Iran warns it could bomb Israel if attacked

Iran has drawn up a plan that could see it bomb Israel if the Jewish state launched a military attack against the Islamic republic, the Fars news agency quoted a top air force commander as saying on Wednesday.

"We have come up with a plan that in the event of possible foolishness by this regime, Iranian bombers can carry out an attack in retaliation against Israeli soil," said deputy air force commander Mohammad Alavi.

"In addition to our missiles, whose range covers the whole soil of this regime, we can attack them with our fighter jets and respond to any attack -- an unlikely event -- with an air attack on their soil," he said.

"This plan is not an empty threat because everything we do is based on planning. So Israel should remove any foolishness from its head."


Israel declares Gaza 'hostile entity'

Do ya think so...?

Watch the wingbats froth from the mouth over this one.
Fancy threatening to deny electricity and water and gas to the very people trying to kill you? Its so inhumane....

From AFP:

Israel on Wednesday branded the Gaza Strip a "hostile entity," clearing the way for it to shut off basic supplies to the Hamas-run territory in revenge for rocket fire, a senior official told AFP.

"Following extensive legal consulations, Israel has decided to declare Gaza as a hostile entity, with all the international implications," the official told AFP following a meeting of Israel's powerful security cabinet.

"This move will prepare the groundwork for sanctions against Gaza, such as the interruption of gas, electricity and water supply, which will occur in a gradual process," the official said on condition of anonymity.

The official said the cabinet did not take any immediate decisions to turn off the taps to the territory -- home to 1.5 million Palestinians -- but that the move "clears the way for the government to do so."


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Red Sea a novel by Emily Benedek

Red Sea

Emily Benedek
Pages: 373
ISBN, 9780312354916
St Martins Press
Release Date: 18th September

Author and insider Emily Benedek was recently approached by a former top official in the Israeli Defense Forces asking if she would be interested in documenting specific insider secrets regarding the perilous state of international security. After Benedek agreed to several closed-door meetings, she concluded that there was no way
to reveal the sensitive information imparted to her in a work of nonfiction;
her source, still active in the security world, had to maintain anonymity.
Benedek’s confidential meetings dealing with the frightening holes in our
national security infrastructure were the genesis of her timely and
thrilling new novel RED SEA.

Emily Benedek's first venture into fiction after an expansive journey in non fiction publishing is notable to say the least.

She has written a novel in the suspense/spy thriller genre whilst set in a contemporary context.

It is a novel once read leaves the reader vastly dissatisfied.

Fortunately this dissatisfaction isn't with the author's penmanship or style of prose, rather the dissatisfaction comes from the awareness of just how vulnerable we are to a major terrorist attack. Emily Benedek has dared to confront the unmentionable.

The Red Sea can't help but bring up feelings of uneasiness, it ruptures the agreement most of us subconsciously have made to distance ourselves from the psychological trauma that has marked the beginning of the 21st century.

Just when you have managed to assure yourself that the sun will rise tomorrow, the gapping festering wound that is terrorism is callously ripped open.

If you kid yourself that everything is going to be alright no matter what, then this book isn't for you. If your willing to ask what if? Then be prepared for a flight into the dark recesses of fear and suspense.

To describe Red Sea as an edge of the seat thriller, isn't quite accurate, rather it is a variable and terrifying descent into the abyss that is terrorism. The book is well written and brings the reader to that most uncomfortable state we often try to avoid, an awareness of our own possible imminent mortality.

The characters are well defined, quirky and real, the plot takes lots of turns but stays within the realm of a possible reality, Red Sea ultimately its worth of your consideration.

Red Sea is a thriller with an unusual variable tempo, it doesn't always jump from brake neck speed from one event to another, rather it lulls you into a sense of safety before cruelly taking it away..

4 Bagels
Review by Mr Bagel

Author Biography

Emily Benedek’s writing has appeared in Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. She spent a year following an FBI special agent and SWAT team operator and wrote about an American F15-C fighter pilot who flew in Operation Shock and Awe. Red Sea is her first novel.


Four airliners are blown out of the sky---a devastating string of attacks taking hundreds of lives and striking fear into people and governments around the globe. Marie Peterssen, an ambitious young aviation reporter, has a hunch about the crashes, and her suspicions are confirmed when she’s approached by Julian Granot, an Israeli airline security expert and former Special Forces commando who has noticed her work.

Julian offers Marie a rare lead, one that will send her to London and later into the devastation of war-torn Iraq. With the help of a maverick FBI agent, Morgan Ensley, Marie stumbles onto the makings of a terrorist plot well beyond the destruction of airliners: the detonation of a rogue nuclear device in New York Harbor. The terrorists know that America’s most vulnerable spot is its transportation system, and they mean to exploit it. Time is short.

But Marie is in the grip of circumstances beyond her control. Julian’s intentions are unclear: Is he helping a journalist uncover answers the world craves, or is he setting up the girl to flush out an Islamic terrorist who killed Julian’s partner twenty years earlier?

Julian holds the key, but Marie’s role in the frantic race to unravel the plot grows when she learns that she may be tied to the terrorist leader in a more personal way.

Buy it from:
Barnes and Noble

Publisher: St martin's Press