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Friday, 27 April 2007

JIB's , the worst, comes out
Bagel goes ballistic.
Are these the JIB's or the RSI awards?

Hi, this is a quick message to say that this is not a post to get you to vote for Bagel in the JIB's.

It is it's fact a thinly veiled attempt at linking every blogger who may have ever possibly visited Mr Bagel, to say hi, 'I think you're great and couldn't we all get along'. I know I've never bothered actually visiting you, leaving comments or even reading your blog, but now that it suddenly suits my purpose I'm going to start visiting you and start saying really nice things.

In fact I might even under the guise of wishing every one a good [insert timely holiday message here] start to visit your blog [to show how much I really care!] .

Now that I've linked to you, and through careful selection and matching of words to blog participants (alphabetical), you can go on feeling that warm glow of self assurance knowing that Bagel really does love you, (as long as you vote for me).

Actually if you're my friend, then voting for me will not make a damn difference, if your my enemy then leave comments about how cynical and manipulative my post is below, if your neither, then, as we haven't got to know each other, I wish you a good day.

The above post is satire, if you miss the point then, you probably aren't part of the 'inner circle', which is a good thing.
JIB's , the worst, comes out...

Well we're close to finishing the first round of voting, I'd like to leave you with a few thoughts about the JIB's.

Let me first qualify a few things.

I think the committee in general have done a pretty good job, considering the budget allocated, which I'm lead to believe is non existent. This is absolutely in no way a criticism of the committee, don't get me wrong there have been some stuff ups, a few bad decisions, and plenty of lack of action by some participants.

But I would put most of the accusations of Stuff ups, bad decisions, and lack of action at the feet of the person that so richly deserves it.

mm I wonder who that is?

Well I'm going to tell you who it is.

Its you.

That's You, plural, [ unless your live in a camper then its youse] ,
every jblogosphere blogger that has kvetched,
whinged, complained and acted in self interest.

Some People aren't going to like what I say.

Well, I don't care.

Could we have gained a more clear insight into who really is at fault with the problems of the JIB's than what transpired at Dov Bears?

Now I happen to respect what Dov Bear says, and I feel his treatment previously on the whole was way beyond anything under the guise of acceptable. (...mm seems to be a common theme, wonder if its the JBlogosphere of the JBullysphere?)

Dov was concerned that the JIB's would award quantity rather than quality.
A reasonably fair observation that I will delve into later.

Dov with good intentions proposed an alternative Awards.

There was great contribution on his blogs comments, people had lots of ideas what it should be, what it could be and what it shouldn't be.

Every one seemed pretty enthused, the odd slag at the JIB committee happened but that's nothing new.

Dov acting with the interest of the blogosphere in mind created a 'platform' to run an alternative awards.

and that ladies and gentlemen was were we really get the answer to who is at fault with any perceived problems with the JIB awards.

Dov asked for volunteers, he had done the initial ground work, and knowing how many people had expressed opinions, invited those 'experts' to contribute.

I watched Dov's good intentioned post calling for volunteers slowly die a horrible death.

Day after Day, hour after Hour passed with no one accepting the offer, after quite a few days, no one had still accepted. That any one ever did, I don't know.

This isn't a criticism at Dov Bear, in fact I felt quite Sad for what transpired.

Dov put his faith in that people would act, that people would do, rather than just talk.

The Jblogosphere is full of experts, but ask yourself out of all these 'experts' and opinions, how many actually got off their royal Holinesses buttocks and actually did anything?

By the way, Its Shabbos for me very soon, time to refocus on the more important things in life.

To my visitors who visit my blog on a regular basis, your loyalty is worth far more than any worth that could be subscribed to a blog award. It is to my regular readers I would like to convey my greatest appreciation.

If you haven't voted as yet, which is becoming rare, consider casting a vote in my direction.
I'll never win a popularity contest, but then these awards aren't about popularity are they??
If you decide to vote for Bagel in the JIB's, you could vote for me in the following four categories:

Really quite a simple choice, if your going to have a Bagel would you want one less than 12 months old or one that's crusty and mouldy?


If you don't vote for me in this section I will fill both my side bars with ads.


Which is really best of the left overs, mm food kept warm for 2 days then offered to by your Granny, cause its good. Good for Bacteria!


Major paranoid delusion coming on, it was either develop a messiah complex or think I'm the best blog in the Jblogosphere. I chose the later as I know being Jewish, you guys would get Cross with me. (I haven't got the time to just hang around.)

I know you have far more valuable things to do with your time, that's the end of this Bagel rant, I annoy you no longer.

Now that I've got that little spat over, we can now move on to important things.

As it is Shabbos for me very soon, I have turned comment moderation off, so please feel free to leave your thoughts...

Please be kind enough to leave vexatious comments, with an * at the front to save me looking for them , this will ensure I can delete them in a timely manner.


Thursday, 26 April 2007

JPix 6 is Up go check it out at Baleboosteh's.

Tsfas Shule remnants after 1837 Earthquake
David Linn

After hosting JPix 5, Baleboosteh enjoyed it so much she put her hand up to host JPix 6 too!
I must say I'm so happy people have responded well to this carnival, It was always going to be a carnival for 'everyone'

What pleases me is that the JBlogosphere has actually really stepped up and offered to host carnivals.
Its tough being the organiser of this JPix Carnival.
With , Me-ander hosting JPix 3: Pt 1 & Pt 2, Chaim hosting Jpix 4 and Baleboosteh doing, JPix6 (after doing JPix 5) David from Termunot putting up his hand to do next fortnights JPix7 [Submit] and Rafi doing Jpix 8, Mottel has just declared his interest, so he most likely will do JPix9, I feel exhausted. (Chuckle)

That's why this carnival is so good, every one participates, we often unfortunately focus on the negative sides of things in life, but with JPix, its been both fun and entertaining!
JPix 6 is Now UP, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Submit a post to the Next JPix Carnival


Mr Bagel's Blog Round Up
Ten Top Picks: Ist Edition

Mr Bagel has been riding the rounds and
here's a few words to have with ya beans

Bagel's pick of ten good posts in no particular order

  • [1]. Prelude to return
  • [ Mottel ]

    Standing at the crossroads of life, decisions need to be made.

  • [2]. Welcome to the 6th Edition of JPix
    the [Baleboosteh]

    "After hosting JPix 5, I enjoyed it so much I put my hand up to host JPix 6 too! I hope you all enjoy it and like last time, discover a few new bloggers you had not previously come across before."

  • [3]. Why Boycott Israel?
    [ Smooth Stone ]

    "Given a vast palette of injustice and depredations in the world, the British National Union of Journalists singled out Israel to boycott. The boycott was issued as "a gesture of support for the Palestinian people," some of whom, as it happens, abducted a BBC correspondent, Alan Johnston. The government of Gaza is the political arm of a terrorist organization, and if the West Bank is suffering, the cause is related to a morbid Israeli fear of terrorism. British journalists would no doubt approve similar measures if London's city buses had not once but repeatedly been blown to smithereens by passengers with the exact fare and belts of explosives..."

  • [4]. No Link is better than a bad link
    [ Carl in Jerusalem]

    "Delusional Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert spoke to a UJA Federation delegation today, and explained why despite daily Kassam attacks during the cease fire hudna over the last five months, Olmert and his buddy Comrade Peretz refuse to let the army respond"

  • [5]. Dan Gillerman Beats up on Palestinians in UN Speech
    [ Yid With Lid. ]

    "Israel's UN ambassador Dan Gillerman is the only one in that government who owns a backbone. He is constantly out front defending Israel, with his usual form of bluntness and logic. In fact if the criminal tower of Jell-O AKA the PM, Mr. Olmert, had shown the same resolve as Gillerman maybe Israel would be in a much better situation than it is now."

  • [6]. Remembering Israel's greatest
    [ Go Golan]

    A must read story from Shmuel about Honouring the scarifices Israels fallen made.

    "I have a story for the ages. It begins when I moved to the Golan, fast forwards to today, goes back in time, comes back to today, and even goes into the future.

    The story is about a soldier who died in battle and of a boy who helped perpetuate his memory 25 years after the soldier died. I spoke with the boy’s mother last night in effort to get all the facts straight."

  • [7]. YouTube strikes down The French Hill
    [Greetings from French Hill ] Hattip: Daled Amos

    "I've been making videos since last summer's war. I made videos chronicling the brave soldiers that fought and died in the war. I also made a video chronicling Holocaust denial in the Middle East. I have been censoring people. When a comment has been posted that has been factually incorrect and/or anti-semitic, I've taken the comment down and blocked the poster from being able to comment again. Apparently, I pist some people off, because YouTube SUDDENLY AND WITHOUT WARNING shut off my account."

  • [8]. Hamas, Qassams and Freud
    [ Elder of Ziyon ]

    Rockets as a substitute, Elder draws comparisons between Freud and the Palestinian obsession with Qassam's, could It just be a oedipus complex ?

  • [9]. Boris Yeltsin Dies, LePen Loses
    [ Sultan Knish ]

    "For all his belligerence and incompetence, Boris Yeltsin was the rarest of creatures in the phylum of the Russian ruler, a democrat and an idealist. He fell, as democrats and idealists tend to fall in the gullet of the Russian state. But he defied the monster, the beast of the totalitarian Soviet bureaucracy of death and stabbed it in its dying throes and stood upon its bleeding corpse with sword raised high and celebrated thinking the monster dead."

  • [10]. Khatami the Moderate Curses Israeli Reporters
    [ Little Green Footballs]

    Charles Points out that the now magically ''Moderate Khatami" is busy being friends with every one. Signing autographs for John.F. Kerry, it seems the friendlyness doesn't extend toward Israeli Journalists..

  • [&]. Dont forget to check out Mr Bagel's report [below this post] on the JIB Awards site being Hacked.

    It may seem as thou Mr Bagel is running around like Henny Penny, but this morning the site was hacked, and Im sure a few like me, thought the sky really had fallen in.


The JIB awards have been hacked

News just in the JIB Awards website has been hacked

Without playing the blame game its very important that any one that may have registered the same password with the JIB awards as their own password, should immediately change their password.

Its some devastating news for the commitee members that have worked so hard, and is an example of the general vuneralbilities which are on the net.

The 'group' or inidividual that hacked the JIB site claims to be part of the "Sn1p*r T*am" [mispelt for deliberate reasons.]. It appears that this 'organisation' is Turkish flavoured.

I don't think we need to make any quantum leaps of logic to know exactly what is going on here.

Unfortunately until we know more, it is prudent to assume that any information held at the JIB Awards site is now not confidential.


From my initial investigations it would appear that this group are from Turkey.

I strongly recommend that people who are not very aware of the internet and using proxies do not visit the site that has claimed responsibility for hacking the JIB' Awards.

News Update:

I think we can safely assume that they are an Islamic influenced organisation.

This picture was taken from another site which was in Google's cache.

The Hacker is being hunted.
I am fairly sure I am very close to the identity of the individual involved in this attack.

Just as a little teaser:

goto to a proxy page and open up this page:
[Only if you know what your doing!]


It features all the sites that were hacked this morning some of them are still hacked they all seem to share a relationship with each other.



Seems the Moderator of the group USE PROXY is a little to close to this for my liking.

If any one can help who speaks fluent Turkish please email Bagel.

Here is the look up record.
[Normally I detest the publication of IP addresses but in this case I think it is warranted]

Domain ID:D105893445-LROR
Created On:15-Mar-2005 16:07:42 UTC
Last Updated On:28-Mar-2007 14:52:33 UTC
Expiration Date:15-Mar-2008 16:07:42 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
Registrant ID:tu5KBjEG5R3vcjG2
Registrant Name:Husamettin Soyad
Registrant Organization:Yok
Registrant Street1:Cehennem st.
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:ISTANBUL
Registrant State/Province:ISTANBUL
Registrant Postal Code:34220
Registrant Country:TR
Registrant Phone:+90.3423003
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+90.3423003
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:sniperteam@ny.com
Admin ID:tujq4JCX2YD2eHon
Admin Name:Husamettin Soyad
Admin Organization:Yok
Admin Street1:Cehennem st.
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin State/Province:ISTANBUL
Admin Postal Code:34220
Admin Country:TR
Admin Phone:+90.3423003
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:+90.3423003
Admin FAX Ext.:
Admin Email:sniperteam@ny.com
Tech ID:tuOqt1RzhCUcgsgx
Tech Name:Husamettin Soyad
Tech Organization:Yok
Tech Street1:Cehennem st.
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech State/Province:ISTANBUL
Tech Postal Code:34220
Tech Country:TR
Tech Phone:+90.3423003
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:+90.3423003
Tech FAX Ext.:
Tech Email:sniperteam@ny.com


Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen: Allow me to Introduce Our New Peace partners

From JPost:
One dead, 7 wounded in Gaza violence

Even as PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal prepared to meet in Egypt to discuss political cooperation, inter-Palestinian violence raged throughout the Gaza Strip on Monday night, leaving a Palestinian boy dead and at least seven other residents wounded.

The 12-year-old boy was killed by a stray bullet during a gang firefight that erupted near his home.
World Outrage! Pass a UN motion oh wait its only the Palestinians that killed the young boy that makes it ok...

Elsewhere, armed Palestinians shot at a pharmacist and his son, wounding them, and then stole their car.

Yes well that will teach that Palestinian to dare actually have a Job, support his family and act responsibly! Note another youth shot by Palestinians...
Two other Palestinians were moderately hurt in a scuffle that broke out in Gaza City after a soccer game at a stadium in the city.
Nothing like a touch of Soccer violence to get your juices flowing.
In the A-Shati refugee camp, near the coast, three more Palestinians were lightly to moderately wounded by a makeshift grenade that went off in the home of a Hamas operative who was apparently preparing explosives.
Productive Palestinian is injured by Oppressive Israel state, if the state wasn't so uncooperativewith regards to supplying explosives and willing civilians to die in associated Palestinian work accidents, then this worker would not have died.
Meanwhile, northern Gaza residents blocked streets and burned tires in protest of the ongoing anarchy, Israel Radio reported.
Yeah! Thats what we should do, protest at the on going anarchy by burning tyres! Maybe even a buiding or three.

Our Peace Prospects never looked so clear.

One Dead, & wounded in Gaza violence


Israel celebrate 59

Mount Hertzel celebrations - official closing of remembrance day and opening independance day celebrations

If the video fails to play click here:
Israel celebrate 59


Israel Independence day 2007

If the video fails to play click here:
Israel Independence day 2007

Viewer discreetion required
Lots of Mazal Tov!!!
April 2007, Israel Celebrates 59 Years of Independence!
Israel, what a wonderful country!!!
Young, creative, attractive, with fun-loving people and splendid weather.

Thanks to YouTuber: Hollyyyyyyy


New Zealand: White supremacists
celebrate Adolf Hitler's Birthday

Members of the Southern Cross Hammerheads
From the AJN:
ROCK concert held by white supremacists in New Zealand to mark the anniversary of Hitler's birthday has received widespread condemnation.

The concert in Wellington featured Australian racial rock group Blood Red Eagle, who perform on stages adorned with Nazi swastikas and once played at a concert held by the Australia First party.

Held last Saturday night, the day after Hitler's actual birthday, the concert was organised by local skinhead group the Hammerskins, and the New Zealand chapter of Blood and Honour, a neo-Nazi group banned in some parts of Europe.

But while the event was labelled offensive by authorities, they said it didn't break any laws and were powerless to stop it proceeding.

Israel's honorary consul to New Zealand, former Jewish community council president David Zwartz, said the concert was "distasteful and offensive" and proof that white supremacists remained a persistent if small problem across the Tasman.

"I think that will just continue as long as there are some people who live with the obsessions that these people have, which are racist and hateful," he said.

The concert was to have been held at the clubhouse of the Satan's Slaves motorcycle group, but is understood to have been moved at the last minute after Kiwi media exposed the event.

New Zealand's Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres, said the concert was not illegal, even if it did offend most people's tastes.

"Mercifully, there aren't many people in New Zealand happy to celebrate Hitler's birthday," he told the Dominion Post.


BB: So the New Zealand Government leads the charge when there are accusations of injustice on behalf of the Palestinians, but when it is faced with homegrown unadulterated hatred, and vile antisemitism rears its ugly head in NZ they can do nothing?

AJN: New Zealand Hitler tribute 'offensive'
Fighting back at Racism: Fightdemback.com


The JIB's - Mr Bagel gets on the soap box

Mr Bagel gets on the sop box!

Consider voting for Mr Bagel.

Shalom Aaron

There is a voting menu on the top left hand side of Mr bagel's blog.


Queen sends congratulations on Israeli Independence Day

There seems to be a lot of Bad news coming from Britain of late.
There seems to be an alarming rise in Antisemitism.
Well, its not always bad news....

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has sent her congratulations to the government and people of Israel on the occasion of Israel’s 59th Independence Day.

In a letter to Acting President Dalia Itzik, Her Majesty wrote:

“I have much pleasure in sending Your Excellency my congratulations on the celebration of your National Day, together with my best wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the Government and the People of the State of Israel in the year ahead.”

Her Majesty’s 81st birthday will, meanwhile, be celebrated in Israel this Thursday (26 April 2007) with a grand reception at the Ramat Gan residence of British Ambassador Tom Phillips.

British Embassy press release:
Queen sends congratulations on Israeli Independence Day

Picture Credit:
The official website of the British Monarch:


Monday, 23 April 2007

The JIB's : First round of Voting Begins

Baleboosteh has been nominated for two JIB awards.

Best Photo/Graphics Blog

Best Personal Blog

From Baleboosteh

As we are all aware it is JIB time. Nominations have now finished and it is now voting time from the 22nd April to the 29th.
I am happy to say, my blog is nominated for Best Photo/Graphics Blog and also Best Personal Blog.

I know I have only been blogging for 10 months but, If you would like to vote for me in either (or both! :P) categorys please click on the titles below. Even though I have no expectations of winning any award, votes would be greatly apprecited and each one counts!

Vote for me for Best Photo/Graphics Blog here
Vote for me for Best Personal Blog here

Voting is very quick and easy - no registration is required.


From Bagel

I'm certainly not impartial when it comes to Baleboosteh, I don't know if she will win a blogging award, I do know how much effort she puts into her blog, her photos, and the carnivals she does. Actually it seems everything she does she does well, as a person she wins my award.


JPix 6 Last call for Submissions
..Hurry! It's the Scary Edition

JPix 6 is going to be at
the amazing Baleboosteh blog!

Get you Photo Posts in Now!
Last call for Submissions for
JPix6 which is going up on 26th April
Read more about where and what is JPix ...
Submit your photo post: Here

Rustic Scarecrow
[Image Copyright: Baleboosteh , 2007]

If you didn't visit Baleboosteh's blog and check out the photos of the last edition of JPix 5 the Jewish Photo Carnival then you missed a visual treat. It was a smorgasboard of Jewish photographs representing some of the best photos of the JBlogging community.

What's really Scary is Baleboosteh just finished JPix5, then she went on to do an amazing job of Kosher Cooking Carnival 17 and now she wants to JPix 6.

That's 3 carnivals in a row!

Don't forget to get in your submissions for the JPix 6 carnival

which will be hosted by Danielle at baleboosteh.

Last Submissions by Early April 25th at the latest,
The Jpix 6 Photo carnival opens on the 26th April
which will be hosted by Danielle at baleboosteh.

If you have any questions you can email Danielle at


The upcoming JPix 7 and JPix 9
looking for someone to host, so step up and help this carnival
(and get a significant boost to both your traffic and links)

Rafi G from Life in Israel has offered to host JPix 8


Here's a little badge to put on your side menu. Point it to go to:


If you would like to have the submit buttons and
archive buttons there on the side bar of Bagelblogger.

Dont forget the only criteria to entering your photos is:

What is JPix
JPix is a carnival for Jews and their pictures, it doesn't necessarily have to be that 'joyous expression of art' which photography can capture, it doesn't have to be just about photos of Eretz Israel, though they are most welcome, its not even about communicating some deep spiritual meaning in a long photo essay, although that's alright too, its about two things.

You're Jewish and you have photos you want to share, wether they be family, historical, artful, funny, quirky its about sharing, so get your submissions in for the next JPix.

Thank you to all those that submitted their wonderful photos to JPix5

JPix 1 , JPix2 , JPix 3 Part 1 , Jpix3 Part2 , JPix 4 , JPIX5
I look forward to seeing some great photos in the next carnival JPix 6

If you have any questions you can email Danielle via

Bagelblogger Get those entries into JPix6..!
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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Kosher Cooking Carnival 17 is Up!
Baleboosteh's kitchen is a mess!

The wonderful and amazing Baleboosteh has been burning the midnight oil, (thankfully nothing else) and has just posted what looks like a rather polished edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival.

It is a huge edition and has recipes for all Kosher taste buds!

The 17th Kosher Cooking Carnival is a feast of assorted recipes!

The Kosher Cooking Carnival comes out monthly and guest-hosts are welcome.

Here's the list of the previous KCC's:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ,15 ,16, 17

You can check out what's new and old on Blog Carnival, and you can also add the automatically updated KCC "widget" and/or listing to your own blog.

Yes, another monumental KCC done, If you would like a submission in the next month's edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival, please write to Muse and She will include you in next month's edition.

If you'd like to host the KCC, please let Muse know. And of course, send your Kosher food links and any you find to shilohmuseATyahooDOTcom or via blog carnival, since this carnival is primarily based on submitted contributions, not searches.
Don't forget to remind your readers to visit and try out the recipes. Pass and publicize the link!

Bagelblogger Always Fresh!
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