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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen: Allow me to Introduce Our New Peace partners

From JPost:
One dead, 7 wounded in Gaza violence

Even as PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal prepared to meet in Egypt to discuss political cooperation, inter-Palestinian violence raged throughout the Gaza Strip on Monday night, leaving a Palestinian boy dead and at least seven other residents wounded.

The 12-year-old boy was killed by a stray bullet during a gang firefight that erupted near his home.
World Outrage! Pass a UN motion oh wait its only the Palestinians that killed the young boy that makes it ok...

Elsewhere, armed Palestinians shot at a pharmacist and his son, wounding them, and then stole their car.

Yes well that will teach that Palestinian to dare actually have a Job, support his family and act responsibly! Note another youth shot by Palestinians...
Two other Palestinians were moderately hurt in a scuffle that broke out in Gaza City after a soccer game at a stadium in the city.
Nothing like a touch of Soccer violence to get your juices flowing.
In the A-Shati refugee camp, near the coast, three more Palestinians were lightly to moderately wounded by a makeshift grenade that went off in the home of a Hamas operative who was apparently preparing explosives.
Productive Palestinian is injured by Oppressive Israel state, if the state wasn't so uncooperativewith regards to supplying explosives and willing civilians to die in associated Palestinian work accidents, then this worker would not have died.
Meanwhile, northern Gaza residents blocked streets and burned tires in protest of the ongoing anarchy, Israel Radio reported.
Yeah! Thats what we should do, protest at the on going anarchy by burning tyres! Maybe even a buiding or three.

Our Peace Prospects never looked so clear.

One Dead, & wounded in Gaza violence