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Friday, 27 April 2007

JIB's , the worst, comes out
Bagel goes ballistic.
Are these the JIB's or the RSI awards?

Hi, this is a quick message to say that this is not a post to get you to vote for Bagel in the JIB's.

It is it's fact a thinly veiled attempt at linking every blogger who may have ever possibly visited Mr Bagel, to say hi, 'I think you're great and couldn't we all get along'. I know I've never bothered actually visiting you, leaving comments or even reading your blog, but now that it suddenly suits my purpose I'm going to start visiting you and start saying really nice things.

In fact I might even under the guise of wishing every one a good [insert timely holiday message here] start to visit your blog [to show how much I really care!] .

Now that I've linked to you, and through careful selection and matching of words to blog participants (alphabetical), you can go on feeling that warm glow of self assurance knowing that Bagel really does love you, (as long as you vote for me).

Actually if you're my friend, then voting for me will not make a damn difference, if your my enemy then leave comments about how cynical and manipulative my post is below, if your neither, then, as we haven't got to know each other, I wish you a good day.

The above post is satire, if you miss the point then, you probably aren't part of the 'inner circle', which is a good thing.
JIB's , the worst, comes out...

Well we're close to finishing the first round of voting, I'd like to leave you with a few thoughts about the JIB's.

Let me first qualify a few things.

I think the committee in general have done a pretty good job, considering the budget allocated, which I'm lead to believe is non existent. This is absolutely in no way a criticism of the committee, don't get me wrong there have been some stuff ups, a few bad decisions, and plenty of lack of action by some participants.

But I would put most of the accusations of Stuff ups, bad decisions, and lack of action at the feet of the person that so richly deserves it.

mm I wonder who that is?

Well I'm going to tell you who it is.

Its you.

That's You, plural, [ unless your live in a camper then its youse] ,
every jblogosphere blogger that has kvetched,
whinged, complained and acted in self interest.

Some People aren't going to like what I say.

Well, I don't care.

Could we have gained a more clear insight into who really is at fault with the problems of the JIB's than what transpired at Dov Bears?

Now I happen to respect what Dov Bear says, and I feel his treatment previously on the whole was way beyond anything under the guise of acceptable. (...mm seems to be a common theme, wonder if its the JBlogosphere of the JBullysphere?)

Dov was concerned that the JIB's would award quantity rather than quality.
A reasonably fair observation that I will delve into later.

Dov with good intentions proposed an alternative Awards.

There was great contribution on his blogs comments, people had lots of ideas what it should be, what it could be and what it shouldn't be.

Every one seemed pretty enthused, the odd slag at the JIB committee happened but that's nothing new.

Dov acting with the interest of the blogosphere in mind created a 'platform' to run an alternative awards.

and that ladies and gentlemen was were we really get the answer to who is at fault with any perceived problems with the JIB awards.

Dov asked for volunteers, he had done the initial ground work, and knowing how many people had expressed opinions, invited those 'experts' to contribute.

I watched Dov's good intentioned post calling for volunteers slowly die a horrible death.

Day after Day, hour after Hour passed with no one accepting the offer, after quite a few days, no one had still accepted. That any one ever did, I don't know.

This isn't a criticism at Dov Bear, in fact I felt quite Sad for what transpired.

Dov put his faith in that people would act, that people would do, rather than just talk.

The Jblogosphere is full of experts, but ask yourself out of all these 'experts' and opinions, how many actually got off their royal Holinesses buttocks and actually did anything?

By the way, Its Shabbos for me very soon, time to refocus on the more important things in life.

To my visitors who visit my blog on a regular basis, your loyalty is worth far more than any worth that could be subscribed to a blog award. It is to my regular readers I would like to convey my greatest appreciation.

If you haven't voted as yet, which is becoming rare, consider casting a vote in my direction.
I'll never win a popularity contest, but then these awards aren't about popularity are they??
If you decide to vote for Bagel in the JIB's, you could vote for me in the following four categories:

Really quite a simple choice, if your going to have a Bagel would you want one less than 12 months old or one that's crusty and mouldy?


If you don't vote for me in this section I will fill both my side bars with ads.


Which is really best of the left overs, mm food kept warm for 2 days then offered to by your Granny, cause its good. Good for Bacteria!


Major paranoid delusion coming on, it was either develop a messiah complex or think I'm the best blog in the Jblogosphere. I chose the later as I know being Jewish, you guys would get Cross with me. (I haven't got the time to just hang around.)

I know you have far more valuable things to do with your time, that's the end of this Bagel rant, I annoy you no longer.

Now that I've got that little spat over, we can now move on to important things.

As it is Shabbos for me very soon, I have turned comment moderation off, so please feel free to leave your thoughts...

Please be kind enough to leave vexatious comments, with an * at the front to save me looking for them , this will ensure I can delete them in a timely manner.


Ari said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Barbara said...

First off, Mr. Bagel - you gave me a much needed deep laugh to the point of losing my breath today. And for that you have my thanks. I needed it. Now, how LONG did it take you to put all those links in? Too funny!!

Second, you are right - if you aren't part of the solution you're part of the problem (obligatory peace sign here)

I got on board the JIBs for one reason, to see if anyone was really reading my blog. Winning is moot for me - it just fun and unfortunately I don't have much of a competitive streak. Additionally, so many blogs in the JBlogosphere are genuinely so much better than mine, IMHO and there is so much good stuff out there - the only losers are the people who don't take advantage of the rich tapestry which is JBlogs and the insightful and creative bloggers who are a part of it...

Of which you are one, Mr. Bagel.

There's my schmear for the day.

Mike said...

Nice to see someone with the grit to say exactly how it is!

Ezzie said...

Should I be insulted that I'm not in the links? :P

In all seriousness, I think that this was a very good post... which is pretty much what I commented on DovBear at the time. There simply aren't enough volunteers to do such a thing - there's barely enough to run the JIBs. Akiva's spent more time working on them than he has on his work; if I weren't already working 13-hour days, I probably would be, too. It's easy to complain about what's wrong; it's a lot harder to help make it right.

Avromi said...

Thanks for the link, like always - you have always helped me, although you were busy with many other items that were more important to you. How can anyone not vote for you on Best Design? I sure did. Thanks

Chaya said...

I voted for you for best design also, I was a bit shocked by the end results though....