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Friday, 23 March 2007

Is that BagelBlogger??
Mr Bagels errr... Back

Could it be? Could it be Bagelblogger is
now back at http://mrbagel.blogspot.com/

It looks like him? Suppose he's making another crack about being back or is he daring to voice an opinion?

After almost a week of non stop blog building Bagel blogger

is now back.

Honestly, I feel so exhausted in building up this blog I just don't haven't the energy to write that 'really great come back post'.
[I'm very aware that the blog looks basically the same, it was started from scratch]

So if you want to read that really great come back post, you're going to have to 'come back' when I'm not so tired.

I've really missed some parts of the Jblogosphere, some parts no so.

To those that showed me support and emailed me via Danielle's email thank you. For those that have been so kind to Danielle in recent weeks, thank you even more.

What was nice to see was something positive happen, Kol Hakavod to Psycho Toddler and Aidel Maidel for the great JBlog Glossary. Jewish Blog Definitions.

There's those that talk the talk, then there's those that walk the walk.

Its good to see some Walkers, I think we've seen enough talkers for a while.

Shalom Aaron

If I may ask my readers and friends to please update their blog rolls to reflect my new address.

I hope to write something more significant when the time is not so late.