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Friday, 23 March 2007

Is that BagelBlogger??
Mr Bagels errr... Back

Could it be? Could it be Bagelblogger is
now back at http://mrbagel.blogspot.com/

It looks like him? Suppose he's making another crack about being back or is he daring to voice an opinion?

After almost a week of non stop blog building Bagel blogger

is now back.

Honestly, I feel so exhausted in building up this blog I just don't haven't the energy to write that 'really great come back post'.
[I'm very aware that the blog looks basically the same, it was started from scratch]

So if you want to read that really great come back post, you're going to have to 'come back' when I'm not so tired.

I've really missed some parts of the Jblogosphere, some parts no so.

To those that showed me support and emailed me via Danielle's email thank you. For those that have been so kind to Danielle in recent weeks, thank you even more.

What was nice to see was something positive happen, Kol Hakavod to Psycho Toddler and Aidel Maidel for the great JBlog Glossary. Jewish Blog Definitions.

There's those that talk the talk, then there's those that walk the walk.

Its good to see some Walkers, I think we've seen enough talkers for a while.

Shalom Aaron

If I may ask my readers and friends to please update their blog rolls to reflect my new address.

I hope to write something more significant when the time is not so late.


PsychoToddler said...

Er...welcome back! (see my comment on the last post).

I have one criticism: Your blog seems to bring my computer to its knees. Is there anyway to cut the bandwidth down?

Chaim said...

welcome back!

Mr Bagel said...

PT: Yes, I have too many widgets. I am slowly painfully weeding out the unecessary ones. I feel like the plastic bag lady of the blogging world, I love my widgets, and wish as you poinyrf out, thst you could name them with out the name appearing as a title and I wish you could turn them on and off at will, enabling me to keep them and rotate them through. I appreciate the feedback PsychoToddler, let me know if it improves.

Chaim, Thanks for your good wishes, it's good to be back.

PsychoToddler said...

It took about 6 minutes for me to load this page just now, and during that time my computer froze up. Of course, that could also have something to do with the speed of my office network (for shame, PT), but the other blogs I read (shame again) don't seem to have the same problem.

YMedad said...

a. welcome back to the virtual reality of blogging.
b. and yes, it affected my uploading too.

And a joke for you:

News! In Africa, an elephant has just been born with the skin of Bibi.

Think about it.

David said...

Welcome back, Bagel Dude.

Just like old times. Or at least going back 2 weeks. :)

Mr Bagel said...

PT: Ok I really do appreciate the feedback PT. The fact is my page is never going to be friendly to 'telephone modems', but as you so validly point out it is huge.

In the last 2 hours I have weeded of about 300k about a quarter. I've also optimised a heap of images and loaded the images on blogger rather than a third party.

I dont really like the way blogger treats images, yet with the new Picasso development, things may just get better.

The sad fact is the 'free hoster' I use for my images, although the best there is I believe, is fast appoaching maxing out on bandwidth per month.

I'll keep going and try to make it more 'friendly'.

YIsrael: Thanks for the welcome back, let me know if the uploading is getting better and if you have any Java errors. If any one has Java errors please let me know.

If it's a play on 'the hide of an elephant' infering Bibi is umm a little 'more thick skinned' yes its funny. Did I get the meaning YIsrael?

David: yes its good to be back, I really appreciate your support and encouragement to come back.

Sultan Knish said...

welcome back

I like the new mini collumn

The Babka Nosher said...

Welcome to your new home! I'm glad to see both you and Baleboosteh back in blogland! Two things... I'm on a fiber optic network (pretty darn fast) and I can only load your page (now and before) about 50% of the time. I have better luck with Firefox than Safari. Second - thanks for including my blog on your rolls! I wouldn't say I fit in the Ortho category ;) but I appreciate the link nonetheless!

Jack's Shack said...

Glad to see that you are back.

Aussie Dave said...

Welcome back. I think you broke the record for shortest blogging hiatus...which is a good thing!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Er... So what happened, actually? I have fired off a few e-mails at you, trying to get the latest...

Yeah, good to see you back.

Ezzie said...

Yay!! Welcome back. :)

barbara said...

WOW! You are a braver soul than I am. Changing my blog skin and learning to rewrite the html last year was enough of a challenge.

You win my Chutzpah Blogger of the Year award for a great job.

BTW - there's a great site for cheats on blogs Mandarin Design.

Of course, you probably already know in your stupendous blogging wisdom.

And welcome back!

PsychoToddler said...

Just tried it out on my fast home computer hooked up to a super fast DSL: It froze for a good 2 minutes, but eventually unlocked. This only happens with your site, so something that's attempting to load is bottlenecking it. I'm surprised you're not having the same issues. I can't believe your internet provider is any faster, however maybe some of what you're loading is being stored on a server that's more local to you.

FYI what happens is that the clocks and the background brick images load right away, then there is a lockup that occurs, then when it's done, the posts and the sidebars blink into place.

My guess is it's some java applet.

Mr Bagel said...

Sultan Knish: Thanks Sultan,its a 'beta' 2 column rounders converted into a 4 column with a thin column near the posts for hyperlinks. Its the first 4 column conversion of this particlular new blogger template.

The Babka Nosher: Thanks for the support you've shown BN, Yes I've got a few problems, I'm slicing and dicing images, I've also got a too large a delay on call functions on java from a provider, I'm slowing working it out.

Jack's Shack:
Thanks Jack

Aussie Dave:
Thanks Dave, hiatus was put on hold.

Email me via my new E

Thanks Ezzie

Thanks barbara I'm not sure if I deserve it. I'm spending too many hours searching for lost posts. 190 down 480 to go.

Your feed back is giving me good insight PT, do you have firefox, when the page starts to lag, what is the site(s) still waiting in the bottom very left hand corner?

Mr Bagel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ezzie said...

Oh, and same problems as PT.

Mr Bagel said...

Thanks Ezzie, as you will realise rebuidling a blog that is rather complex, is time consuming.

Considering I've been up for only a few days I'm not surprised I have a few blog problems.

Shalom Aaron

Smooth said...

Glad you're back, Mr. Bagel. :D

PsychoToddler said...

I'm using IE. But it's much better today. You must have cut out the offending applet.

LittleBirdies said...

Welcome back!


I'm so glad to see that you're back. What actually happened?
Keep writing, I'll keep reading!!

Mr Bagel said...

Smooth: Thanks Smooth, I appreciate your support

PT: thanks for the constructive feedback I appreciate it.

Little BirdiesL Can't keep any secrets from you, the little birdies all ways know first! So they say...

Crusty Beef: Thanks for droppiing by I appreciate it, hope the bubs well

Shalom Aaron