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Monday, 1 January 2007

Haveil Havalim 100: 100 Editions later, where are we?

Welcome one and all to
Haveil Havalim 100th Edition

Life is a series of decisions, the consequences of those decisions are sometimes apparent, sometimes the consequences of your decisions and actions take you to unexpected places.

Would Saddam have expected to have ended his life swinging from the gallows? You might answer possibly, but I personally doubt it.

This is the 100th edition of Haveil Havalim. As landmarks go it's about as big as they come. In the future the 200th, 1000th edition may come but there will only ever be one 100th edition. It is with this knowledge that I am deeply honored to have the job of hosting the 100th edition of Haveil Havalim, I hope I do justice to Haveil Havalim.

What is, was, might be:

Haveil Havalim is the carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It?s hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Soccer Dad. The term 'Haveil Havalim', which means "Vanity of Vanities", is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon. Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel', or in English, 'vanities'.

Haveil HavalimHistory:

Soccer Dad has a post of the original beginning of how Haveil Havalim got started. For a more through round up of the early begginings of HH check out Ezzies 1st Anniversary post of Haveil Havalim.

100th Edition Mixing It Up:

As is befitting any work inspired by Soccer Dad, things have been 'mixed up' a little. Posts from about 12 months ago have been included, just to give a sense of place, of comparison and contrast. This 100th edition of Haveil Havalim features both a recent post and a post from a year or so ago. And now without further ado we present this weeks/last years round up.

Haveil Havalim Kaos:

This Haveil Havalim marks a lot of precedents. For the first time Bagelblogger's email box has more 'real' emails in it than spams. I'd like to apologize to all those kind emailers that have sent me viagra offers, Microsoft office 2007 offers, enlargement of certain mmm.. bodily appendage offers, drug offers, offers to send me $20 plus million because your father was a Sheik in Nigeria, and other assorted un-asked for offers which will not be making Haveil Havalim this week.They will instead be going on an all expenses paid journey to a special place I reserve for seagulls and spam.

To the others who have managed to run the gauntlet of a truckload of spam and the over one hundred email entries to HH100, I hope I didn't miss you!

Something for Nothing!

To get things going, and to show some good will, I'm passing this message on from Shai Perelman from Groyse Metzie, a Jewish Progressive Klezmer Band. They have offered 4 Full free tracks for each visitor to download at http://music.download.com/groysemetsie (4 free downloads of full tracks from their new CD!)

Find out more about them at their website or Groysie Metsie

Haveil Havalim

Happy New Year:

Judeosphere brings us a New Years Resolution from columnist Bridget Johnson.

Not so happy New year for 1:
Aussie Dave has a comprehensive post on Sadam Husseins execution.

Seems Rafi G from Life in Israel, isn't forgetting every important date around him, he's Just realised it's his Blogaversary, Mazal Tov to Rafi G, here's the details, blogaversary!

On Cross-Currents there is a beautiful post My White House Chanukah, it ecapsulates the spirit of Chanukah, its well written and worth the read. Elie from Elie's Expositions writes about Five Little Candle Fires, and lets it slip that the 5th night of Chanukah is also his hebrew birth date, the fifth night of Chanukah theme is further expanded by David from Treppenwitz who explains why the fifth night of Chanukah never falls on Shabbat, 'The Darkest Night'.

One of Bagels favorite bloggers A Simple Jew writes (or is that pictures?) on the very same theme as well. Light On The Darkest Night. Dag presents Chanuka traditions? posted at There are no feminists on a sinking ship. Sarah shares the sixth day of Chanukah with us, _ _ i i I i i i i.

Thomas from The Bow-Tied Blogger has a great round up of Happy Chanukah videos!!!

Ben-Yehudahfrom Esser Agaroth uses stealth to get his Great Grandmothers Famous Latkes recipe, all is not as simple as he thought it might be; Great-Grandmother Lilian's z"l Latkes

For some, Chanukah offers the chance for renewal, Irina from The IgNoble Experiment details her path to Judaism and away from it, she talks about celebrating Chanukah this year for the first time in many years, A Light Story.

Mazal Tov:
Seems someone recieved a surprise Chanukah present. [via: Life Of Rubin] Mazal Tov!!

Two JBloggers have become engaged in quite a romantic way. Read about it from Tamara and Tikkunger.

Daf Notes explores the Kingdom of the Chashmanoim in his post Chashmanoim and Yosef, Daf explores the Halachah on the prohibition of making Images of People in his post The Permissibilty of Photographing People, it seems that Barbie is about to lose her limbs with Daf's final post dealing with baby dolls are to be included in the prohibition of owning statues Rav Elyashiv on Dolls. Apparently a former grand Rabbi is urging parents to amputate their children's dolls to avoid the perils of idolatry.

DAG from There are no feminists on a sinking ship has a 'no Holds barred' discussion on 'He Holds',Yeshivisha lingo: He Holds, in Dag's next post it seems, he opens a can of worms. DAG postulates that while discussing Rabbi Horowitz's topical article about abuse and neglect [Keeping our Children Safe - Part One], Frum families are potentially guilty of neglect due to the Frum world's 'preoccupation' with 'quantity not the quality of our children'.

He puts forward the impractibility of having very large families. From the comments he has recieved, its a very emotive subject. [paraphrasing by BB] Its an important issue in our community and at least DAG is brave enough to raise the issue. One Point people are missing in the Rabbi Horowitz article

A Simple Jew continues his discussion about nothing, well actually about a 'little Nothing', something that took newcomer BB quite a while to work out. [BB: Nittel Nacht]

Sheyna from Books and Beliefs writes about davening and being Interconnected, she candidly talks about the good and the bad times in her spiritual quest.

from Israel at level Ground tells us about what only could happen in Jerusalem: snow, a shofar & suspicious objects. Jameel from the Muqata has some amazing photos of the snow check them out; Snow in Jerusalem! (it was fun while it lasted).

Batya from Shiloh Musings continues the 'dangerous' theme with 10th of Tevet remembering, the Cox and Forkum cartoon Batya quotes, is a little too 'real' for comfort.
We gain further insight into dealing with the terrorist threat Catriel Sugarman guest posts at Shiloh Musings and takes us for a bus trip you wouldn't want to be on: A Bus Ride ? Part of the Intifada that is NOT Reported.. A must read!

On the transport theme Rafi G from Life In Israel writes there is a rumor that EL Al and the Haredi leaders have come to an understanding.Check it out here; rumor has it..

Yisrael from My Right Word posts about the Attorney Generals threat to MK Efi Eitam [NU], the AG threatens Repeating anti-Arab comments may lead to charges, Yisrael thinks its a bit over the top, I wonder if it was an Arab MK would the AG be so quick to threaten legal action?

Elder of Zion writes about the 'Attack on Rachel's Tomb' Just terror as usual.., (at least some one is writing about it! ). He points out some very poignant facts about the role of the media in demonizing Israel. Another Must read. On the positive front Muse from Me-ander was lucky enough to meet and greet the latest olim chadashim, new immigrants to Israel, see her post This is where I was today also check out Facing the Future Here in Israel!WestBankMama from WestBankBlog writes about The More Things Change...., an eerie post that has to be one of the highlights of the this Haveil Havalim. You owe it to yourself to read it.Treppenwitz screams enough is enough, he puts forward the The Dresden Option. [thanks to CiJ for the HT]. Speaking of Carl in Jerusalem his post Shoot us, please shoot us! does raise some serious questions about the prudence of giving your enemy the very guns they will use to kill you. If thats not enough Carl takes issue with an IDF ethicist who proclaims "The government's policy of restraint regarding Kassam rocket launchings from Gaza is legitimate from an ethical perspective". On 'ethicists' and Jewish values.

We've all seen and read the reports of the cutting down of olive trees, and the truth has recently come out, well welcome to another case of deception and theft. Yisrael from My Right Word reports that Local Arab neighbours are illegally entering into private lamd and slaughtering the owners cows. What's of special interests is the neighbours are managing to get Four donkeys across the seperation barrier! read about it here, A News Item Unreported: Slaughter of the Cows.FinallyA Mother in Israel writes about The Unofficial Guide to Israeli Vermin, and no its not another political rant, seems Israel has its fair share of creepy crawlies.

Israel's Neighbours:

Yid with a lid thinks he noses what Abbas is all about: His Nose keeps Growing

Carl in Jerusalem makes us all feel even more nervous with his observations on The Iranian nuclear threat is madder than MAD

Snoopy the Goon from Simply Jews reads about a British Muslim on his way to the Haj, On Brits in Mecca, Snoopy very quickly starts feeling ill, must be some sort of inverse phobic reaction.
Ben-Yehudah from Esser Agaroth writes about the 6th year memorial of the Murders of Rav Binyamin and Talia Kahane HY"D. They were murdered in front of their five daughters. Theres a project called Operation Multiply to commemorate there lives. Check it out here: Rav Binyamin and Talia Kahane HY"D: Six-Year Memorial.

Politics and Foreign Affairs:

It's Almost Supernatural asks the rhetorical question; Does South Africa Have a "Right To Exist"? . From some of the rumblings I've been hearing, some questions need to be raised about the new aparthied in South Africa.

Historian Rashid Khalidi, Author of The Iron Cage : 'The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood' is interviewed by Salon.com's Jonathin Shainin. Yisrael from My Right Word takes exception to Rashid's dubious claims and lets his thoughts be known, Rashid Screeds It.

Boker Tov, Boulder! writes about a lecturer in the US, Dr. Natana DeLong-Bas and her wild claims, focus is placed on American Congressman Keith Ellison in Americans Today (Are you psychologically ready?)

Rick Richman from Jewish Current Issues posits the difference in attitudes towards Geroge Bushs recent speech and a speech by Winston Churchill after the fall of Tobruk. The fall of Tobruk cost the British 50,000 men -- killed or captured -- in a single day. A Press Conference Yesterday and a Speech 64 Years Ago. Yitzchak Goodman from Judeopundit brings our attention to the dilemma Muslims are facing with attending the next British Holocaust memorial Day.With the death of US president Gerald Ford, Chaim from Life of Rubin aptly brings us to a Chabad post of President Ford at Chabad Dinner in 1976. In the worst Political spin this Year[2007!] The Town Crier writes about the White Houses spin, that failure to catch Bin Laden isn't a failure its a 'Sucess that hasn't happened yet'.
Chessed:[Acts of kindness]
Meryl Yourish posts about the amazing actions of Judy Field Carr in Saving Syria's Jews, it's a must read.

Sarah from Sarahs View has recently got back from the Wild Wild West [Western Australia]. It was quite a journey check out her Western adventures here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Psychotoddler opts for the early Knishmas gig, [to get home early] takes a detour and gets horribly lost. Mottel from Letters of Thought gets the Driving Blues and ends up being shown up by another, younger, learner driver.

Westbankmama from WestBankBlog remembers the Joy of snowflakes, and poses a question.

Orthomom rejoices in a feel good story, about yeshiva students Working Together with public-school students, resulting in bringing them closer together in a climate of cooperation. RaggedyMom and Co plan a stealth attack on the Sushi at an engagement party, somethings fishy about this Night Out on the Town With the Raggedys.

Cosmic X from Cosmic X in Jerusalem gets down and groovy with a guitarist at a wedding, seems this was no ordinary 'wedding band' guitarist, I'll let him tell the story; Dani Maman: Jimi Hendrix With Peot, he makes some apt comments about coming to Judaism.

Linda from Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist brings up a common problem about On Being Late for Appointments.
A Mother in Israel has done the JBlogosphere's first JBlog interview of a female blogger.
The lucky victim is, Sephardi Lady of Orthonomics. It's good to see some light on at least one of the many good female bloggers in the JBlogosphere. Check it here: Female JBlogger interview: Sephardi Lady

Daled Amos reminds us why we struggle to raise our children the best we can My Daughter is Becoming a Girl. Abbagav shows his understanding of his mother's love with his post, Funny Things, Miracles

Jack's Shack states, My name is Jack and I am a recovering father. As usual it's not what you first think with Jack. He draws a great metaphor about a lumberjack on a rolling log.. anyway its school fee time and The Day School Dilemma- Paying For Private School. Yitz from Heichal HaNegina observes his fathers 14th yahrzeit and shares a few L'Chaims with friends.

Media Bias:
Soccer Dad turns the tables round and shows us the media bias New York Times is becoming famous for. Its an insightful read into who's kidding who, Right universe, poor logic.

Snoopy the Goon from Simply Jews takes exception to the blatant bias of Al Jazeera, he doesn't feel to warm and fuzzy about B'Tselem either by the way. When Al Jazeera meets B'Tselem

Zionist Youngester can't believe the British rag, The Independent is at it again. Check out That "Ancient Palestinian Refugee" you wont believe what you read.

Carl in Jerusalem writes about The Badr Brigade, seems things aren't progressing as smoothly as hoped for Abbas.

Anti Semitism:
Campus J explores the recent debate about anti Semitism allegedly at Columbia and NYU. NYC Colllege Presidents Discuss 'Rhetoric Of Victimization'


Err that's Not a Christmas Tree, Alternatives:
Psycho Toddler writes about Knishmas, the alternative to 'xmas alternatives'. Whilst checking out alternatives I came across this blog: Citizen of the Month who wrote a rather inclusive The 2006 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. I'll point out this rather obscure website Jewsmas and point out my Santa Interview again.

Jewish Blogmeister picks up on another 'Jewish Santa' delivering mail. Who Delivers Mail on X-Mas? Jewish Santa! Sheyna from Books and Beliefs takes on the custom of sending Xmas cards, fraught with danger, as she has previously found out, she gets to the core of the matter, "Dear Rabbi, Merry Christmas" - An Excerpt

In this season of 'gift giving' Linda from Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist brings some pretty good advice about giving and recieving presents. I for one was a 'perpetual student' in my younger days and always felt very embarrassed about recieving expensive presents, Linda gives you good reasons to stop feeling guilty!

Zionist Youngster from Our Children are The Guarantors has written a powerful essay on the bizarre connections drawn between Radical Feminism and Islam. It's thought provoking and well written, Women Between the Extremes.

Olah Chadasha from Greetings from French Hill faces a Hospital Bureacy who seems more intent on saving money than lives. Its a must read, Is it where Health Care is today? Read the confronting story here; Are All Doctors Like This Now? Is it Now the Hypocritical Oath?

I never would have believed it, but Give me the Rock shows just how little most of us know of the Jewish reappearance in the NBA, yes you read right. The State of Jews in the NBA Address.

It's Just not Christmas anymore:
Carl in Jerusalem astutely points out the real reason Christians aren't flocking to Bethlehem anymore for Christmas in the Holy Land. Soccer Dad posts about a similar theme, Christmas in gaza. JoshuaPundit posts a rather worrisome article, Last Christmas in Bethlehem? and if that hasn't spoiled any remaining Christian's Christmas, Carl in Jerusalem lets us know Olmert's 'Christmas present' to Bethlehem: Deportees may be allowed back.

Keeping Kosher:
Jewish Blogmeister just happens to be a favorite of Bagelblogger, I've been reading his Best of Kosher Food series marvelling at just how wonderful the selection is in the ole US of A. From an Aussie it looks like a smorgasboard. Anyway it seems that JBM has come up with the perfect gift for Purim or that special occasion.Check out his Best of Kosher Food Series: Gifts!

JIB Awards:
If you want to put forward some suggestions in regards to Nomination
Categories for the up and coming JIB Awards, you only have 8 days to do so!
Visit the IsraelForum JIB Award Discussion and have a say!

And don't forget to visit JBlog Central and vote for your favorite JBloggers.

This is the schedule for the JIB Blog Awards:
Starting November 15th: Comments, questions, and suggestions received
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January 18th: Nominations end
January 22nd - January 29th: Manual voting takes place
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tabulated for all nominees
January 31st: Winners Announced

Ezzie from SerandEz writes about The Unwritten Rules when it comes to blogging. 53 bloggers have been received emails casting dispersions on DovBear. The anonomous blogger(s) who posts through the non de plume of Dovbear have been accused of plagiarism by another anonomous blogger(s) using the non de plume DovWeasel. it's developed into quite a drama. Ezzie has his perspective.
Mobius from JewSchool has jumped into the Fray with his post Shooting The Messenger.

One thinks we haven't heard the last from this affray.

Irina from The Ignoble Experiment has a round up of the major commentators on this issue, check out her thoughts here, In Which I Take On Another World Problem.

Linda from Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist writting on an altogether different subject has brought to my attention something that is quite thematically related. Getting Good Grades, Plagiarism and Copyright.

I suspect DovWeasel has used similar software as what Linda talks about. Actually it would have been nice for DovWeasel to have shared this resource, especially if they wanted to avoid the impression that they had uncovered DovBear's 'crimes against humanity' with out such a resource, i.e. it was with just plain hard, time consuming research.

Liza R from Somethingsomething attended a Pro Israel blogging conference called
"The Media as a Theater of War, the Blogosphere,
and the Global Battle for Civil Society
seems Liza was taken aback by some of the opinions expressed during the conference. Why don't you have a read and make up your own mind. Check it out here: Stop Being Verbal Vegetarians! Whilst you over at SomethingSomething check out this post on the 'Israel PR machine' As the dialog turns.... it will make you think.

Down Memory Lane

Israel memories:
Sweet Rose passed on that she didn't have a post for this week, but she was visiting Israel a year ago and wanted to submit her article Blogging from Israel posted the last day of 2005. Its quite a moving post. Muse from Me-ander takes us on an 'amazing' trip to Kever Rachel, and points out a few home truths about visiting Rachel's Tomb.[See Elder of Ziyon's post in the current posts as well] Dave from Israel at level Ground hangs out a Helicopter High Over Jerusalem to take some shots of the Temple Mount. Elder of Ziyon writes about how Palestinian Arabs cheapen their own lives again and twist meanings and intentions. Carl in Jerusalem gives us an Election Update showing Ariel Sharon's party will wih the elections, he points out Olmert goes on record. Election Update - Part 3

Family memories:
Psycho Toddler writes about meeting the love of his life in minus 17 degrees surrounds. Looks like it wasn't a totally cold reception after all. As always its a laugh and a good read: Merry Anniversary. Daled Amos realises I'm Just Misunderstood, when it comes to talking to his daughter or anyone for that matter.
from WestBankBlog writes about City Mice, Country Mice, realizing that Shopping malls are in effect a distant memory. Abbagav starts exercising, its obvious the whole family is involved, Raising Kids Is Serious Exercise.
Jack's Shack
talks about the momentous change in your life when you have a child, Five Years Ago. A Simple Jew continues his series of Photographs of his Family Shtetl. A Picture From My Family's Shtetl - Week 22

Muse from Meander writes about her departed Cousin Mickey, her post is quite moving read it here, Cousin Mickey, Z"L

Chanukah memories:
Ezzie from SerandEz writes about Chanukah, scary places and the mystery of his missing Menorah. Elie from Elie Expositions writes A [Birth]Day That Shall Live In Infamy a post about the events and people who share his birthday, they're an odd bunch, but he included Harry Chapin, so thats good enough for me. Sarah from Sarah's View bedazzles us with her rendetion of 'Festival of Lights'.

Mottel from Letters of Thought goes on a Lithuanian Excursion for Chanuka and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Finally Cosmic X writes about Chanukah And Prayer At Sunrise which rounds of the Chanukah memories quite nicely.

Yitz writes about The Sanctity of Negina - An amazing Halacha!

Jewish Culture:
Jewish Blogmeister observes there's a new development in the Jewish music scene. Jewish Songwriter: Jewish Music Store.

Muse from Me-ander comes up with a great idea if you observe the 2nd night of Purim, check it out; Got that Rythm!

Gaza Memories:
It hasn't skipped the attention of some others, nor Bagelblogger that it was just a little over 12 months ago that the Gaza Withdrawal was finalised. It's Almost Supernatural visited the Gaza issue with a visit last year to Nitzan, Gush Katif in Nitzan it certainly ''looked good' then, now I'm not so sure.
Meryl Yourish wrote about The legacy of Arafat, how to build a better nail bomb, and in what must be a case of 'de Ja vour' remarks about the world demonizing Israel, her words ring even more truth today.

Intifada memories:

Carl in Jerusalem brings our attention to Fatah outrage over inferences that women who chose to blow themselves up might just have a slight psychological problem. Fatah outraged at al-Arabiyah television. Boker Tov, Boulder! Serendipitously comes across the size and scope of donations towards supporting Islamic teachings.

Rick Richman from Jewish Current Issues posts about Abba Eban's opening statements at the 1983 Geneva Peace Conference. What Abba Eban had to say then is just as relevant today as it was then. Two of the major points were: The lack of support the Palestinians recieved from other Arab countries; and the need for Israel to have Defensible borders. Its quite uncanny to read how relevant it is still today. Abba Eban's Road Map.

Media Bias memories:

Soccer Dad decides to scrutinize the media, Fisking fisk. Carl in Jerusalem takes exception to Richard Cohen's writings at the Washing Post and with help from LGF gives Cohen a history lesson.

Sad Old Year memories:

Same old, same old. Judeosphere alerts us to Ten Middle East Conspiracy Theories of 2005 according to a memri article in the New York Sun

Did I miss anyone?

Firstly, let me apologise, I know I have missed people. BB's world has been turned upside down recently, things are only now settling down, if I have inadvertantly missed you feel free to add a link in the comments. If you submitted a link and I've missed including it, bring my attention to it. please understand there was in excess of a hundred links submitted.

Best regards


Historic Editions of Haveil Havalim:
Haveil Havalim #1 [SoccerDad]
Haveil Havalim #49 1st Anniversary Edition [SerandEz]
Haveil Havalim#50 [Daled Amos]

5 With a great deal of thanks to
Soccer Dad!
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