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Friday, 3 April 2009

Remember the peaceful Arabs who resisted those 'Extreme Right wing marchers'?

Not an extremists, Just an Arab protesting in Umm al-Fahm

Well the marchers were portrayed as 'Jewish extremists' yet the Israeli Arabs from the town of Umm al-Fahm were the ones actually throwing the stones, and rioting. In all the photographs I saw the violence was from the Israeli Arabs, why is it acceptable for these Arabs to carry Palestinian flags in an Israeli town but its not permissible for other Israelis to carry the State flag of Israel?

Well now after the 'provocation of the extremist marchers' daring to march with Israeli flags unfurled through a town in Israel , we now are faced with extreme acts of violence towards at least two young boys from the Jewish Town of Bat Ayin.

I remember seeing the headline 'Extremists' and reading the description about these terrible extremists, it was only after more through reading I realised that the axe welding man was an Arab which makes it ok doesn't it? We all know that axe welding Arabs are quite acceptable when your protesting!! The question is, was this axe wielding 'non extremist Arab' arrested? If not why not?

In what universe would it be acceptable to bring an axe to any kind of protest?

There's a great degree of irony that the 'Far right wing marchers' managed to march, (without throwing projectiles) without anyone actually killing anyone, yet they are called the extremists.

Now an young Israeli boy has now been murdered by one of those poor Arabs exposed to the wanton brutality of having Jews marching through their town waving the flag of Israel'.

The question is if citizens such as this pictured friendly Arab can feel safe enough to bring an axe to a protest, is it any wonder that young children can be murdered by an Arab wielding an axe.

Updates to come

News sources: various
Independent: Axeman kills Israeli child
Daled Amos: Bat Ayin: All Muslims Who Kill Israelis Are Militants (Updated)

Picture source: Getty Images: Umm al-Fahm Here


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Muslim students preventing Hindus from using Multi-faith centre

Seems its not enough that one third of British Islamic students think its acceptable to kill for Islam, now in a show of not so 'multi faith' spirit they are not allowing other students to use the multi faith centre at a British university.

A row has broken out at Queen Mary University, London about the use of its multi-faith centre. The National Hindu Students Forum (UK) claims that members of the Queen Mary’s Islamic Society have been physically preventing students of the university’s Hindu society from offering prayers at the multi-faith centre on the premises by standing 15 students at the door.

Read more at: Muslim students preventing Hindus from using Multi-faith centre

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