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Friday, 3 August 2007

The Jewish and Israel Photo Carnival is UP:
JPix 13

Welcome to JPix 13

Flowering Cacti
courtesy of Planet Israel

Yes its that time of the fortnight again.

I really can't believe how quickly the time has gone, it seems theres not enough hours in the day. Despite the demands placed on our time, JBloggers are a funny bunch, it seems some of us consider our blogs to be such an essential part of us that if we go on holidays we suffer blog withdrawal.

The good thing about being a JPixer is you can go on that holiday guilt free, knowing you'll be able to bring back lots of photos for JPix! (and possibly yourself??)

Hosting a JPix is always rewarding, theres that sense of oh no theres only 2 days to go and I haven't even started it, but in the end we all manage to get it done some how. By the way regulars might notice this JPix is a day late, well tar and feather Mr Bagel!

If you'd like to have a go at hosting JPix then don't be shy.

To continue reading JPix: click

JPix Catergory Express:

Eretz Yisrael
Out & About
Family & Friends
Altered Images
Art for Art sake

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of JPix
- the Jewish Photo Carnival.

Eretz Yisrael

Starting the Scooter
courtesy of Planet Israel

Rafi G from Life in Israel presents Adventures in Eretz Yisrael: Hebron: Cave of the Patriarchs (M'aras Ha'Machpela) .

Ari Kinsberg from Ari's Blog presents Ari's Blog: A Desert Road Trip (A Pictorial) which looks like it was quite an adventure.

David from Temunot presents one of his series Postcards from Israel - The Dan River You'll see another of Davids 'Post Cards series later in the History section.

Cosmic X has been checking out the progress of the Jerusalem Calatrava Bridge

Tel Aviv Daily Photo has posted a Photo titled Lead the way whilst out exploring they came across a view of Shenkein Street then it was of to the beach for a little Enjoying the Beach.

Akiva from Mystical Paths shows us a Crescent Moon over Tzfat

Evan from Planet Israel has been exploring again and takes us on an extended photographic Trip to the Shomron

[ Quite an indulgent list of Posts but Evan's Shomron series is quite incredible!]


courtesy of Ari's Blog

Ari Kinsberg presents Ari's Blog: Kotel: Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses posted at Ari's Blog.

Akiva's Wife at Mystical paths has written a post on the tremendous mitzvah of baking Challah, she includes some really beautiful loaves of Challah, The Segulah of Challah .

I can fully understand the attraction of having fresh home baked Challah as I am fortunate enough to have fresh home baked Challah every Shabbos, thanks to a wonderful Mrs Bagel.

inside the life and thoughts of... just had a go at baking Challah, and although it wasn't a total successful its good to see people have a go! Is that really Challah?


A Frozen Scream
Courtesy of Temunot

David from Temunot has a fantastic post on the Southern wall excavations in the old City of Yerushalayim. It's quite amazing to think as David aptly points out that the devastation and rocks which lay about have essentially remained unchanged for 2 Millennia. Make sure you visit his post A Frozen Scream

In another of Temunot's 'Postcards from Israel' series David shows us the intriguing Tel Dan, its another worth history post: Postcards from Israel - Tel Dan

Whilst there you may want to take up the challenged with David's Where in Israel 3 or his even harder Where in Israel 4

Out & About

A Spectacular sunset, provides David from Temunot with this spectacular photo 'Fire and Sand' The Sunset being the final act to a free Piamenta Concert on Long Beach, New York. Davids son plays with his friends

Sara enjoys a walk to clear her head with Rest and Relaxation Under the Boardwalk and also clears the sepia mode from her camera!

Jewish Blogmeister presents Jewish Blogmiester Exclusive: Pictures from the Flood! posted at Jewish Blogmeister.

Rafi G presents Only in Israel posted at Life in Israel.

Baleboosteh says sorry with flowers in her post Sorry I haven't Been Around here's hoping she doen't get a frosty reception, speaking of such heres another Baleboosteh post A Frosty Update

New York Minute has posted some beautiful of Photos of New York in summer, check out:
New York In Summer: Sylvan Glade, Gentle Bowers and Refreshingly Cold


Golden Sunrise
Courtesy of The Next Step

Mr Bagel was in awe at the beauty of this photo, and knowing that Yossi from The Next Step had already been featured last JPix12 as the featured Photo, I decided a sunrise is an occasion to celebrate in itself!
We should all remember the simple things which can bring us the most Joy.


Malki playing the Flute
Courtesy of Keren Malki

David from Temunot has posted Malki's Song a timely remembrance of Malki Roth.

Malki's Song

Each of us has a share in the World to Come
And that is already a reason to be happy
We each have a spark and a start
And this is reason enough to be happy

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Each of us have a way of arriving
We all have a way back too
We each have a hope and a future
And a place in the World to Come

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Each of us have so many reasons
So you better start dancing now
We each already have a reason to laugh
So let’s all shout together-

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Please visit David's blog Temunot to understand the significance.
More about Malki and the wonderful work her parents do here: Keren Malki

On a sombre note its a good time to remember all victims of Terrorism, From Something and half of Something comes some disturbing news Report from Lebanon also make sure you check out the last picture of 177 Jews who died all of whom were murdered by Palestinian terrorists after the terrorists were released from Israeli prisons.

Family & Friends

Raggedy Kids
Courtesy of Raggedy Mom

Seems Raggedy Mom was very impressed with how little 4 year old Ann dealt with an endless parade of injections from the family doctor. Lots and Lots of Shots.

Sara With No H shares another beautiful photo with Presenting...

A Mother in Israel shares her daughter's 'half' birthday (only kids could think of that!), check the photo out here: The Half Birthday Girl, I must admit I was very impressed with Rafi G's comment, make sure you check it out.


Up Up and Away
Courtesy of Letters of Thought

Mottel from Letters of Thought is busy traveling and leaving Posts as reminders and quizzes as to where he has been, and where he might be going.
Seems he has come across a Fiddler without a Roof in Prague, and a rather beautiful raibow.

Mottle always seems to be traveling lately, in his post The Roving Rabbis Rove On he invites us to peruse a few of the photos of his recent travels which didn't make it into other posts.

Yossi shows us a remarkable portrait of a young Shy Girl and her father whilst traveling through India last summer.

Batya from Meander

has just recently had a trip to the United States she post this photo of her flying Off, up and away for a while seems Batya hasn't been posting as regular as she usually does.I hope she has lots of pics from her US trip to show us soon!


It's time...
Courtesy of Sara with No H

Raggedy Mum has been 'enjoying the sounds of a metro-New York summer' even tho the road is a 'Raggedy Road'

Altered Images

The Real Deathly Hallows
Courtesy of Mr Bagel
Click to reveal image

Yid with Lid has been having a dabble altering images, and as always you can't help but chuckle with Yid's humor. Check out CAIR: Silencing Debate For Dummies

Mr Bagel has a similar sense of humor and you'll often find many of the Photos and Pictures Mr Bagel has featured on his blog have been substantially changed in some way. A good example is my article on the Iranian conspiracy theory that Harry Potter is really a Jewish plot thats has csot the 'Zionist' billions. Check my post out here:Proof! It's True!
Zionist Plot uncovered in Harry Potters latest Book!
and make sure you click on the link of the picture at the very bottom!

Art for Art sake

Slanted Floor
Courtesy of A Simple Jew

A Simple Jew presents Black & White Picture Of The Week - Slanted Floor which is featured as the Art Photo this fortnight. A Simple Jew has also has posted a Black & White Picture Of The Week - Forest Path

Sara With No H presents Delerium hopefully she might get a little more sleep now that bubs has arrived.


Random Stuff
Courtesy of Sara With No H

Arier from Hearth Tablets captues a Monarch Butterly ready to take see the photo at re: Weekend


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Is Olmert going to Sell Israel down the River?

Yid with Lid has just posted a Post discussing a CBS News article [Rice To Palestinians: Israel Ready To Talk] on Condi Rices's 'Major Announcement' about Israel's Prime Minister Olmert's willingness to Talk:

Yid With Lid: Condi Rice Major Announcement: Restating the Obvious

In her meeting with Abbas Condi Rice states:

"Rice said regional leaders, including those in Saudi Arabia, told her during her current Mideast swing that the conference must deal with issues of substance. "Prime Minister Olmert told me last night that he, too, shared that view, that this was a meeting that ought to be and needs to be substantive and meaningful and that will, in fact, help get to a two-state solution,"
I find the JPosts article: Netanyahu: 'Hamastan' in West Bank must be prevented on Netanyahu's recent visit to a non legal settlement is quite opposite in the message he is sending out to Israeli's.

JPOST: Netanyahu: 'Hamastan' in West Bank must be prevented
[Click Read more]

Any West Bank land that Israel fails to settle is land made available for another "Hamastan," said Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday during a tour of Judea and Samaria.

"Any areas we evacuate now will be taken over by Hamas, which is simply a tool of Iran. The only reason this is not also Hamastan, like the Gaza Strip has become, is because the IDF is here," said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu, who will likely be reelected Likud chairman next month, displayed his commitment to settler expansion by then planting a sapling in the unauthorized outpost of Kida, near Shiloh.

"I wish I could plant more than this tree, but that will have to wait," said Netanyahu, as he bent down to tuck earth around the sapling.

Congratulating the young farmers on being true capitalists, in addition to settlers, Netanyahu said that he was reminded of the "early pioneering spirit of Israel."

"I would like to see the maximum possible development, and the maximum possible area kept in any future peace deal," said Netanyahu.

"The current government seems to have give up on much of the territory before they have even begun negotiations."

Netanyahu's decision to visit an illegal outpost was highly controversial, and members of his staff considered canceling the appearance hours before. Likud activists from within the settler movement insisted that he visit the outpost, claiming that it would set the tone for his eventual campaign as prime minister.

"The Likud has received much support from the people here and, God willing, Bibi [Netanyahu] will be elected as the next prime minister with the help of the settlers," said Pinhas Wallerstein, a West Bank settler leader.

Netanyahu's campaign for the premiership appeared to have already begun Wednesday as he announced that under his control, broad economic incentives and state-sponsored businesses would increase in the West Bank.

"The potential in the West Bank is enormous," said Netanyahu. "When you are sitting in the prime minister's office the pressure of the whole world is on you. I have the power to ease that pressure and to make the settlements blossom."

Certain settlements, including Eli and Hebron, must be expanded and given the complete support of the state, he said.

"These areas, like the Jewish settlement Hebron, go back to our people's history," said Netanyahu. "They go back to the essence of Zionism."

Netanyahu also promised to advance a plan to build more Jewish-only roads to link the settlements with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, affording settlers more business opportunities.

Likud leadership candidates Moshe Feiglin and Danny Danon both criticized Netanyahu's visit to Judea and Samaria.

Danon called on the Yesha Council to boycott the visit, pointing out that during Netanyahu's term as prime minister he had often disappointed the settlers.

Bagelblogger: Some how I think I might keep my money and pay the Ferryman when I get to the other side.

I have problems with both of these men, I believe Gaza was an absolute disaster that unfortunately may be about to be repeated on an even larger scale. I believe Olmert isn't acting in the long term interests of the State of Israel anymore, and Bibi well he isn't to be trusted on past performances.

I read the plan Moshe Feiglin has and it has many noble aims which I think would serve Israel well, unfortunately its not at all grounded in reality, the time line Feiglin has for his plans is simply delusionable.

Oh for a leader that thought more of Israel and less of themselves.

JPOST: Netanyahu: 'Hamastan' in West Bank must be prevented
CBS News:
Rice To Palestinians: Israel Ready To Talk
Yid With Lid: Condi Rice Major Announcement: Restating the Obvious


Thursday, 2 August 2007

Interstate 35 West: Actual Bridge Colapse
See footage of the Bridge Falling!

If the video doesn't play click here:
Interstate35 W Bridge Collapse

The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Video -
The Bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis known as the Interstate 35 West bridge collapsed and a security camera has actually caught it collapsing.
The I35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed during rush-hour traffic last night.

The bridge fell into the water around 6:05 p.m. where the highway crosses the river near University Avenue. The height of the fall was 64 ft


The I-35W Bridge:
A Backgrounder

I-35W Bridge
Historic I-35W Mississippi River Crossing
Minneapolis, MN

The Interstate 35 West Bridge situated in Minneapolis collapsed today injury scores of people and killing many. This is a backgrounder on the actual bridge.

With the bridge suffering structural problems which were noted in a DOT May 2006 report and with an extensive rebuilding program that has been undergoing extensive cost cutting measures one thinks we haven't heard the last of this unfolding tragedy.

[click read more to see more photos and specs]
• Structure ID:NBI: 9340.
• Location:River Mile 853.20.
• River Elevation:725 Feet.
• Highway:I-35W.
• Daily Traffic Count:140,000 (2002).
• Bridge Type:Steel Arch Deck Truss Bridge.
• Length:1,907 Feet, 458 Foot Longest Span.
• Width:8 Traffic Lanes, 108 Feet.
• Navigation Channel Width:390 Feet.
• Height Above Water:64 Feet.
• Date Built:Opened November 1967.

Claim to fame: was built with a single 458 foot long steel arch to avoid putting any piers in the water to impede river navigation.

This bridge features an anti-ice system.
A series of PVC pipes carries a deicer fluid to outlets that are drilled
into the deck of the bridge. When the temperature for ice is right,
the deicer fluid is pumped onto the bridge deck. This system has
proven to be successful enough that it is being installed on other
bridges in Minnesota.

With thanks to John A Weeks III, who is the main source of the background on the The I-35W Bridge. John has an exceptional web site detailing the bridges around Minneapolis:
The Bridges And Structures Of The Major Rivers Of Minneapolis And St. Paul
Minneapolis Riverfront District: Bridges
WCPO: About the I35 W Bridge


News Flash: Minneapolis Bridge Collapses

Emergency crews in Minneapolis were working to rescue travelers after a freeway bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed Wednesday.

The Interstate Hwy. 35W bridge fell at 6:09 Central time, dropping more than a half-dozen cars and trucks into the water, the Minnesota State Patrol said.

The bridge surface of the 1,900-foot deck-arch truss structure had been undergoing surface repair. It was originally built by the Minnesota Department of Transportation in 1967.

It was not clear how many people may have been killed or injured.

Survivors were being carried up the riverbank. Some people were stranded on parts of the bridge that aren't completely in the water. A large truck is on fire at the collapse scene.
[click Read more to see pictures..]

News10: Minneapolis Bridge Collapse


JPix 13! Last call for Submissions
..Hurry! Last Chance!

JPix 13 is going to be posted shortly at
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To submit your Photo Post Click here: SUBMIT

The response to last fortnights carnival was great, make sure you submit your photos to JPix 13. If you haven't already submitted any photo posts to Jpix then you really do need to quickly submit them Submissions for JPix 13.

A Simple Jew Forest Path 2007

The recent editions of JPix, the Jewish Photo Carnival are bringing awareness of just how diverse and talented Jewish Phtographers are. JPix goes from strength to strength bringing deserved attention to the many talented photographers that make up the JBlogging community.

Don't forget to get in your submissions
for the 13th JPix carnival.

Its going to be the thirteenth edition and its going to be a great edition so make sure you get your photos in. Don't rely on the Jpix hoster (Mr Bagel) finding them. If you don't submit your photos and you miss out, well you know who to blame.

Last Submissions by ASAP, Thursday 2 Aug at the latest.
The Jpix 13 Photo carnival opens on the late 2nd August .

If you have any questions you can email at

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Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest
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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Evil continues: Body of 2nd Korean hostage found in central Afghanistan

Afghan police found the body of a second South Korean hostage early Tuesday, hours after a video emerged depicting seven other hostages huddling together.

The blood-soaked body was discovered on the side of a road in the Arizo Kalley village in central Afghanistan, just a few kilometres from the spot where 23 South Korean Christian aid workers were kidnapped 12 days ago, said administration official Abdul Rahim Deciwal.

The slain hostage has not been identified. His death comes a week after kidnappers shot and killed hostage Bae Hyung-kyu, a 42-year-old pastor.

Monday evening, a purported Taliban spokesman announced that the kidnappers had shot the second hostage. Qari Yousef Ahmadi said the Taliban decided to kill the second man because the Afghan government has not released Taliban prisoners.

"The Kabul and Korean governments are lying and cheating. They did not meet their promise of releasing Taliban prisoners," said Ahmadi, who claims to speak for the Taliban.

"The Taliban warns the government if the Afghan government won't release Taliban prisoners then at any time the Taliban could kill another Korean hostage."

As news of the latest killing broke, Al-Jazeera broadcast a new video of the hostages. The silent, shaky video footage showed the seven women cowering together, but it didn't indicate when or where the footage was taken.
'Please send my children back'

In South Korea, relatives of the hostages gathered in a church in Bundang, near Seoul, to watch 24-hour news broadcasts and console each other. Seo Jung-bae, whose son and daughter are among the captives, said his children went to Afghanistan to help Afghans in need.

"Please, please send my children back so I can hold them in my arms," Seo Jung-bae told reporters, in the hopes that the kidnappers would be made aware of his pleas.

"Our families are the same. Your family is precious, so is mine."

Earlier Monday, militants extended their deadline to Wednesday after again threatening to kill the hostages unless the government releases some Taliban fighters.

The militants agreed to the two-day extension to allow time for additional negotiations over the Taliban prisoners' release, said Pathan.

The extension came after Ahmadi set and let two deadlines pass on Monday — the latest expiring at 4 p.m. local time (7:30 a.m. ET) — without any word on the fate of the hostages.

The hostages, most of them women, have been under threat of execution in four previous deadlines announced and subsequently extended by Ahmadi.

Deputy Interior Minister Munir Mangal, who also heads a government team negotiating with the captors, told Reuters earlier that the hostages were alive.

"The talks and dialogue are going on to persuade the Taliban to release the hostages … and no incident has happened [to the hostages]," Mangal said.

Ahmadi has said the militant group had provided a list of 23 insurgent prisoners it wants released by the Monday deadline in exchange for the Koreans.

"We might kill one, we might kill two, we might kill four, or we might kill all of the hostages at once," Ahmadi told the Associated Press from an unknown location via satellite phone on Sunday. "It might be women, it might be men."

The South Korean aid workers were abducted on July 19, taken from a bus in Ghazni province.

The hostages are being held in small groups at different locations. There are reports that some of the hostages are sick.
Canadian military monitors situation

Brig.-Gen. Tim Grant, the outgoing commander of the Canadian troops in Afghanistan, told CBC News that the Canadian military is monitoring the hostage situation, but is not directly involved in working towards the captives' release.

He said the kidnapping is evidence that the Taliban are struggling to make gains in Afghanistan.

"The Taliban are less and less able to operate freely," Grant said. "They are relying on more desperate tactics — roadside bombings, suicide attacks and, unfortunately, kidnappings."

On Sunday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and other Afghan officials tried to shame the Taliban into releasing the female captives, an attempt to tap into a tradition of cultural hospitality and chivalry.

In his first comments since the hostages were abducted, Karzai criticized the Taliban's kidnapping of "foreign guests," especially women, as contrary to the tenets of Islam.

Karzai faced heavy criticism when he approved the release of five Taliban prisoners earlier this year to free an Italian journalist held hostage. He subsequently vowed not to repeat such a deal.

Bagelblogger: Ah... the Religion of Peace, the world Muslim condemnation of the Taliban's barbaric actions has been almost deafening - not.

Mistreatment of a Muslim at the Airport creates a storm of protests, but South Koreans Kidnapped and being tortured and killed doesn't even register in the Islamic world's concerns.

CBC: Body of 2nd Korean hostage found in central Afghanistan


Sunday, 29 July 2007

America plans $20bn arms deal for Saudia Arabia and other allies in the Gulf

Bush aims to counter Iran's growing influence by arming its neighbours, despite Israeli concerns

The Bush administration is expected to announce a massive series of arms deals in the Middle East tomorrow that are being seen as part of a diplomatic offensive against the growing influence of Iran in the volatile region.

The centrepiece of the deals is an agreement between the US and a group of Persian Gulf nations, including Saudi Arabia, that could eventually be worth at least $20bn, according to news reports. At the same time, 10-year military aid packages will be renewed with Israel and Egypt.

The main thrust of the deal is the supply of advanced American weapons to long-term Arab allies in the Gulf. They include Saudi and five other Gulf states: the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. All those countries have been jittery over the growing power of Iran and the possibility that Tehran is seeking to build a nuclear bomb. The supply of American arms to the countries not only gives them greater military power to counter Iran's but also cements them further as American allies.

In fact, so great is the White House's fear over Iran's intentions that the deal appears to ride roughshod over other American strategic concerns - such as Israeli fears over arming Arab countries and concern that Saudi Arabia has been supporting Sunni militants in Iraq. A senior Pentagon official said the deals were being made 'to deal with what has been a changing strategic threat from Iran and other forces'.

The deal will focus on improvements to the countries' air and missile defence systems. It will also upgrade their navies and air forces, giving them a greater strike capability. However, the weapons being sold are mostly defensive and will not boost the countries' offensive military capabilities. Some of the sales will also cover technology that can turn standard bombs into so-called 'precision-guided' bombs of the type that have become common with US forces.

The deal is the culmination of months of diplomacy. Details will be announced ahead of trips this week to the Middle East by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defence Secretary Robert Gates. Exact figures and types of weapons involved have not been finalised.

The deal raises various strategic questions for America. The first is how to placate traditional allies Israel and Egypt, both of which have their own concerns about arming Gulf states. The salve to those concerns appears to be to give them fresh military aid packages of their own. Israel, according to the New York Times, is going to get a $30.5bn package over the next 10 years. That figure is much higher than had originally been planned. Egypt too will get a new 10-year deal, worth an estimated $13bn.

However, the huge flood of arms into the region is likely to cause serious concerns that Washington is supporting an arms race by sending hi-tech weapons to the rivals of Iran. Such a move will likely undermine diplomatic efforts in the region and spur Tehran even further in its quest for greater military power and the development of its nuclear programme. At the same time, others will criticise the White House for sending weapons to a region whose governments could easily collapse and thus leave American hardware in the hands of Islamic militants.

The flow of arms to Saudi Arabia is of particular concern. Not only are some Saudi factions suspected of being supporters of Sunni insurgents in neighbouring Iraq, there is also a fear that the Saudi royal family could one day fall prey to an Islamist revolution.

If that happens, the new weapons could end up being used by radicals against Western interests. Israeli officials and their supporters in Washington are reportedly lobbying against the Gulf deal but they have been overruled by an administration that has made countering Iranian interests its highest priority.

Bagelblogger: I can't even begin to understand the stupidity behind this decision... Lets face it the Saudi's have done a pretty good job at being an enemy of the US, why the hell would you give billions dollars in Arms to these lunatics?

If the Saudi's are representative of moderation in the Middle East then, we're all in trouble. Saudi Arabia has two main exports Oil and Terrorism, have we forgotten how many terrorists have originated from Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi's record on Human rights is appalling, why would the US decide to send billions of dollars of arms into the Middle East, is that not the equivalent of throwing more petrol on the fire?

Have we seen any progress of reform with regards Human rights?

Less than two months after the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan billion dollar bribery fiasco, we see this? Unbelievable...

Guardian: America plans $20bn arms deal for allies in the Gulf.