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Saturday, 28 October 2006

Mr Bagel was so exicited, he had been invited on a cruise!

The Captain had rang him up and said
he would be involved in passenger entertainment


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Is this world's greatest ever website?

I came across this website Tenacious D on my travels:

Is it the world's greatest website*


Tenacious D
Tribute the Song
'World Greastest Website' is a Play on the words to the song Tribute

ValleyJew Thanks for the Hattip.
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South Park Lampoons Steve Irwins Death

Has the sensibilities of taste and decency left the Park and gone 'South'?

STEVE Irwin's still grieving family faces more heartbreak after the creators of the South Park released a cartoon making fun of his death.

The 'Hell on Earth' episode is set to be released in the US this week and shows Irwin walking around a fancy dress party in Hell with a stingray sticking out of his chest.

Irwin, 44, died just eight weeks ago when a stingray spiked him in the heart as he was filming a segment for his daughter Bindi's upcoming children's documentary.

The show's creators have defended the episode with a callous disrespect for a family still grieving.
"We have offended people in the past and probably will again,'' a South Park spokesman told a London newspaper.

"We know that regular watchers will not be shocked.''

[BB: I wouldn't be so sure of that Mr South Park heres one regular who will be giving your animation the digital salute ].

[Click Read More...]

As well as Irwin, hundreds of dead celebrities are at the party, hosted by Satan and including the likes of rapper Notorious B.I.G., Princess Diana and Adolf Hitler.

However none of those shown died as recently as Irwin, whose family is still recovering from his shock death on the Barrier Reef on September 4.

The Hell on Earth 2006, depicts Irwin being kicked out of the party after being confronted by the Devil because he is not in fancy dress.

Britain's media watchdog, aware the show will be made available later this year, condemned the episode.

"This is such bad taste and the makers of South Park should review their decision to show it,'' watchdog John Beyer said.

"Steve's family are still grieving.

"To lampoon somebody's death like that is unacceptable and so soon after the event is grossly insensitive.''

The Australian Television staton SBS spokesperson said in all likelihood the episode would be broadcast in Australia but probably not until 2008.
The timing could not be worse after Mr Irwin's eight-year-old daughter today announced she would launch her first DVD Bindi Kidfitness which features her famous father.

Available from November 25, the DVD will "fight fat with fun''.

It includes nine animal-inspired songs and routines performed by Bindi and her all-singing, all-dancing sidekicks the Crocmen.
Bindi also whips up fat-free treats with her father in a segment called "Steve's Cooking School''.
Irwin features throughout the DVD as he dances, plays instruments and - in a scene that may raise questions about its suitability - swims with his daughter.

"We might push the boundaries a bit and do some things we shouldn't but we want kids to look, laugh and learn because that is the bottom line when you're fighting fat,'' said Irwin's widow Terri who also features in the DVD.

The fun DVD provides welcome light relief for the Irwin family which has not only had to cope with the Crocodile Hunter's tragic death but also the cruel jokes, emails and internet pictures that have followed.

Irwin's manager John Stainton did not return calls today but this week said he did not log onto the internet because of the "distasteful'' Crocodile Hunter material.

"Dummied up photos, all the things that are happening around the world associated with Steve's tragedy - I just can't understand it to be honest,'' he said.

It is not the first time South Park has lampooned the Crocodile Hunter.

In a 1999 episode, Mr Irwin was shown terrorising animals before being hired by the Government to track down an ice man.

Meanwhile, Mr Stainton also responded to concerns that Bindi had been thrust into the public glare too soon and too often since her father's death. Since her memorable address at Mr Irwin's September 20 public service, Bindi presented at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in Sydney, made a commercial to raise money for her father's Wildlife Warriors charity and been the subject of an episode of ABC TV's Australian Story.

Bindi will also return soon to filming her television series for America's Discovery Channel.

"She's an incredibly strong little girl,'' Mr Stainton said.
"We've had a huge disruption in our life and that takes a lot of acclimatising on everybody's part.
"But Bindi really enjoys what she does and we can't take that away from her.''

BB: Not Funny South Park. It's one thing to have a loser on the web make a stupid 'Steve Irwin's Last Video', its another to see that stupidity transposed to a institution such as South Park. It's not controversial, its not poor taste its, just wrong,wrong wrong.

News.com.au: South Park lampoons Irwin death

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Mr Bagel was so exicited, he had been invited on a cruise!

The Captain had rang him up and said
he would be involved in passenger entertainment


Further reading:
Wikipedia: What are Quoits?
History of Quoits 1, History of Quoits 2, Extreme Quoiting

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Iranian 'Democracy' in Action

From Iran Daily Oct 28

Unregistered Parties Barred From Election

TEHRAN, Oct. 27--An official said on Monday that only parties, which have obtained official permits from the ministry, can conduct electoral activities for the upcoming elections.
Mojtaba Samareh-Hashemi, deputy interior minister for political affairs, also noted that registered political parties and candidates can start their campaigns for Experts Assembly and council elections respectively one and two weeks before the December 15 elections.
Asked about parties which have not yet obtained permit from the Interior Ministry's Article 10 Commission, the deputy minister said the commission is currently examining the eligibility of some political parties.
"We cannot say which parties can have election activities during such a short time," he said, noting that he is trying to increase the commission's meetings in the next two weeks.
Samareh-Hashemi hoped that the application of unregistered parties will be discussed in the commission soon.
"Unregistered parties cannot hold election campaigns," he said.

BB: Let me guess who has control of handing out the official permits?

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The Australian Sheik - Always the eye of the storm, An Historical Perspective

Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali

In April of 2005 Australian Radio Announcer Alan Jones interviewed Phillip Ruddock the then Minister for Immigration and multicultural affairs in relation to Australia's Mufti, Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali

This is a part extract of a rather lengthy interview.
...[...] Interview continues

ALAN JONES: Well, he wrote at the weekend - and I just want to take you through some of this because my listeners want some answers - that 11 years ago, as Opposition spokesman on immigration, you pursued questions never answered as to why the Hawke Labor Government granted this bloke, Al Hilaly, permanent residency in 1990, that eight years earlier, he said, the Sheik had arrived in Sydney from Egypt under the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils on a three-month visa and his family never left.

Now there were several convictions, intellectual convictions against this bloke and many want to know how he still remains in the light of saying the things he said.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Well, I mean, Alan Ramsey's story went through it and I think there were some other stories at the same time, that related what happened. I mean, this…

ALAN JONES: He was accused of inciting racial hatred.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Yes, and Chris Herford, who was the former Minister, determined that in character terms he should not remain in Australia. (that was in 1986)

[Click Read More...]

ALAN JONES: That's r! ight.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: And he issued a deportation order.

ALAN JONES: That's in 1986.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: And that was overturned because there were representations made by essentially the Lebanese Muslim Association in Sydney to the Members of Parliament - I think Leo McLeay was one and Paul Keating was another.

ALAN JONES: Alan Ramsey said that Hilaly had been supported by strong New South Wales and federal ALP lobbying [in US speak democrats] and survived.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Well, as I understand it, there was very strong lobbying, and I spoke to Robert Ray at the time. He made the decisions that he would be able to continue to remain here on a temporary basis. They were renewed, as I understand it, for a number of years, and Ray I think was a bit nervous that there may be a change in an election. It didn't happen. There was a Labor Government was returned and Hilaly was given permanent residency.

And once he was granted permanent residency, provided he remained i! n Australia, he was eligible for citizenship.

ALAN JONES: Let's go back a bit, just go back a bit, because…

PHILIP RUDDOCK: …while Gerry Hand was Minister…

ALAN JONES: Let's go back a bit though before we get to Gerry Hand because you're going fairly quickly but my listeners would want us to go a bit more slowly.

In October 1998, you demanded his visa be withdrawn after, as Ramsey rightly reports, a series of virulent anti-Semitic comments were attributed to a speech he made at the University of Sydney. I should repeat that Ramsey at the weekend said the comments were published in a Jewish newspaper and contained a reference to Jews as the underlying cause of all wars and that Jews who "used sex and abominable acts of buggery to control the world."

And this bloke, in spite of overtures that such a person shouldn't be kept in this country, has been kept here.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: And the reason he's been kept here is that the decisions the Labor Government took at that time gave him permanent residency and then citizenship, and once you achieve citizenship, it cannot be revoked. And you know, when we came into office…

ALAN JONES: So the deportation order of Herford was revoked by Herford's successor?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: That's right.

ALAN JONES: To placate an ethnic community in the run-up to the July '87 election?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: There were very significant pressures put on at that time, and former Prime Minister Keating, I believe, was the person who pushed for the Minister at that time to take those decisions.

ALAN JONES: Ramsey wrote on Saturday that privately the Sheik had travelled to Canberra for a meeting with McLeay and Keating and when Robert Ray learnt of it - the Minister - he deferred the Sheik's application for a year on the grounds of collusion. And Ramsey said that Keating wouldn't speak to Robert Ray for months.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Well, I know none of that. But ! I know that Ray was not keen to make the decision, but I know the decision was made and I know when I came Minister in 1996 it was a fait accompli.

I mean, citizenship is something that cannot be revoked unless it was initially obtained by fraud, and there is no suggestion here the information that you are speaking of was not known to the Government at the time.

ALAN JONES: Right. But Ramsey does say in September 1990, when Hand then approved Hilaly's permanent residence, you, Philip Ruddock, sought under Freedom of Information "all briefings and advisings" in the "grant of resident status to Hilaly and his family." And you were quoted as saying the Minister must be able to justify the decision, and yet you've never had those questions answered.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: No. I mean, you might - the question I would expect from you is why I haven't asked for those papers now and what would I do with it. And essentially I've come to the view that if I can't do anythin! g about the decision, it's going to be pretty silly of me just seeking to look at the papers.

I mean, I know of the concerns. There were security concerns and they were mentioned in that article as well as the vilification of a segment of our community. And I make the point every time I speak in front of Hilaly about the importance of our culturally diverse society and what that means. And I make the point very strongly that, you know, when you've settled in Australia, while we acknowledge that people have different cultural backgrounds, we have an expectation that they'll observe our laws.

And one of the things that disappoints me in relation to immigration laws is that some people seem to think - and Hilaly is arguing this - are entitled to ignore our laws if they relate to immigration. And I don't think you have a society that believes in the rule of law where you say, well, there are some laws that I'll obey and some that I won't.

ALAN JONES: But when a bloke says that the Prime Minister of a country has opened the gates to death because asylum seekers have drowned, isn't this an incitement to mobilise his people against those who support the Government?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Look, I mean it is very clear that remarks of that sort, if they were being made - and the sort of remarks that he's made elsewhere - would be matters that we would take into account under the character provisions if we were dealing with a migration application de nevo. They are matters…

ALAN JONES: He's already a permanent citizen.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: He's a permanent resident and citizen.

ALAN JONES: And citizen. But in January last year, is it right that he was sentenced to a year in jail with hard labour after being convicted of smuggling antiquities from Egypt to Australia?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: I believe there was a conviction which he has appealed and that appeal is still being dealt with.

ALAN JONES: And the Sheik's son and four other people were also jailed.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: I don't know about that, but I do know that those proceedings were taking place in Egypt and he was the subject of a conviction and that matter has been appealed and that appeal is still being dealt with.

ALAN JONES: It's not fair to the Muslim community, surely, to be represented in the public place by people who speak like this, is it?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Well, I think the Islamic community have been very concerned about this matter themselves and he's been at times relieved of some of his responsibilities. And as I understand it, he is no longer the Mufti - which was the terms used - for the Supreme Spiritual Leader in Australia. He is just one of a number of imams.

ALAN JONES: Good on you. Thank you for your time because many of my listeners wrote and asked me to ask you those questions. I've done that and you've answered them. I thank you for that.

ALAN JONES: Philip Ruddock, the Immigration Minister. There you are, we're inundated with letters and faxes and emails here about all of that. I hope that clarifies it for you. He is an Australian citizen.


BB: So in essence, we have the joys of the Mufti's presence in Australia because the Labour party was threatened by Lebanese Muslims to change their vote if he wasn't allowed to stay! Threats , violence, Policy change ,Threats , violence, Policy change , Threats , violence, Policy change .... mmm any one seeing a pattern here?

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Friday, 27 October 2006

If you live by the Sword you....

Ros Reines during her book launch earlier this year 'Gossip'.

It seems that the Sydney Jewish community row over a canceled Bar Mitzvah 'Bar Mitzvah canceled due to Halacha Problems', has just stepped up a notch or two. It seems the Mother, who was bandied as a 'Journalist', [their seems to be a lot of opposing opinion] is none other than Ros Reines the darling of the Sydney Social scene, and feared by many for her known ruthlessness when it comes to getting the gossip for her gossip column.

[Click
In an article that has appeared in Sydney's Major Daily Sydney Morning Herald, Anger as rabbis demand boy be recircumcised , [Ros used to work there until the grass seemed greener at the Daily Telegraph ] the tune has turned to the Orthodox community now being targeted for 'unfairness'.

In what should have been a very private matter and simple but extremely rare Halacha observation that his circumcision wasn't 'proper', it has now been blown out to this sordid affair. The Orthodox Rabbi's invited Ros to avail her son to a rather common surgical procedure under general anaesthetic, but Ros took exception to this.

This is where the problem lies, Orthodox Judaism has criteria which has existed for hundreds of years, adaption, change and exclusions/exceptions are not the policy. Every Orthodox Jew is treated the same. This is shown in the way Orthodox Jews are buried. There are no extravagant Funerals, extravagant tombstones or the like, rich or poor every one is considered equal under G_d.

For those that don't know of Ros Reines, She was the gossip columnists that dumped on Famous Stock Broker Rene Rivkin that fateful morning, the very same morning that Rene decided it was all too much.

It seems Ros has had her fair share of Damocles swords hanging over both local and overseas stars. Notably Sarah Michelle Gellar was noted as one of her 'notches'.

Well as is often the case with those that live by the sword, it seems that this time the sword has turned around, It now seems to be hanging over Ros; Queen of Dirty subjects.

I looked for her Book 'Gossip' which was released this year, but the Pulitzer Prize judges hadn't finalised the list of entrants.

The sad thing is, despite all the extra attention Ros has drawn to 'her' tragedy , it has come all too late to save her Huge Blockbuster Blog, Ros' Blog which decided to stop 4 weeks ago.

All that traffic and lack, there of, in comments, might be the real reason for the forlorn message "this site is going off the air indefinitely"

Right: Ros Reines Former Gossip Blog, Not causing huge Traffic jams.

The sad thing is, despite all the publicity that you are now getting Ros, did you think for a moment that your Thirteen year old boy might not appreciate the entire world knowing about his un - kosher willie?

Or were you blinded again by the lights?

SMH: Anger as rabbis demand boy be recircumcised
Daily Telegraph: Daily Telegraph
Ros Reines Gossip Blog

Gossip Ros Reines Book Review [SMH]
Rene Rivkin
BB: Bar Mitzvah canceled due to Halacha Problems
What is the Sword of Damocles?

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Borat: The Video List Enjoy!

Borat does the Cannes thang!
Let me preface this particular post with the statement Borat is to me the funniest guy I've seen in a long time.

Borat He is in your face, he has fantastic timing, he's sharp and what I like most is he is very quick on his feet.

He senses an opportunity and seizes it, his funniest segments could never be scripted, they just happen as a master of Improvisation he makes them 'happen'.
So first of all, if you somehow have managed to miss his amazing magic,Here's a smorgous board of examples:

Yes Your at the right Spot .....[Click Read More] ....to see 25 Borat Movies

1. Borat: Dating Service

2. Borat: Country and Western

3.Borat: Hunting

4. Borat: Republican Meeting

5. Borat: In the South

6. Borat: In Amsterdam

7. Borat: Patriot Rally

8. Borat: Interview

9.Borat:Borat Short from Movie

10. Borat: Guide to Acting

11. Borat: Guide to Jobs

12. Borat: Guide to Edinburgh

13. Borat: Guide to Baseball

14. Borat: Guide to Hobbies

15. Borat: MySpace

16. Borat: MTV

17. Borat: Guide to Men

18. Borat: Guide to Politics

19. Borat: Goes to America

20. Borat: Eats Oysters

21. Borat: Locust Audition

22. Borat: Appearance At Comic Con

23.Borat: Movie

24. Borat: New Movie

and for many many more simply search YouTube for Borat

In any case, the exciting news the Movie
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is now opening.
The movie apparently more of the same - And that can't be too bad.
From all early reports the Borat The Movie is unbelievably funny!

The Movie Traileris worth a look!
Checkout the “official” Borat Website for the trailer link.
Or if you're lazy well here you go.
Borat The Movie - Trailer

Please give credit to this extensive list,
rather than steal it, Please simply link to my page.

Thank You Bagelblogger

Corrections Welcome leave them in Comments


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Borat Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

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Click on the Picture to see the Full Movie Trailer
Trailers & Clips

Trailer, apple.com
Trailer G, apple.com
Trailers, movies.yahoo.com

The first 4 minutes of the movie that was leaked to YouTube [Parts in hebrew]

Rotten Tomatoes Review

To see the list of other Borat Movies Click Here [END]

Bagelblogger is a fan of Borat.
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