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Friday, 27 October 2006

Borat: The Video List Enjoy!

Borat does the Cannes thang!
Let me preface this particular post with the statement Borat is to me the funniest guy I've seen in a long time.

Borat He is in your face, he has fantastic timing, he's sharp and what I like most is he is very quick on his feet.

He senses an opportunity and seizes it, his funniest segments could never be scripted, they just happen as a master of Improvisation he makes them 'happen'.
So first of all, if you somehow have managed to miss his amazing magic,Here's a smorgous board of examples:

Yes Your at the right Spot .....[Click Read More] ....to see 25 Borat Movies

1. Borat: Dating Service

2. Borat: Country and Western

3.Borat: Hunting

4. Borat: Republican Meeting

5. Borat: In the South

6. Borat: In Amsterdam

7. Borat: Patriot Rally

8. Borat: Interview

9.Borat:Borat Short from Movie

10. Borat: Guide to Acting

11. Borat: Guide to Jobs

12. Borat: Guide to Edinburgh

13. Borat: Guide to Baseball

14. Borat: Guide to Hobbies

15. Borat: MySpace

16. Borat: MTV

17. Borat: Guide to Men

18. Borat: Guide to Politics

19. Borat: Goes to America

20. Borat: Eats Oysters

21. Borat: Locust Audition

22. Borat: Appearance At Comic Con

23.Borat: Movie

24. Borat: New Movie

and for many many more simply search YouTube for Borat

In any case, the exciting news the Movie
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is now opening.
The movie apparently more of the same - And that can't be too bad.
From all early reports the Borat The Movie is unbelievably funny!

The Movie Traileris worth a look!
Checkout the “official” Borat Website for the trailer link.
Or if you're lazy well here you go.
Borat The Movie - Trailer

Please give credit to this extensive list,
rather than steal it, Please simply link to my page.

Thank You Bagelblogger

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Bagelblogger is a fan of Borat.
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