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Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Volkswagen connection :
Ashkan Dejagah

Ashkan Dejagah
Despite being nurtured by the German Under 21 team

he still reserves the right to play for Iran if he so choses.

Despite it being publicised by numerous media outlets that Ashkan Dejagah was Hertha Berlin’s striker, the team he actually plays for now is Vfl Wolfsburg.

Ashkan Dejagah was in the press lately for his refusal to play in Israel for the under 21 Soccer cup for 'political' reasons.

Now it seems that Vfl Wolfsburg isn't seeing the seriousness of this matter.

From the teams website comes this:
Ashkan Dejagah still training with the Wolves
Some recent newspaper reports wrongly suggested that the German under-21 midfielder Ashkan Dejagah had been suspended from training at VfL Wolfsburg. In truth, the 21 year old will continue first team training, as the Wolfsburg coach Felix Magath pointed out after today's training session. Dejagah was conspicuous by his absence at Wednesday's morning session: "I have given him the day off", explained Magath.

Despite Wolfsburg's coach giving him the day off, to avoid the media scrum, it seems this is all Vfl Wolfsburg intends to do.

Its not without a certain bitterness that I observe one of Vfl Wolfsburg main sponsors is Volkswagen.

You might remember that there were many s articles recently on the Israeli Government contracting Volkswagen to supply the Israeli government's fleet of government cars. Re: Israel's Choice of German-Made Cars Stirs Emotions of Holocaust Survivors

Well now it seems somewhat ironical that the very soccer club that the Iranian born striker plays for Vfl Wolfsburg is sponsored by Volkswagen.

All I'm waiting for is the journalist with the balls to ask Ashkan Dejagah if he believes that the holocaust happened. I think we may all know his answer already.


Every Problem that exists in the World is due to the Jews...

Ghada Karmi

Thats basically what the author of the disgraceful opinion piece that appeared in the Melbourne Age today would have you think.

The title of this surreal voyage in avoidance of responsibility is

Israel the roadblock to peace in Middle East

The opinion piece is written by Ghada Karmi, who is a Palestinian academic at the University of Exeter, Britain, and the author of Married to another man: Israel's dilemma in Palestine.

Below I've taken a few quotations out of the article and put them in a more generalised plainer oft repeated format.
Just in case you have any doubts the aim of this opinion piece take a look at the title.

"Israel the roadblock to peace in Middle East"

Heres a few claims of the article.

Its all the Jews fault...
  • "It has now dawned on most people that the terrorist attacks on America and Europe, the al-Qaeda rhetoric about the suffering of fellow Muslims, and the instability in the Middle East are connected with the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

  • If only Israel would...
  • "Finding a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is not the problem. The parameters have been clear for decades: Israel's withdrawal from the 1967-occupied territories, the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return of refugees. These are also the components of the 2002 Saudi plan and offer Israel full normalisation of relations with the Arab states in exchange"

  • Israel must concede on everypoint...
  • "The plan is in line with international law and has the support of the Western powers. Yet it has no chance of succeeding, nor has any other peace proposal not to Israel's liking."

  • A little historical revisionism even if you're supposed to be an Academic...
  • "And that is the nub of the problem. Israel, which ceaselessly professes its desire for peace, has never initiated a peace proposal of its own and has prevaricated when offered one."

  • Human Rights abuses?...
  • The dire effects of this regime have all been documented by the World Bank and various aid organisations. Yet this abuse of human rights, condemned by every international agency and legal body, even by some Israelis, continues unchecked.

  • Those greedy Jews...
  • "By forcing Israel to accept that peace involves giving, not just taking, a proper settlement could begin to emerge."

  • America is in control of the Jewish lobby...
  • America, which could have made a difference, is hamstrung by its domestic subservience to the Israel lobby

  • Terrorism is the fault of Israel and will continue because of Israel...
  • Leaving the status quo to fester will lead to more desperate acts of violence and more dangerous instability.

  • I recommend you read this opinion piece its quite revealing of the strategies the Palestinian and Arab lobby are trying to put forward. Now excuse me while I go and vomit...

    A Not so Peaceful Proponent of Peace...
    If you like to see just how peaceful this Palestinian Academic really is then you will not mind reading this rather revealing excerpt of a debate about whether Arabs have been at fault in not helping the Palestinians...

    Thank you. I speak with a heavy heart because as an Arab, I should not attack fellow Arabs, but it is not the Arab people, who have always supported the Palestinians, that I mean. It is their governments who so often do not represent them.

    What I say will earn me no favours with Arab governments, but I believe that if we are to progress, we Arabs must not be afraid to be self-critical and to face our faults honesty. Yes, the Arab governments have failed the Palestinians. Now the other side argues, and I knew it would, that they'd helped them a lot. We don't deny that, they did help. They have given them funding, they have given them help, the sort of thing you've heard about, Jordan gave them citizenship and so on, but look closer.

    The Arab states never succeeded in defeating Israel. In 1978, which His Excellency has referred to, Egypt, the only state which could have, left the battle front with the Camp David Treaty.

    Since then, the rest have been trying to make peace with Israel, a state that occupies Arab land and kills Arabs. Today, they are falling over themselves to recognise Israel. Why? Because Israel vacated a few settlements which were illegal anyway, and look what we're reduced to. Egypt, that great power, is now Israel's policeman on Gaza's border, and the rest watch helplessly while Israel kills and bombs the Palestinians, and steals their land, and Israel's best friend, America, lays waste to that great country, Iraq.

    I am not unsympathetic to the Arab governments' dilemma. They owe their support, and in many cases their very existence, to American favour. America is Israel's greatest ally, so if they fight Israel, they risk losing American support and threaten their own survival. It is an unenviable position, but no matter what the cause, for the Palestinians it comes down to the same thing: the Arab governments have failed them. So I urge you tonight to vote with your consciences. You know that I'm saying what most of you think but do not say. I urge you, vote on the side of truth and honesty, vote to support our motion.
    an extract from The Doha debates: 'This House believes that the Arab governments have failed the Palestinians'

    The Age: Israel the roadblock to peace in Middle East


    Wednesday, 10 October 2007

    All is not what it seems...
    A provocative theory

    In the latest development to come out of Iraq, we are lead to believe that Kurdish rebels have attacked and killed 13 Turkish soldiers.

    I don't doubt for a moment thirteen Turkish soldiers have died.

    I don't doubt that their death was an act of hostility.

    Yet despite the long and bitter dispute the Kurds have had with Turkey I don't for a second believe that after years of towing the line in Iraq and gaining a certain degree of self autonomy they would be foolish enough to target Turkish soldiers.

    By attacking Turkish troops, Residents in Iraq's Kurdish region bordering Turkey fear more violence.

    After such an attack it would be almost inevitable that Turkey prepares for military operation in Iraq against Kurdish rebels

    Which poses the question if the rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) didn't kill the Turkish soldiers who did?

    This is unfortunately the question that needs to be asked.

    Ask yourself when it comes down to it who had most to gain in:

    1. Further embroiling The US into the quagmire that Iraq has become.

    2. Destabilising the close friendship that the US and Turkey have enjoyed, and possibly posing a risk to the Future of the U.S.-Turkey Relationship

    3. Risk the use and access to Turkish airspace by US planes.

    4. Bring a rise of a destabilising Islamic backed revolt within Turkey directed in part towards the Kurds in Iraq.

    Do I need to spell it out?

    5. Which Country in all the Middle East would like to Jepodise the use of Turkish airspace by United States planes?

    6. Which country would like to cause the Iraq conflict to escalate to avoid conflict itself?

    Mr Bagel

    Picture slide show from World News


    Tuesday, 9 October 2007

    Philippe Karsenty comes to America

    Al Dura: Karsenty Press Conference

    The activist sued for claiming that French TV faked the murder of a Palestinian child visited the United States.

    Philippe Karsenty, director of the media watchdog group Media Ratings, was invited to discuss the future of European relations with the United States at an Oct. 2 forum sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington.

    Karsenty was found guilty of defamation for claiming that a French television station faked the murder of Mohammed al-Dura, a Palestinian boy whose apparent death at the hands of Israeli soldiers in 2000 was caught on video and instantly became an icon of the Palestinian struggle.

    Last month, an appeals court ordered the station to show the court 25 minutes of raw footage that is said to reveal the killing as a hoax.

    Karsenty told JTA his story has received virtually no coverage in France and that he is in the United States to raise awareness.

    "France is a little USSR," he said.

    Mr Bagel: Unfortunately the mass media again missed their chance at showing some news that wasn't anti Israeli.

    Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has a full report.

    Al Dura: Karsenty Press Conference

    [Trackback: Atlas Shrugs]


    Iranian born soccer player plays racist card

    [Updated see bottom]
    Iranian-born German refuses to play in Israel

    Hertha Berlin’s striker Dejagah [sic Ed: he plays for Wolfsburg] says his refusal to play for Germany against Israel has political reasons.

    BERLIN - German under-21 international Ashkan Dejagah has said he will not play against Israel in Tel Aviv on October 12 for political reasons, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

    Dejagah was born in Tehran and he explained his Iranian roots meant he would not be able to play in Israel.

    He said his refusal "had political reasons. Everyone knows I am an Iranian-born German," he said.

    The president of the German football federation Theo Zwanziger however criticised Dejagah's stance. "If we start doing things for political reasons, it will be sport itself which loses," Zwanziger said.

    The DFB did however agree that he would not play in the qualifying match for the 2009 under-21 European championships.

    Mr Bagel: What an appalling gesture. In a sport known as the World's game this poor little man tries to make a statement displaying his ignorance and antisemiticism. The world needs to react to gestures such as this, which are simply unacceptable. Theres no room for racism in World Soccer, and trying to hide it under the guise of political protest isn't going to work.

    If you would like to let Wolfsburg know of your feelings for this players actions then send an email to:

    Kurt Rippholz
    Vfl Wolfsburg
    Public Relations

    (Head of press/ public relations)

    email: fussball@vfl-wolfsburg.de

    Sample letter:

    Dear Mr Rippholz ,
    As a fan of World soccer I must convey to you my disapproval of Wolfsburg's striker Ashkan Dejagah actions in context to the upcoming game against Israel in the under 21 European championship.

    Soccer is well known for being the world game, and as a representative of its game I find his actions deplorable.

    The simple fact is this isn't about 'politics' its about pure racism.

    Wolfsburg's stance in this matter is bound to be under close scrutiny, surely the club is in a position to make a bold, and affirmative statement against racism.

    I hope you will convey to management the damage this players stance is doing to your clubs image.

    Kind regards

    Updated: This article initially carried the information that the player concerned played for Hertha Berlin. It also provided the contact details of a Hertha Berlin’s Public relations officer.
    I received a very polite reply from Ms Palewicz that Ashkan Dejagah does not play for
    Hertha Berlin, it was informative, courteous and also brought my attention to the progressive nature of the Hertha Berlin club, the club has an active anti racial discrimination policy and must be commended on its approach.

    It would seem that Vfl Wolfsburg who is sponsored by Volkswagen isn't so progressive.

    Take a look at this article: Ashkan Dejagah still training with the Wolves

    Middle East online: Iranian-born German refuses to play in Israel


    Monday, 8 October 2007

    Prominent Christian kidnapped and murdered in Gaza

    Palestinian Christian activist stabbed to death in Gaza

    A Palestinian Christian activist who had received repeated death threats was found stabbed to death in a street in Gaza City early Sunday.

    Rami Khader Ayyad, 32, was director of the Teacher's Bookshop, Gaza's only Christian bookstore, which is run by the Bible Society of Gaza Baptist church.

    Health Ministry officials confirmed his death.

    Ayyad had been missing since Saturday evening. Over the years he had received repeated death threats from 'unidentified people' displeased with his missionary work.

    The Interior Ministry run by Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas rulers condemned the killing and said it launched an investigation.

    "This grave crime will not pass without punishment," the ministry said in a statement.

    About 3,200 Christians live in Gaza, most of them Greek Orthodox. Relations with Gaza's Muslims are generally good, and have not deteriorated since Hamas wrested control of the strip in mid-June.

    But there have been occasional acts of violence, and in April, a bomb severely damaged the Palestinian Bible Society building in Gaza, which has been operating since 1999.

    Mr Bagel: Selling books and being a Christian means you're an activist? It's a sad day when a Christian bookseller can be compared to an Islamic terrorists under the 'one size fits all' AP sanitized term 'Activist'.

    If we look at a less appeasing article that appeared in the Christian based Adventist Press Service (APD) the language isn't so 'mellow'.

    Christian Bookstore Manager in Gaza City kidnapped and murdered

    The manager of the Gaza Strip's only all-Christian bookstore was found stabbed to death on Sunday (October 7) in what appears to have been an act of aggression. Rami Khader Ayyad, a prominent Gaza Christian, disappeared on Saturday (October 6), following months of death threats from local Muslims.

    Ayyad ran the Teacher's Bookshop, which is a ministry of the Palestinian Bible Society (PBS) and the local Gaza Baptist Church. Ayyad was accused by area Muslims of spreading the Gospel. The 32-year-old Ayyad left two young children and a pregnant wife.

    The body bore a visible gunshot wound to the head, and an official at Gaza's Shifa Hospital said he was also stabbed numerous times. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh condemned the killing and said the Islamist movement "would not allow anyone to sabotage" Muslim-Christian relations.

    We feel Rami was killed for his Christian faith," said Simon Azazian, a spokesman at the Bible Society's head office in Jerusalem

    Gaza's 2,500 Christians, who live among 1.5 million Muslims, have increasingly become a target of aggression since Hamas wrested control of Gaza last June.

    The Palestinian Bible Society (PBS) headquarters in East Jerusalem and her bookstore in Gaza City were the targets of frequent attacks, including a bombing earlier this year that severely damaged the Bible Society. The Palestinian Bible Society is a member of the United Bible Societies/USB), the worldwide roof organisation of 140 national Bible Societies.


    Why does a small Christian News agency have exclusive information that there was ' a visible gunshot wound to the head' yet the AP sourced Haaretz report is headlined "Palestinian Christian activist stabbed to death in Gaza"

    Seems it is unlikely you've been ' stabbed to death' when theres a visible gunshot wound to your head.

    As for the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh condemning the killing, the world waits to see Hamas reveal the perpetrator of this horrendous crime.