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Saturday, 27 January 2007

Koolanoo's New Promo Video: Drugs, Sex, Violence and Gore Ready to sign up?

Koolanoo is a relatively new Jewish Social Network. I was sent their first two Promo videos and although they were well shot, I thought one of the videos was so off the mark I sent a letter back to their Marketing advisers.

For those that recieved these two videos the second one, which seemed to be a bit of a 'spoof' of Mission Impossible, and concerned a Assasin was to me, offensive.

Never the less, knowing the penchant for new organisations to 'be' controversial, I did take too much heed.

This is their new video.

It is well hard to describe. Its for mature audiences.

It has animated depictions of drug use, sex, violence and gore.

It is defintely not Child friendly and I would consider it most likely not Work safe.

If there's a problem playing the video click here

Koolanoo - Jewish Ninja Social Networking

What do you think? Make you want to rush and join up?
Is it me? I'm I growing old, and lost that sense of what's 'hip'.


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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Welcome to Pallywood : You Must Broadcast Our Version of the Truth

It seems in Gaza, there are several co existant realities. That these realities sometimes clash and collide and are impossible to co exist theoretically at the smae time doesn't seem to worry some media outlets.

Now there's a new added sinister addition to the filtering of News from Gaza. It seems that the Executive Force is threatening any news organisation that doesn't Broadcast or Publish 'Neutral News'.

This report from Ma'an:

Gaza - Ma'an - The Executive Force has said that it will prosecute any media outlet that does not broadcast or publish 'neutral' news.

Right: The Executive Force,
Their Version of the 'Truth'

The media office of the Executive Force, which is an armed group under the control of the Hamas-controlled interior ministry, announced that it will take any media outlet that employs "lying and deception, and ignores the obvious realities" to court. In particular, the Executive Force promised to pursue any outlet that provokes incitement against members of the Executive Force and puts their blood in danger.

This report from Ma'an:

In a statement sent to Ma'an, the Executive Force's media office accused some local radio stations and websites of apparently providing truthful news, accurately and objectively, but, in their words, "we find that the reality is [that they are] exposing allegations, thereby losing credibility in the eyes of our people."

The media office also called on the Palestinian people not to believe the so-called "salaried trumpets" which, the office says, do not allow other parties an opportunity to explain their position. They also accuse these "trumpets" of only presenting one side of the story.

The office also called on the print media, radio and television to deal professionally with the statements from the Executive Force's media office and its spokesman, Islam Shahwan, which the office says serves the interests of the Palestinian people.

The Executive Force called on all media to convey the facts and events in the Palestinian arena with responsibility and professionalism.

Maan News Agency: Executive Force threatens to prosecute any biased media outlet

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The People's Choice Award: Have you noticed? The award badges are all the same.

Well If you would like to differentiate between your award and the others you've come to the right place.

Now I've done all the badges, each name and each award level but

Pleeeeaseee don't use my hosting


Its a nightmare to think the top 42 awarded blogs would use my hosting for these pictures, as it would make my blog pages load even slower.

Grab the one you want.

They're 200pixels by 200 pixels. If you need a smaller badge then 'resize it',

Now there are 42 different badge pictures.

Heres what the Best Overall Blog banners look like.

Here are the other badges

[shown smaller than actual size.]
Due to the size of the badges, and the number to display (42),
they have been reduced temporarily to 100x100pixels for display.
The file is a 200pixel x 200pixel picture.

People's Choice Award: Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog

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People's Choice Award: Best Kosher Blog

People's Choice Award: Recommended Blog

All the badges are there, it was one sleepless night for Bagelblogger.

All I ask is that you dont actually use the web address of the banner.

Save the picture file to your computer and upload it to your blog pictures.

I would like to congratulate all of the award winners for their People's Choice Awards

Shalom Bagelblogger

If you would like to return the gesture, simply consider putting Bagelblogger on your blog roll if you feel the blog is worthy.

Bagelblogger is in no way officially affilitated with The People's Choice Awards

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