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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Welcome to Pallywood : You Must Broadcast Our Version of the Truth

It seems in Gaza, there are several co existant realities. That these realities sometimes clash and collide and are impossible to co exist theoretically at the smae time doesn't seem to worry some media outlets.

Now there's a new added sinister addition to the filtering of News from Gaza. It seems that the Executive Force is threatening any news organisation that doesn't Broadcast or Publish 'Neutral News'.

This report from Ma'an:

Gaza - Ma'an - The Executive Force has said that it will prosecute any media outlet that does not broadcast or publish 'neutral' news.

Right: The Executive Force,
Their Version of the 'Truth'

The media office of the Executive Force, which is an armed group under the control of the Hamas-controlled interior ministry, announced that it will take any media outlet that employs "lying and deception, and ignores the obvious realities" to court. In particular, the Executive Force promised to pursue any outlet that provokes incitement against members of the Executive Force and puts their blood in danger.

This report from Ma'an:

In a statement sent to Ma'an, the Executive Force's media office accused some local radio stations and websites of apparently providing truthful news, accurately and objectively, but, in their words, "we find that the reality is [that they are] exposing allegations, thereby losing credibility in the eyes of our people."

The media office also called on the Palestinian people not to believe the so-called "salaried trumpets" which, the office says, do not allow other parties an opportunity to explain their position. They also accuse these "trumpets" of only presenting one side of the story.

The office also called on the print media, radio and television to deal professionally with the statements from the Executive Force's media office and its spokesman, Islam Shahwan, which the office says serves the interests of the Palestinian people.

The Executive Force called on all media to convey the facts and events in the Palestinian arena with responsibility and professionalism.

Maan News Agency: Executive Force threatens to prosecute any biased media outlet

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