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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Inaugural 1st Edition of J Pix the Photocarnival is coming up...

After speaking to Muse over at Me-ander and Shiloh Musings, the thought struck me just how many Jewish Bloggers are great Photographers. Now I'm a great fan of Haveil Havalim and this is not designed to distract from that great carnival, but the simple truth is there is no Pictorial themed carnival in the Jewish Blogging world.

All these photos are Taken by JBloggers, we're a talented lot.
[Credits were skipped, so as people may guess who took each of these]

Some that Jump to Mind are:
Muse from

Me-ander of course
ASJ from ASimpleJew
Sara with No H [She has just moved to California!]

Sarah from where else but ~Sarah's View~

Mottel from Letters of Thought
Evan from Planet Israel
Rafi G from Life in Israel has be known to take the odd Photo
Cosmic X in Jerusalem is a man with many Talents

Now I'm going to make a point of inviting these folks.

If you like to take photos and feature them on your blog,
then submit a post for the upcoming carnival.

If you know of some one who is a Photograph Blogger then let them know.

Now make sure your name is one of those
included in the first inaugural JPix carnival.

Muse the 'Princess of Photos' was saying it would be great
to have a JPhotocarnival, well Check out the new JPix Carnival coming up.

A carnival especially for all those Jewish Blog Photographers and 'Artiste' out there.

This is the inaugural 1st Edition of J Pix, the Photocarnival. Now I know there's a lot of budding 'J' photographers out there. Well this carnival is to give those 'J'photographers, 'J'Arty types and 'J'Photo historians somewhere to showcase their work.

Submissions by 1st Feb
Carnival Hosted Feb 5, 2007

Volunteer hoster for the 2nd Carnival of JPix the PhotoCarnival
and beyond are most eagerly sought.

Check this page out for more details of the upcoming carnival

Latest Carnival

Theres a whole heaps of Jpix buttons anyone is welcome to 'snaffle'
they're on my left hand side in the ever increasing 'button' area.

Shalom Bagelblogger

This Photo Carnival concept was partly inspired by a great Idea,
Chaim at LiveofRubin came up with.

We have much to be proud of with our Blogging community,
let us increase the awareness we have for other Jewish blogs.

If you have any questions you can email JpixcarnivalATgmailDOTcom

Bagelblogger Get those entries into JPix..!
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