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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Proof! It's True!
Zionist Plot uncovered in Harry Potters latest Book!

Its official. The Elders have been at it again. Our nefarious plans have been un veiled. I can't believe we've spent billions of dollars on the Harry Potter book series to lead good Iranian youth astray, and the plot has been discovered.

Now I know what you are think, what the hell is Mr Bagel on about, well I have proof the plot is true! ...

Well come the release of the latest and (ahem final.. book in the series ) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the same time all over the world. It seems that a few in Iran have been displeased with the enthusiasm the book has been received with.

In the Iranian State run ultra right Newspaper Kayhan [Farsi] there is a conspiracy theory that claims that the 'Zionist Entity' has spent billions on the top secret Harry Potter project.

The Canadian based Iranian blogger Kamangir tells the story;

One of the questionable events of this week was the sale of the last Harry Potter book in a bookstore in the north of Tehran [the wealthier part] at 2:30am, exactly in time with America and Europe. This happened in a society where there are strict rules for publication and distribution of any book.

In this society, any book, either translated or authored, has to be carefully considered by a group of experts and foreign books have to be sold in very specific bookstores under strict control. Were all this considered in the sale of Harry Potter’s seventh volume? I doubt it, because until the books were presented to the crowd, no one had access to the contents of the book, except for the author and the publishing company.

The manager of the bookstore Bayan-e Salis (بيان سليس), which apparently represents Bloomsbury in Iran, has collected the books from the airport in sealed boxes. Surprisingly, the airport security has not searched the boxes and has trusted the American-British publisher which has Zionist collaborators, such as Warner Brothers.

The newspaper then goes on by describing why Harry Potter “includes destructive words and sentences which oppose to the values [of the Islamic Republic]”.Especially, the authors is angry because the first buyer of the book has been a 12-year-old juvenile and asks why the Police has let a crowd gather in front of the bookstore at the middle of the night,

The aims of the Zionist project, Harry Potter, has long been understood, even to the Western intellectuals and they have very frequently pointed out their suspicion about the book. Zionists have spent billions of dollars on this project.

Now there are many out there who may claim that a few in Iran need a little bit of couch time, but Mr Bagel has been doing a little bit of under cover research, and has come across evidence that the Zionist plot may actually have merit!

It seems that a Publisher in Iran has assembled a crack team of translaters who will translate the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from English into Farsi.

The Islamic Republic News Agency tells us that the Publisher to release the top-quality translation of the latest and last of the widely popular book of the young wizard boy, Harry Potter. It is hoped a circulation of 200,000 copies will hit the Iranian book selves.

And this ladies and Gentlemen, this is were the Elders have been so clever, they are going to corrupt the young innocent minds of hundreds of thousands of these future citizens of Iran.

Now you may still not believe it, but Mr Bagel has proof!
Click on the picture below and all will be revealed!

Kamangir: Harry Potter and Zionism, the Untold Story [Updated]
Kayah: Article in Farsi : Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows
IRNA: Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows in Farsi

Kipper tip to Carl in Jerusalem


Friday, 27 July 2007

Shambo the bull strikes long term meditative pose

For those of you who aren't aware there's been a fracuss brewing in Wales over Shambo the bull. It seems some Hindu monks have decided that Shambo the Bull who appears to be infected with a strain of bovine tuberculosis, and was facing impending slaughter should be saved.

The Welsh authorities have been wanting to 'end' the problem, it seems the problem has finally been solved, unfortunately the monks were hoping for a somewhat happier ending.

To see the Skanda Vale web cam first click here:
Shambo's Web Cam

To see Mr Bagel's Web cam of Shambo click here:
Shambo Strikes a pose

Metro: 'Death Row' cow gets reprieve
Shiny Shiny: Shambo the sacred bull's MooTube
Backseat Blogger: Kill the Cow 2

thanks to the Backseat Blogger


We watch as our right hand withers

This video "A Tour of the Temple Mount" produced by OneJerusalem.org reveals the injustice that Jews face every day with regards to proper access to the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism and Jews arent even allowed to pray there.
If you would like to see some of the damage up close that was recently done in the last two weeks to the Temple Mount then click here:

The Temple Mount destruction continues

thanks to Elaine from Aaron's Rod


Top 10 Licenses required in the West Bank

Seems AbbaGav is nearing ending his one month hiatus, (which has lasted 2 months).

Abbagav has pointed to a news item that now has Abbas demanding West Bank citizens need a license to carry explosives or weapons. Abbas bans carrying explosives, arms without license in W. Bank. [Haaretz]

He has invited bloggers to list their top 10 reasons for a license in the West Bank.

Mr Bagel's up to the challenge.

Here is Mr Bagel's top 10 reasons for a license in the West Bank.

1. A License to issue licenses at whim
2. A License to rescind or ignore all previous licenses and agreements if it politically suits you
3. A License to deny you have a License
4. A License to justify why you don't need a license to carry explosives
5. A License to be a Work safety inspector. (Very rare)[see *4]
6. A license to allow you not to be around work safety inspectors due to likely hood of work accidents.
7. License to enable telling the truth. (issued for 12 hours duration only)
8. License to check other people for Licenses
9. License to throw Hamas supporters of buildings. (not as common as Hamas issued license)
10. License to deny licensed inspectors from inspecting if you have a license or are building Nuclear weapons. (issued from Iran)

Now if you can think of a top 10 list of Licenses required in the West Bank add them in the comments.

Thanks to Cox and Forkum for Picture

[ping Abbagav article]


Why I Strongly recommend you read this article

Its refreshing to see occasionally a blogger will gaze beyond the highlight slide show of the mass media and try to see the real situation for themselves.

Its even more refreshing when that blogger is British.

It's been a rough ride for Jews lately from the British corner, finally some one has the gumption to call it the way it is.

If you read one article this year at Bagelblogger, make sure it's this one, which paradoxically isn't at Bagelblogger its at Beaman's World

A excellent piece of writing, which should be mandatory reading for any one who thinks Israel is the boogey man.

Beaman from Beamans World, well done.

Kippertip to Jeremy Jacobs


Thursday, 26 July 2007

Why Daniel Pearl deserved to die.
Remember this charming presenter lives in NY city and could be your neighbour

If the video fails to load click here:
Why Daniele Pearl deserved to die

Seems Yousef who is a Muslim living in New York thinks the death of Daniel Pearl was a good thing. Now as you watch this video, remember that this guy lives in New York City and if you live in New York, you could be his neighbor.

The display of this video is in no way an endorsement of the presenters opinion, and in fact Mr Bagel would like to go on record and say he finds this particular Presenter disgusting, and his actions and statements disgraceful.

Kippertip to Golem for hosting the video


Is Live Leak being used as a vehicle for gross Anti Semitism?

I've come across the video web site Live Leak a few times and too be frank although they sometimes have some disturbing Adult only content that can be particularly graphic I have hosted a few of their videos on Mr Bagel from time to time.

Recently I posted a newly hosted video on an IDF Robot used in bomb detection. Seeing that this was a interesting video I decided to search for other Jewish Content.

What I found has truly shocked me. Some one has posted a very recent news article from Times Online: Israelis sue Germany over alleged psychological damage due to Holocaust more than 60 years ago!!! and sub headed it with the text:
Another way to get free bucks for the jewish israelis.
Which I find very objectionable. I decided to see what sort of comments this particular article had attracted and to be frank I was horrified.

The post appears here: Live Leak: Israelis sue Germany over alleged psychological damage due to Holocaust more than 60 years ago!!!
The most disturbing element is the unmoderated comments which appear here:Comments on article appearing on Live Leak
[**Warning Adult content]
I have sent Live leak an email requesting that this Anti Semitic troll post be removed.

To Whom it may concern...

The post at Liveleak 708_1185281591 is simply a troll post attracting the vilest anti Semitic comments I have come across in a long time. re: Comments
I find little rationality in the vast majority of comments, they are simply expressions of hate, pleas for violence towards Jews, and expressions of Racial Hatred.
I ask the administrators of this site remove the offending post and its comments.

The poster [LeiLee] that has posted this post seems to enjoy trolling and inflaming arguments with a broad spectrum of your viewers, may I suggest you seriously consider banning them.
I find the by line to the title of this particular article: "Another way to get free bucks for the Jewish Israelis." particularly objectionable.
I would appreciate a email informing me of your decision.

Kind Regards Aaron
[Mr Bagel]


The Face of Evil: Taliban kills one South Korean Hostage

South Korean's light candles hoping for a resolution

South Korea Denounces Hostage Killing in Afghanistan; 22 Remain Captive

South Korea's president has denounced the killing of one of 23 Korean hostages in Afghanistan and called on Taleban militants to immediately release the remaining captives.

A statement from President Roh Moo-hyun said the kidnappers blamed for the killing will never avoid responsibility for the act. It also said the president will send a high-ranking special envoy to Afghanistan to help resolve the crisis.

The kidnappers latest deadline for freeing Taleban prisoners in exchange for the hostages has passed with no announcement of a deal or word about the fate of the 22 Koreans.

Militants have threatened to kill the hostages if their demands are not met.

South Korean officials have confirmed that one of the hostages, a 42-year-old minister, named Bae Hyung-Kyu, was killed by militants. His bullet-ridden body was found in Ghazni province earlier Wednesday.

Earlier reports that some of the hostages were released have since been denied by Afghan officials.

The 23 South Korean Christian aid workers, 18 women and five men, were abducted last week as they were riding in a bus in eastern Afghanistan.

Also Wednesday, the governor of Kunar province, Dedar Shalezai, says militants freed a foreign journalist and his Afghan translator after seizing the pair early this morning in the eastern region.

Mr Bagel: From the Religion of Peace, so well known for their religious tolerance. Killing innocent civilians who simply volunteered to help. The first hostage killed was a 42 year old Christian minister.
I look forward to the mass Islamic protests at this barbaric killing which are sure to follow...


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest
Week 28 is now Up!

The 'Almost Famous'
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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Judge to allow convicted terrorist testimony in terror trial of Somali immigrant

COLUMBUS, Ohio: A federal judge will allow a Somali immigrant accused of plotting to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio to call a convicted terrorist as a witness in his case.

A lawyer for Nuradin Abdi has said that lyman Faris, serving 20 years in a maximum-security prison for a plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge, will testify in a trial beginning in August that Abdi's statements represented only anger toward U.S. foreign policy, not conspiracy with terrorists.

Prosecutors have said Abdi, 35, a Somali immigrant, wanted to bomb an Ohio shopping mall. The purported plot was never carried out.

Abdi is charged with conspiring to provide support to terrorists and specifically to al-Qaida, and with using false travel documents. He faces 80 years in prison if convicted.

The U.S. government's case against Abdi centers on a meeting prosecutors say Abdi, Faris and a third terror suspect, Christopher Paul, had at a coffee shop in August 2002. They say Abdi suggested at the meeting that the three "could attack the mall with a bomb," according to court documents.

The judge also will require prosecutors to produce the results of a lie detector test taken by Abdi.

Messages were left Monday seeking comment from Abdi's lawyer and a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office in Columbus.

Mr Bagel: So Nuradin Abdi wants to call a convicted terrorist to vouch that he wasn't really being serious when he said he wanted to blow up a Ohio Mall whilst chatting in a coffee shop in the company of two other suspected terrorists, one found guilty already.

Err I'm a little concerned the witness may have a little creditability problem? Pity Nuradin Abdi's attorney didn't think of calling him as a character witness at the same time.

Because we all know that people often fly on False Travel documents whilst intending on only innocent activities such as chatting to convicted terrorists about blowing up shopping malls over coffee.

IHT: Judge to allow convicted terrorist testimony in terror trial of Somali immigrant


Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Face of Evil:
Radical Islamic Fundamentalist should have a fatwa declared against themselves.

Korean Team in Kabul to Secure Release of Hostages-

A South Korean delegation arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday to try to secure the release of 23 Koreans held hostage by Taliban guerrillas.

Their mission has an added sense of urgency after a Taliban spokesman said the militants had killed two German hostages on Saturday after Berlin refused to yield to demands for it to pull its troops out Afghanistan.

The spokesman said insurgents would start killing the Korean hostages if South Korea did not agree to pull its 200 military engineers and medics from Afghanistan by 1430 GMT on Sunday and the Afghan government did not release all Taliban prisoners.
[Click to read more...]

A South Korean embassy official said the team of eight officials included a deputy foreign minister, special advisor to the president and Foreign Ministry diplomats.

The team is expected to hold talks with Afghan authorities and perhaps with the Taliban who abducted the Korean Christians on Thursday from a bus in Ghazni province southwest of the capital, Kabul.

The 23 Koreans belong to the "Saemmul Church" in Bundang, a city on the outskirts of the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Most of them are in their 20s and 30s and include nurses and English teachers. Yonhap News Agency said they were providing only free medical or educational services with no missionary intentions, echoing what President Roh Moo-hyun said in a nationally televised speech on Saturday.

The Koreans are the biggest group of foreigners kidnapped so far in the Taliban campaign to oust the U.S.-backed government and force out foreign troops.

German authorities have cast doubt on the authenticity of the Taliban spokesman and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said analysis suggested one of the German hostages was alive while the other had died of "stress and strain".

The area south of Kabul where the Germans and Koreans were seized this week has seen a marked escalation of violence in the last month as Taliban militants have moved in from the south.

Residents say government troops only hold the major towns and much of the countryside is beyond their control.

Mr Bagel: Make no mistake, the Taliban are animals. These are South Korean female civilians that volunteered to help in Afghanistan. The Taliban represents the depth of depravity, a collection of Islamic fundamentalists who act beyond the imaginable bounds of indecency and depravity.

Whilst the Western media screams when a prisoner of the west is forced to stay in custody with out charge for a week, these animals shoot first and don't even bother asking questions. When will the balance come back to reporting atrocities committed by radical Islamists. Wheres the world outrage? Why is the UN not condemning?

When was the last time you heard of a fatwa against Islamic fundamentalists killing innocent civilians? If the Leaders of a religion wont denounce such atrocities what does it say for the religion itself? Is it really a 'religion of Peace'?

Reuters: >Korean Team in Kabul to Secure Release of Hostages