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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Is Live Leak being used as a vehicle for gross Anti Semitism?

I've come across the video web site Live Leak a few times and too be frank although they sometimes have some disturbing Adult only content that can be particularly graphic I have hosted a few of their videos on Mr Bagel from time to time.

Recently I posted a newly hosted video on an IDF Robot used in bomb detection. Seeing that this was a interesting video I decided to search for other Jewish Content.

What I found has truly shocked me. Some one has posted a very recent news article from Times Online: Israelis sue Germany over alleged psychological damage due to Holocaust more than 60 years ago!!! and sub headed it with the text:
Another way to get free bucks for the jewish israelis.
Which I find very objectionable. I decided to see what sort of comments this particular article had attracted and to be frank I was horrified.

The post appears here: Live Leak: Israelis sue Germany over alleged psychological damage due to Holocaust more than 60 years ago!!!
The most disturbing element is the unmoderated comments which appear here:Comments on article appearing on Live Leak
[**Warning Adult content]
I have sent Live leak an email requesting that this Anti Semitic troll post be removed.

To Whom it may concern...

The post at Liveleak 708_1185281591 is simply a troll post attracting the vilest anti Semitic comments I have come across in a long time. re: Comments
I find little rationality in the vast majority of comments, they are simply expressions of hate, pleas for violence towards Jews, and expressions of Racial Hatred.
I ask the administrators of this site remove the offending post and its comments.

The poster [LeiLee] that has posted this post seems to enjoy trolling and inflaming arguments with a broad spectrum of your viewers, may I suggest you seriously consider banning them.
I find the by line to the title of this particular article: "Another way to get free bucks for the Jewish Israelis." particularly objectionable.
I would appreciate a email informing me of your decision.

Kind Regards Aaron
[Mr Bagel]