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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Congratulations are in Order!
JPix Jewish Photo Carnival to be featured on blog carnivals home page.

Part of the series: Shadows, Reflections, And Gutterscapes
courtesy of A Space Cadet from A Simple Jew

JPix Photo carnival has been chosen to be featured on the home page of Blog Carnival. On the 1st of July you will see it splashed on the home page of Blog Carnival.

The credit for this goes to both the contributors of the carnival and particularly to the dedicated volunteers who have hosted each of the last 10 editions.

To all those that have been part of JPix's first 10 editions thank you.

By the way JPix 10 has just been put up at Bagelblogger so please do check it out!

The Next carnival JPix 11 already has a volunteer, if you would like to volunteer to host JPix 12 or JPix 13 please let me know.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of
j pix - jewish photo carnival
using our
carnival submission form.


Friday, 22 June 2007

The Jewish and Israel Photo Carnival is UP: JPix 10

Welcome to JPix 10

Home 2005
courtesy of The Next Step

It has been some time since Mr Bagel has had the pleasure of hosting a JPix Photo carnival.

In that time I've seen over the last 5 months the carnival grow from strength to strength. I must admit I never thought it would consistly get the quality of attention that it has received from the varying hosts. Every blogger has a different style, and that's something most of us have come to accept. A few bloggers excel in graphics, others in writing prose, some just for raw analytical skill others, otherswell they're just plain readable.

Hosting a JPix certainly challenges the graphic skills somewhat of some hosters, but it has also helps bring forward skills some bloggers haven't previously displayed. Any way getting to the short of it, JPix hosters so far have been a varied bunch in almost every way, there has been quite a deal in variation of displaying Photo's in the JPix carnival.

Yet there has been one quality that has remained constant every hoster has done an exceptional job at hosting JPix the Jewish Photo carnival.
If you'd like to have a go at hosting JPix then don't be shy.

JPix Catergory Express:

Eretz Yisrael
Out & About
Family & Friends
Altered Images
Art for Art sake

Welcome to the tenth edition of JPix
- the Jewish Photo Carnival.

Eretz Yisrael

Mincha Time
Courtesy of Cosmic X

A Jerusalem Moment:Mincha Time
A long summer day is coming to a close. The sun is approaching the western horizon. It doesn't matter if you are at the home or at the office. It's "mincha time". You stop whatever you are doing and you head off to the synagogue. Here is what "mincha time" looks like at in the Sha'arei Chesed neighborhood: Cosmic X shows us A Jerusalem Moment: Mincha Time .
As sunset comes to Jerusalem Cosmic X also shows us Jerusalem Of Gold one of the 'Wolfson Towers' close to sunset.
Cosmic X stumps us with Another Mystery Tree In Jerusalem the answer is worthy of praise, his journeys also take us to The Other Side Of The Bridge .

Muse continued her adventures in Jerusalem after being mistaken for a tourist by an enthusiastic guide, she exlaims I ended up at the Kotel, her day trip the other day provided a wealth of beautiful sights and scenes, and if you check out the next lot of photos the last one will make you end up exclaiming Ahhh, Jerusalem both posts are at me-ander.

ModraY takes us to Gan HaShlosha (Sakhne) posted at Israel In Photos he also takes us to Jaffa, Sabil Abu Nabut , and presents us with the visual feast Images of Israel 2007: Jaffa posted also at Israel In Photos. ModraY takes us to Peace Island on the Border of Israel and Jordan.[More about Peace Island] a place of both hope and despair. Theres some great views of everyday life in Haifa with Haifa, Hadar Hacarmel and Haifa, Wadi Nisnas.

It is with some irony I view the summer scenes shot by ModraY of 'Jerusalem Beach' in Tel Aviv whilst typing with frost bitten fingers on the other side of the world. Aliyah really does look attractive.
Little FrumHouse on the Prairie is visiting Israel and gives us Another Israel Update I hope baby and Dad are feeling better.

Batya from Shiloh Musings posts a series of photos documenting the march of settlers and right wing activists to the evacuated West BGank settlement of Homesh. Photos from Chomesh, 12-6-07, by Yoni


Siyum Sefer Torah
courtesy of The Next Step

Yossi shows us his progress on becoming a Rabbi with 1/2 Rabbi and lets it slip its his Jewish Birthday that night. He has been studying hard with his upcoming exams and announces I'm Tired .

Yossi shows us some photos of Siyum Sefer Torah the siyum for the sefer torah that his grandparents had made in honor of their parents.

Evan shows us Where to Torahs Come From? as well as part 2 Where Do Torahs Come From? Part II posted at Planet Israel. Evan always has great photos, this series of where Torah's come from is great.

Cosmic X takes a few photos Just before Shabbat and Just before Shabbat II
Akiva from Mystical Paths takes us on a journey of rememberance with a post on a Holy Resting Place he also posts on HaRav Eliyahu, shlita and a interesting series of photos.
Akiva also included this rather beautiful series of photos of Kever Shmuel, Israel observing the yaretzheit of Shmuel HaNavi, zt"l kever shmuel HaNavi, zt"l


Anceit Beit She'an mosiac
Courtesy of Israel In Photos

ModraY from Israel In Photos shows us some amazing photos of Ancient Beit She'an.

Yoni's Photos of the Pilgrimage to the graves of Yehoshua Bin Nun & Calev Ben Yfune
are posted at Shiloh's Musings, due to the location in the Arab village of Kif El Harris, it requires quite a deal of planning

Out & About

Rural Passage
courtesy of Baleboosteh

Perez from Inside the life and thoughts of..... Shows the guys how to fish, seems she was the only one to catch any fish,. Here Fishy Fishy Fishy! Tales of the Fishing Trip...

Irina from The IgNoble Experiment, a.k.a. Live Dangerously! goes on an urban safari and experiences Cute Overload

Baleboosteh shows us some Local Aboriginal Wall Painting close to wear she hails from in Australia. After the shooting rampage in Melbourne, Australia Baleboosteh realises there are some rather good points about living in the country, her title Melbourne's Flinders Lane Shooting doesnt match the idyllic pictures contained within.

Hearth Tables shows as Cease the Day. a series of forest scapes.

Muse After a night out harnesses her impatience waiting for buses and takes some interesting photos With time to kill posted at me-ander. She takes us 'out and about' and shows that Jerusalem's Central Bus Station is Not just buses. With her busy go every where life style she seems to have run into a mystery Jblogger in f2fwith a famous jblogger.

Mottel introduces us to Karens work with Gathering Storm posted at Photos by Seawitch. Karen shows us there is also time In between Storms to spot a little color such as Blue and Green.


Celebrating the Smicha Ordination
Courtesy of Letters of Thought

Mottel from Letters of Thought celebrates passing his last test That's Rabbi Mottel For You . . . he's kind enough to share some photos of some people celebrating the Smicha Ordination; Smicha in Thought

Cosmic X shows us an occasion of one of the rarer mitzvahs to be performed The Joy Of Doing A Mitzvah posted at ** Cosmic X in Jerusalem **.

Family & Friends

The Lightstone Family, shortly after arriving in Montreal, Canada.
courtesy of Letters of Thought

Mottel from Letters of Thought takes us back in time ands shows us some very old photos of his ancestors in The Eyes of the Past.
Baleboosteh remembers her Mother's Birthday and shows us a present her mother made for her mother over 50 years ago, Another Year Goes By -Happy Birthday

Muse has a day out with some of her grand daughters and is Enjoying life!
Baleboosteh was having fun as well with her youngest daughter despite it being Extreme Conditions - The Coldest Day On Record.
David from Temunot shows us some Birthday Creativity via his kids.
Psycho Toddler thankfully remembers his rather important anniversary It Was Twenty Years Ago Today .

David from Temunot remembers visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs and a quite wonderful photo is snapped. Footsteps of our Fathers and Mothers a rather apt and emotive Photo considering the theme.

What ends up being quite a shock Rafi G from Life in Israel invites a friend over for dinner and bids a Family friend goodbye, it's over. this is goodbye.


Purple Mountains
courtesy of Mystic Paths

Akiva from Mystic Paths shares his experiences in Denver Colorado, not only are there beautiful Purple Mountains to be seen, there seems there is some pretty fine Kosher Fare to be had.

shows us a centuries old Jewish Fort with his Picture of the Week 20 posted at Letters of Thought.

Soccer Dad has just very recently completed a trip to Israel, he has a photo essay of the trip called To Israel and back in pictures its well worth a peek.
David from Temunot visited Plymouth rock and expected the whole experience to, well 'rock him', see his photos here: You Think its the Rock?


Fire Escape LA Downtown 2007
courtesy of ~Sarah's View~

Sarah from ~Sarah's View~ looks up and sees an escape from Downtown LA, another city another time Sarah shows us Burning Bright a fire feature in front of Crown Casino Melbourne.

Altered Images

Obama working in Iowa?
Thanks to Yid with Lid

Yid with Lid has been up to his usual shenanigans, seems he has been on the trail of what Osama Bin Laden has been up to. Check out What has Bin Laden Has Been Up to Lately

Yossi shows as a rather unique and beautiful abstrction of where he lives, with Home posted at The next step....

Karen from Photos by Seawitch has Fun with Photoshop

Art for Art sake

Part of the series: Shadows, Reflections, And Gutterscapes
courtesy of A Space Cadet from A Simple Jew

A Simple Jew finds the most unusual in the usual, Black & White Picture Of The Week - Powder Room ASJ's uncanny abilty continues in Black & White Picture Of The Week - Cake Tray.

A Space Cadet who posts on A Simple Jew has some beautiful abstractions check them out in the post titled: Shadows, Reflections, And Gutterscapes: The Insidious Takeover Of Observable Reality By The Ghost Of Abstract Expressionism

Sarah from ~Sarah's View~ shows us a treasure she picked up whilst overseas; Green Beads another favorite collection of treasures is her Baubles & Beads.

Cosmic X came across a very unusal Cool (Old) New Font whilst reading, and whilst it may not be a Photo its definitely worth having a look at.

Karen from Photos by Seawitch expresses her feelings on a Tuesday Afternoon


The Tourist are gone but the water still laps at the Pylons...
courtesy of Baleboosteh

Baleboosteh shows us some rather emotive photos of the waterways round where she lives, the Summer season has long gone so have the tourists, So Much...But So Little?

Muse is busy playing firefighter with Help everything stinks! reading the title I thought at first it was a visit to the Kadima campaign head quarters..


Please Note if I have missed your submission feel free to add it in the comments, I apologise but this edition is as you can see quite huge!

JPix archive:
Muse from Me-ander hosted JPix 3: Pt 1 & Pt 2.
from Life of Rubin hosted Jpix 4
Baleboosteh hosted JPix 5 and then
Baleboosteh also hosted JPix6
David from Termunot hosted JPix7
Rafi from Life in Israel hosted Jpix 8.
Mottel from Letters of Thought just recently hosted JPix 9.
Mr Bagel is now proud to host JPix 10

Submit a post to the Next JPix Carnival

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
j pix - jewish photo carnival
using our
carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our

blog carnival index page


Thursday, 21 June 2007

JPix 10! Last call for Submissions
..Hurry! Last Chance!

JPix 10 is going to be posted shortly at
MR Bagel

To submit your Photo Post Click here: SUBMIT

Its been quite a while since I've had the pleasure of hosting JPix, I've had a peek at the submissions so far and I'm sure its going to be quite an edition. If you haven't already submitted any photo posts to Jpix then you really do need to quickly submit them Submissions for JPix 10.

Yossi The Next Step 2007

The recent editions of JPix, the Jewish Photo Carnival have been outstanding. It has been a real show case of Jewish photography representing some of the best photos of the JBlogging community.

Don't forget to get in your submissions for the 10th JPix carnival.

Its going to be the tenth edition and its going to be a large edition so make sure you get you pics in. Don't rely on the Jpix hoster finding them, if you dont submit your photos and you miss out, well you know who to blame.

Last Submissions by ASAP, Thursday 21 June at the latest,
The Jpix 10 Photo carnival opens on the 21ST June.

If you have any questions you can email at

Here's a little badge to put on your side menu. Point it to go to:http://blogcarnival.com/bc/latest_987.html
What is JPix
JPix is a carnival for Jews and their pictures, it doesn't necessarily have to be that 'joyous expression of art' which photography can capture, it doesn't have to be just about photos of Eretz Israel, though they are most welcome, its not even about communicating some deep spiritual meaning in a long photo essay, although that's alright too, its about two things.

You're Jewish and you have photos you want to share, whether they be family, historical, artful, funny, quirky its about sharing, so get your submissions in for the next JPix.

Thank you to all those that submitted

their wonderful photos to JPix9

I'm sure you can look forward to seeing some great photos in the next carnival JPix 10

If you have any questions you can email via


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Err We're supposed to believe this crud?

I'm sorry but I must have forgotten to take my dumb pills this morning. Apparently a fan of Obama's has produced a really slick video professing her love for this 'amazing guy'. Its not the first time that the 'books' have looked fiddled with Obama.

Back in March a few pundits picked up anomalies in Obama's YouTube 'popularity' and it seriously looked like a few people were getting major mouse clicking work outs.

On Personal Democracy Forum Joshua Levy seemed to have grasped something with his story YouTube Gets Pwned: Obama's Numbers Don't Add Up

Joshua Levy had an interesting comparison between Hillary Clintons YouTube hits and Barack Obama's traffic. Seems Joshua also came across a little story of how you could pump up your viewing hits on Youtube and appear that you were worth checking out.

Heres the comparison and the 'anomaly' that was found.

"We're looking at two separate numbers here: the number of "channel" views and the number of "video" views. Each candidate's "channel" is their landing page on YouTube. Every time someone visits that channel, another "view" is added to its number of views. Every time we watch a single video a "view" is added to that video, not the channel. So far Obama's channel has over 2,700,000 views, and his videos have been viewed a total of about 650,000 times.

There are a few reasons why the high number of channel views looks fishy. First, the total number of views of Obama's individual videos is nowhere near the total number of channel views."

Joshua goes into quite some detail, and in my opinion it supports my gut feelings that the Barack Obama campaign is all about 'show and go'.

It seems Barack is targeting the 'younger demographic', and is desperate in trying to appear 'chic and cool'. Well Im no hic and Im no fool, and a flashy website and YouTube presence might make a top ten Music hit but it sure shouldn't make a US president.

His latest 'fortunate video' done by a fan is called "A crush on Obama' its hard to believe anyone would have the gall to try to pass this of as a fan video, but then if your voting Democrat you might just believe it.

I'm convinced the US would never be the same if this cardboard cut out was ever to become the US President.

Here's the video, dont bother getting the popcorn, you'll be sick anyway.

Click here if the video doesn't load and your still game:
I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girl

YouTube Gets Pwned: Obama's Numbers Don't Add Up


The Religion of Peace begins the destruction of Churches

A Previous attack on Palestinian Churches

Hamas slams looting of Gaza church

Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip on Monday condemned the ransacking and looting of a church and Christian school in Gaza City and promised to punish the culprits.
BB: Promised to punish the culprits? How exactly is hamas going to find the culprits? They haven't found the 'uncontrollable elements' that fire katushas at Israel in the last 6 months but all of a sudden they're going to find the culprits?
Masked gunmen who raided the Latin Church and Rosary Sisters School destroyed crosses, the Holy Book, pictures of Jesus and furniture and equipment. They also stole a number of computers.

The attack was the first of its kind against the tiny Christian community since Hamas took control over the Gaza Strip last week.
BB: Unbelievable, what more can you say? Hamas has been in control for 72 hours and the churches start to be looted already. Must the world wonder for how long it will take before the churches start to burn?
Hamas denied responsibility, saying the attackers were members of a local criminal gang who exploited the chaos on the streets to carry out the attack.

Father Manual Musalam, leader of the Latin community, said he received assurances from Hamas that it would provide protection for all Christians in the Gaza Strip. He added that some of the stolen property was returned to the church and school on Monday.
BB: Amazing, Hamas cant find out who kidnapped Gilad Shalit, and the BBC reporter but within 24 hours they manage to find out the culprits who ransacked the church and 'suggest' they return the stolen property. (But it wasn't Hamas members...)
Father Musalam said former Hamas minister Bassem Naim phoned him to condemn the attack on behalf of the Hamas leadership.

"We don't distinguish between Fatah and Hamas," the Christian leader said. "They are all our brothers and fathers and we are one people."

He said his community had "strong" relations with Hamas, pointing out that Hamas had sided with the Christians when their institutions were attacked in the past. He described the attackers as a bunch of criminals and thieves who were trying to drive a wedge between Muslims and Christians in the Gaza Strip.

Father Musalam dismissed reports that Christians living in Gaza City were afraid because of Hamas's takeover.

"The Christians here are not panicking," he added. "If anyone thinks that we are going to ask for help from the US and Israel, they are dead wrong."
BB: Err... Father Musalam you may not be panicking, but there seems to be a lot of contrary information that seems suggest a lot of Christians are panicking.
Despite the reassurances, some Christians appealed to the international community to protect them against increased attacks by Muslim extremists. They said they were planning to leave the Gaza Strip as soon as the borders with Israel and Egypt were reopened.
BB: Gaza will begin the great exodus of Christians just like in Bethlehem. Can you blame Palestinian Christians wanting to leave? Look what has happened to Gaza in the time that they have had self rule? Instead of trying to build up the Gaza economy all Hamas has done is focus on building rockets, firing them into Israel and smuggling arms.
Fatah officials claimed that Hamas militiamen were behind the attack on the church and school.

On Sunday, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas phoned Father Musalam to express his strong condemnation for the attack.

"President Abbas promised that he would do his utmost to prevent such attacks on Christians here," he said.

Islam Shahwan, spokesman for Hamas's Executive Force in the Gaza Strip, denied responsibility.

He nevertheless admitted that a large group of Hamas militiamen had been near the area during the attack.

"We have instructed all our men to withdraw from the area," he said. "We will punish anyone who targets churches and public institutions."
BB: Which begs the question why would you order your men to withdraw if they hadn't been the ones involved? Surely if there was 'a local criminal gang', you would keep your men there to make sure that 'a local criminal gang' does not do any further looting? err....

JPost: Hamas slams looting of Gaza church


Monday, 18 June 2007

I confess I've been ignoring my usual blog. I've been posting on another blog. (shock horror!)

I apologise to those people who regularly read this blog.

It's for a good reason, Ive started a blog on bringing more awareness of Gilad Shalit's plight. There's been a lot of talk lately about the imminent release of the kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston in Gaza.

The recent events in Gaza, The prospect of a release of the BBC reporter and Gilad Shalit's one year anniversary in captivity is all indicating to me, that we need to start pushing for more action on Gilad's unjust treatment.

I'd really appreciate if you could pop over to http://giladshalit.blogspot.com/ and take a look.

If you have any posts that you would like to submit to the Free Gilad Shalit blog then please do.

Who knows what the Card says? Kind of appropriate?

ThanksAlways Fresh: Bagelblogger
Abbas * Gilad Shalit * Gilad and Israel * Gilad * Jewish Soldier and Gilad * Kidnapped Soldier * Justice * Hostage * Kidnapped Israeli * Gilad Shalit * IDF* Terrorism * Abbas * Gaza * Fatah * Hamas * Palestinians Killed * Gaza Violence * Gaza Killings Haniyeh * Mr Bagel * BagelBlogger * Bagel Blogger * Jew *


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Is Haniyeh Planning War Crimes?

Its not too hard to put 1 and 2 together.

1. Gaza – Ma'an – In the aftermath of the latest infighting in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources have stated that dozens of Palestinian citizens have arrived at Erez crossing at the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, awaiting Israeli approval to flee to the West Bank.

Eyewitnesses mentioned that the groups of people at the crossing included women and children.
Source Maan News: Gazan Citizens head to Erez crossing to Flee to the West Bank

2. Haniyeh forms new police council in Gaza Strip; bans the wearing of masks

Gaza – Ma'an – Dismissed Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haneya has on Saturday formed a Police "higher council" in the Gaza Strip, under the command of Brigadier Tawfiq Jabir, with Mahir Ramli as his deputy commander.

Sources in Haniyeh's office revealed that the council will be in charge of managing police affairs and keeping security and order upon the orders and directions of the interior minister.

The sources added that a "higher council of civil defense" will also be announced later.

Our sources quoted the dismissed interior minister as saying that "none of the security service members have been sacked or suspended; all of them will be returning to their work… They will be told where to arrive for duty in the coming few hours."

Furthermore, senior sources also quoted Haniyeh as intending to ban the wearing of masks in the Gaza Strip, starting at 5:00pm Saturday.
Source Maan News: Haniyeh forms new police council in Gaza Strip; bans the wearing of masks

Picture Credit: Hamas Images, err I mean Maan Images


Fatah spokesperson alleges that Hamas is armed and funded by Israel

According to the Palestinain Maan News agency:
Tulkarem – Ma'an – The spokesperson of the Fatah movement in Tulkarem, Samir Nayfa, on Friday warned Hamas against continuing its "conspiracies against the Palestinian people and neglecting Palestinian unchangeable principles."

Nayfa said "in the absence of the siege on the Palestinian people, Hamas would have been unable to smuggle millions of US dollars into the Gaza Strip, through tunnels. The money which flowed into Hamas' treasury was spent on buying arms and favour."

He continued, "The Hamas leadership betrayed the people and instead of paying the employees' salaries, the money was spent on the death brigades of Qassam and the Executive Force, who mutinied against the Palestinian Authority and planted death and destruction on the streets of the Gaza Strip."

Nayfa warned of an expected deal between Hamas and the Israeli Olmert government to release the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, and BBC reporter, Alan Johnston. He said "Hamas might announce that Shalit disappeared amidst the state of chaos in Gaza Strip, or they might announce that he ran away." He added "Hamas might go to the extreme of announcing that Fatah people helped Shalit run away."

Nayfa said that all these expected Hamas plans have one goal; to reward Israel for supporting Hamas to smuggle weapons and millions of US dollars into the Gaza Strip.

Bagelblogger: How quick is Ma'an to support FatahHamas? Is this the same Palestinian news organisation that screams for 'independance' to the worlds other ear? I think we see the real Maan News media now!

Picture Credit: Hamas Images, err I mean Maan Images