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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Is Haniyeh Planning War Crimes?

Its not too hard to put 1 and 2 together.

1. Gaza – Ma'an – In the aftermath of the latest infighting in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources have stated that dozens of Palestinian citizens have arrived at Erez crossing at the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, awaiting Israeli approval to flee to the West Bank.

Eyewitnesses mentioned that the groups of people at the crossing included women and children.
Source Maan News: Gazan Citizens head to Erez crossing to Flee to the West Bank

2. Haniyeh forms new police council in Gaza Strip; bans the wearing of masks

Gaza – Ma'an – Dismissed Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haneya has on Saturday formed a Police "higher council" in the Gaza Strip, under the command of Brigadier Tawfiq Jabir, with Mahir Ramli as his deputy commander.

Sources in Haniyeh's office revealed that the council will be in charge of managing police affairs and keeping security and order upon the orders and directions of the interior minister.

The sources added that a "higher council of civil defense" will also be announced later.

Our sources quoted the dismissed interior minister as saying that "none of the security service members have been sacked or suspended; all of them will be returning to their work… They will be told where to arrive for duty in the coming few hours."

Furthermore, senior sources also quoted Haniyeh as intending to ban the wearing of masks in the Gaza Strip, starting at 5:00pm Saturday.
Source Maan News: Haniyeh forms new police council in Gaza Strip; bans the wearing of masks

Picture Credit: Hamas Images, err I mean Maan Images