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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Fatah spokesperson alleges that Hamas is armed and funded by Israel

According to the Palestinain Maan News agency:
Tulkarem – Ma'an – The spokesperson of the Fatah movement in Tulkarem, Samir Nayfa, on Friday warned Hamas against continuing its "conspiracies against the Palestinian people and neglecting Palestinian unchangeable principles."

Nayfa said "in the absence of the siege on the Palestinian people, Hamas would have been unable to smuggle millions of US dollars into the Gaza Strip, through tunnels. The money which flowed into Hamas' treasury was spent on buying arms and favour."

He continued, "The Hamas leadership betrayed the people and instead of paying the employees' salaries, the money was spent on the death brigades of Qassam and the Executive Force, who mutinied against the Palestinian Authority and planted death and destruction on the streets of the Gaza Strip."

Nayfa warned of an expected deal between Hamas and the Israeli Olmert government to release the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, and BBC reporter, Alan Johnston. He said "Hamas might announce that Shalit disappeared amidst the state of chaos in Gaza Strip, or they might announce that he ran away." He added "Hamas might go to the extreme of announcing that Fatah people helped Shalit run away."

Nayfa said that all these expected Hamas plans have one goal; to reward Israel for supporting Hamas to smuggle weapons and millions of US dollars into the Gaza Strip.

Bagelblogger: How quick is Ma'an to support FatahHamas? Is this the same Palestinian news organisation that screams for 'independance' to the worlds other ear? I think we see the real Maan News media now!

Picture Credit: Hamas Images, err I mean Maan Images