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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

2 Years on...

Gilad Shalit’s (Schalit) book, When the Shark and the Fish First Met, now appears on YouTube to mark two years since he was kidnapped.

The Consulate General of Israel filmed five fifth-grade students from New York reading the story that Shalit wrote when he, too, was eleven years old. “Gilad was a boy our age when he wrote this story; if only we could write something so significant at this age. Today, no one knows where he is and he probably misses his parents,” said one of the students. “If the shark and fish can make peace, why can’t people?”
Click here to download (PDF) information about Shalit and the book.

Thanks to Isrealli: The new blog of Israel

Mr Bagel: 2 years on, Gilad still awaits his release, the Palestinians speak of 'gestures of Peace' , what could be more of a gesture?