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Friday, 12 January 2007

Bodgey Bagel's Caption Contest week 12

Week 12 Of Bodgey Bagel's Incredible Caption Contest!
For Entry into Bodgey Bagel's Caption Contest Week 12
Leave your Caption for the Photo in the comments.

All entries must be in before Wednesday 17th January

...ahh the heat was unbearable!
Caption away! Leave your entries in the comments section
before Wednesday 17th January.

May the best caption win!

The Winner of Last weeks Contest No 11: (10th Jan)

[Click

The Tenth 'almost famous' Bodgey Bagel Weekly Photo Caption contest winner.

The 11th Bodgey Bagel Caption Contest winner is.....Drum Roll

1st Place: Convinced that nobody would look for him there, Osama starts hanging with K'fed. [ Adjustah ]
2rd Place:Frank Swartz was frustrated, he couldn't be the look-alike for Frank Sinatra or Sean Connery, noooo, he was cursed with this look. [ elliot ]
=3rd Place: Osama relaxes before his next cab driving shift. [ chsw10605 ]
=3rd: They forgot my 'Happy Meal'.[ elliot ]
4th Place: "McAllahu McAkbar!" [ Rodney Dill ]
5th Place: "Yes I got the McMohammed Meal" [ Rodney Dill ]
Honorable Mentions:
HM: Osama bin Laden enjoys a McMeal in a Parisian Cafe. [Thomas Forsyth ]

HM:, Four #2 value meals: #13.99, New Polo shirt: $15.00, New slacks: $65.00.
Expression on Osama's face when he found a finger in his food: Priceless. [ elliot ]
HM: Michael Moore caught Osama on film in his movie 'Super Size That' and didn't know it. It was edited out. [ elliot ]
Bagel's Dishonourable Mention: The Real Ronald McDonald contemplates his next terrorist attack with Hamburglar[BB]

Thanks for you entries! Bagelblogger

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If you want to add your caption contest just ask..

With Thanks to all those that entered - Bagelblogger.
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Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Peacetrain to nowhere... Your Childhood hero reveals himself to be a farce

The Paradox
been a fan of Cat Stevens all my life. I remember sneaking out of my bedroom into the hall to listen to the grown-ups who were; listening to Cat Stevens.

I have his cd's in my car cd stacker.

Despite my intentions of converting to Orthodox Judaism, I have had some issues and a lot of indecision with regards to one of the very few singers I listen to regularly.

Cat Stevens becomes Yusuf Islam

So he converted to Islam, his brother brought a Koran from Israel of all places, brought it back to England, gave it to Cat and Islam became his way of life.

I tell myself, well everything I listen to was recorded clearly before he became a Muslim, so what ever he does with his private life now doesn't really matter.

A New Album
He's got a new album out, Another cup Yusuf

I was in a dilemma how can I buy it, should I buy it? Should I simply acknowledge he is of Islamic faith and that in no way means I can't appreciate his 'gift'.

Yes I think so...

That was until I read this report.

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Trying to Get Cat Stevens To Back or Bash Hamas

NEW YORK Most of Deborah Solomon's interview with once and current folk-rock singer Cat Stevens -- known for many years now as Yusuf Islam -- for this coming Sunday's New York Times is amiable enough, as he discusses his recent return to recording and his funding of Muslim schools in England.

But then she raises the obviously still touchy issue of attempts abroad to link him to funding various extremist groups, including Hamas. He had just said he still sells about 1.5 million albums a year netting him a small fortune. What does he think of Hamas?

"That's an extremely loaded question," he replies. Pressed further, he says, "I have never supported a terrorist group or any group that did other than charity and good to humankind."
Solomon responds by saying, fine, but many Americans would like moderate Muslims, such as himself, to denounce the extremists. Wouldn't he at least say he has "contempt" for Hamas?
"I wouldn't put those words in my mouth," he complains. "I wouldn't say anything on that issue. I'm here to talk about peace. I'm a man who does want peace for this world," says the man who wrote "Peace Train," adding, "and I don't think you will achieve that by putting people into corners and asking them very, very difficult questions about very contentious issues."

Crap! Your either against an organisation that advocates the death of Israelis and the destruction of Israel or you're for them. There's no contentious issue! Its not a loaded question. The only contentious issue here is the continual observation that so called 'Moderate Muslims' not taking a Radical Muslim group to task.

Wrong is wrong.

During the Israeli - Hezbollah war in Australia, there were huge 'Peace Marches' [read anti-Israel rallies], attended by thousands of Lebanese Muslims protesting against the War.

Yet do I remember:
Muslim Peace Marches when thousands collapsed to their death in the World trade centers?
When 202 people, including 88 Australians were murdered horribly, whilst simply having fun in Bali
When 191 where murdered in the Madrid Train bombs?
When 52 people were killed and 700 injured on the London train and bus bombings?

Yusuf you profess to want peace but:

Mr Religion of Peace your position is a farce and your religion, because of the lack of courage by its 'moderate' participants to confront evil is becoming a farce!

Why does it seem Muslims are only vocal when it suits their direct agenda?

For the whole of my life I've listened to your music and not heard your lies.

The journey is Over

Tonight it stops! I'm getting off, this Peace Train it is going nowhere.

You're inaction is a disgrace to the Peace movement and every thing you sung about Yusuf Islam.

A Failure to Act

Your failure to use your position of Standing within the Islam community betrays the fear you have of criticizing those very Radical elements.

Btw cutesy new website Yusuf, An Other Cup official web site

You paint quite the glossy picture of yourself.

But your refusal to criticize Radicals and Extremists within Islam speaks volumes on both you and Islam itself..

I'm sad. I could accept my favorite singer Cat Stevens becoming Yusuf Islam.

I even like your new album.

But I can't accept you being a farce.

You stood for so much that was important to me.I respected you for having the conviction to follow your choices, but your position now is intolerable for me.

Good bye Yusuf, I only have a distant memory of Cat now.

The second cut was deeper.

SAWF.news: Former Cat Stevens returns to pop music world
Editor and Publisher: Trying to Get Cat Stevens To Back or Bash Hamas
Scotsman.com: Letting the Cat back out
Yusuf Islam: Peace Train [You Tube video]
cbc.ca: Web Exclusive interview: Yusuf Islam

Lyricsfreak: All Cat Stevens songs and Lyrics

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When your world turns upside down

Thinking outside the cube.

I've had it! We've put up with it all our life.

Us Aussies, aren't going to take it any more.

We are so sick of people refering to us as ' You guys from down under '!

From now on, it's you guys from the top!

Have you ever looked at something and wondered why?

Well I'm looking at planet earth and I'm wondering why?

Why is the Northern hemisphere on the top and the southern hemisphere on the bottom?

Now don't give me rubbish about North is on top and thats they way it is, it's always been that way.

Well who made that decision? And when was it made? Did they know the earth was round? I bet not!

Do you think that little bit of extraneous information might just have made them think, mmm, hang on a moment, if the worlds round then...

If you were to travel outside the 'milky way' and peered back in this is where our solar system would be.[Hypothetically]

Now I don't know about you but I'm having a hard time seeing the sun let alone the planet earth being Northern hemisphere up.

Now the only place where the earth might have a 'upside down' is in space. Of course Paradoxically any where that the Northern Hemisphere appears on top, you could mount a pretty good arguement you're looking at the earth upside down.

This might come to some of you as rather ground breaking news but when we Aussies let go of things they fall back to earth, they dont fall 'away from earth'. Thus again, I insist Australia is Not on the bottom.

Lets look at other reasons why Australia shouldn't be on the bottom.


You know that fine game the English play, seems their cricket team is currently busy proving why England is on the bottom of the world.


Seems someone forgot to tell Aussies we're on the bottom!

Soccer, World Cup.

Australia gets beaten in the last 9 seconds of a game by the eventual world cup winners. Thats not the bottom to me!

It seems to me, if you go through countries sporting prowess, on a per capita basis it's pretty hard to fault the Aussies at most things sport wise. Which is really suprising considering Australia is supposed to be on the bottom of the world? Oh yeah base ball...

Baseball and the World Series.

Er, I dont mean to burst your bubbles, but can it really be a World series if its played between US teams?

That's right up there with the World Challenge Curling match between Norway and Saudi Arabia.

The History of depicting Australia on the bottom.

Well, it seems that since the discovery of the East coast of Australia, way back when England mattered as a World power, the draughtsman on the Endeavour that discovered the East coast of Australia wasn't drawing Australia as being on the bottom of the world.

I've come across that map drawn centurys before and it clearly shows Australia in its more correct position.

You will note the map is drawn from the correct position of on
of the South Pole

This map as drawn during the voyage of The Endeavour Captained by James Cook.

Yes, that's Australia (circled in red) people and It's on top.

Now I don't want to crush people's world view all at once but you better get used to it.
From now on this is how a Map of the Earth looks. You will notice the Sothern hemisphere takes its rightful place. Eurocentric world views are a thing of the past, and Americans will now realise that Australia isn't a Suburb of L.A.

As you can clearly see in this more correct projection of the world,
Australia takes it's rightful place amongst the other Nations.
To see a larger version click on the map

Australia: 'On top of the World' No longer to be lost or left of on global projections.

North America. A whole new fresh perspective.

Europe and Israel shown the 'right way up'.


References: Useful Map Projections Cartographical Map Projections The Upsidedown Map Page

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Monday, 8 January 2007

Little Miss 6 almost 7

From the mouth of Babes...

Whilst my wife was getting chicken out of the fridge ready for dinner time today she had the following conversation with my oldest daughter Jade [6]:

Jade: What's that?

Mum: Chicken Jade.

Jade: Chicken leg?

Mum: No

Jade: Chicken wing?

Mum: No

Jade: Chicken body?

Mum: No

Chicken head?

Mum: Jaaaddee! Chicken breasts.

Jade: What!?!... I didn't know they had breasts...

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Sunday, 7 January 2007

To Beard or Not to Beard

To Beard or Not to Beard

Thank you A Simple Jew.

For bringing to my attention: "The Beard May Mislead Others Into Believing That I Am At A Certain Level"

Thank you for sharing this .pdf document resource about beards with us.

To my wife who doesn't like my beard, [we're converting], so she doesn't have that ingrained 'I love beards' some Jewish women seem to have, I'm sorry but the answer is very clear to me, now.

and to 'der ewige Jude' from Crawling to Umman, who wrote the post Good Beard,Bad Beard, you have one fine beard!

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