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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Err We're supposed to believe this crud?

I'm sorry but I must have forgotten to take my dumb pills this morning. Apparently a fan of Obama's has produced a really slick video professing her love for this 'amazing guy'. Its not the first time that the 'books' have looked fiddled with Obama.

Back in March a few pundits picked up anomalies in Obama's YouTube 'popularity' and it seriously looked like a few people were getting major mouse clicking work outs.

On Personal Democracy Forum Joshua Levy seemed to have grasped something with his story YouTube Gets Pwned: Obama's Numbers Don't Add Up

Joshua Levy had an interesting comparison between Hillary Clintons YouTube hits and Barack Obama's traffic. Seems Joshua also came across a little story of how you could pump up your viewing hits on Youtube and appear that you were worth checking out.

Heres the comparison and the 'anomaly' that was found.

"We're looking at two separate numbers here: the number of "channel" views and the number of "video" views. Each candidate's "channel" is their landing page on YouTube. Every time someone visits that channel, another "view" is added to its number of views. Every time we watch a single video a "view" is added to that video, not the channel. So far Obama's channel has over 2,700,000 views, and his videos have been viewed a total of about 650,000 times.

There are a few reasons why the high number of channel views looks fishy. First, the total number of views of Obama's individual videos is nowhere near the total number of channel views."

Joshua goes into quite some detail, and in my opinion it supports my gut feelings that the Barack Obama campaign is all about 'show and go'.

It seems Barack is targeting the 'younger demographic', and is desperate in trying to appear 'chic and cool'. Well Im no hic and Im no fool, and a flashy website and YouTube presence might make a top ten Music hit but it sure shouldn't make a US president.

His latest 'fortunate video' done by a fan is called "A crush on Obama' its hard to believe anyone would have the gall to try to pass this of as a fan video, but then if your voting Democrat you might just believe it.

I'm convinced the US would never be the same if this cardboard cut out was ever to become the US President.

Here's the video, dont bother getting the popcorn, you'll be sick anyway.

Click here if the video doesn't load and your still game:
I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girl

YouTube Gets Pwned: Obama's Numbers Don't Add Up