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Thursday, 21 June 2007

JPix 10! Last call for Submissions
..Hurry! Last Chance!

JPix 10 is going to be posted shortly at
MR Bagel

To submit your Photo Post Click here: SUBMIT

Its been quite a while since I've had the pleasure of hosting JPix, I've had a peek at the submissions so far and I'm sure its going to be quite an edition. If you haven't already submitted any photo posts to Jpix then you really do need to quickly submit them Submissions for JPix 10.

Yossi The Next Step 2007

The recent editions of JPix, the Jewish Photo Carnival have been outstanding. It has been a real show case of Jewish photography representing some of the best photos of the JBlogging community.

Don't forget to get in your submissions for the 10th JPix carnival.

Its going to be the tenth edition and its going to be a large edition so make sure you get you pics in. Don't rely on the Jpix hoster finding them, if you dont submit your photos and you miss out, well you know who to blame.

Last Submissions by ASAP, Thursday 21 June at the latest,
The Jpix 10 Photo carnival opens on the 21ST June.

If you have any questions you can email at

Here's a little badge to put on your side menu. Point it to go to:http://blogcarnival.com/bc/latest_987.html
What is JPix
JPix is a carnival for Jews and their pictures, it doesn't necessarily have to be that 'joyous expression of art' which photography can capture, it doesn't have to be just about photos of Eretz Israel, though they are most welcome, its not even about communicating some deep spiritual meaning in a long photo essay, although that's alright too, its about two things.

You're Jewish and you have photos you want to share, whether they be family, historical, artful, funny, quirky its about sharing, so get your submissions in for the next JPix.

Thank you to all those that submitted

their wonderful photos to JPix9

I'm sure you can look forward to seeing some great photos in the next carnival JPix 10

If you have any questions you can email via