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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Proof! It's True!
Zionist Plot uncovered in Harry Potters latest Book!

Its official. The Elders have been at it again. Our nefarious plans have been un veiled. I can't believe we've spent billions of dollars on the Harry Potter book series to lead good Iranian youth astray, and the plot has been discovered.

Now I know what you are think, what the hell is Mr Bagel on about, well I have proof the plot is true! ...

Well come the release of the latest and (ahem final.. book in the series ) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the same time all over the world. It seems that a few in Iran have been displeased with the enthusiasm the book has been received with.

In the Iranian State run ultra right Newspaper Kayhan [Farsi] there is a conspiracy theory that claims that the 'Zionist Entity' has spent billions on the top secret Harry Potter project.

The Canadian based Iranian blogger Kamangir tells the story;

One of the questionable events of this week was the sale of the last Harry Potter book in a bookstore in the north of Tehran [the wealthier part] at 2:30am, exactly in time with America and Europe. This happened in a society where there are strict rules for publication and distribution of any book.

In this society, any book, either translated or authored, has to be carefully considered by a group of experts and foreign books have to be sold in very specific bookstores under strict control. Were all this considered in the sale of Harry Potter’s seventh volume? I doubt it, because until the books were presented to the crowd, no one had access to the contents of the book, except for the author and the publishing company.

The manager of the bookstore Bayan-e Salis (بيان سليس), which apparently represents Bloomsbury in Iran, has collected the books from the airport in sealed boxes. Surprisingly, the airport security has not searched the boxes and has trusted the American-British publisher which has Zionist collaborators, such as Warner Brothers.

The newspaper then goes on by describing why Harry Potter “includes destructive words and sentences which oppose to the values [of the Islamic Republic]”.Especially, the authors is angry because the first buyer of the book has been a 12-year-old juvenile and asks why the Police has let a crowd gather in front of the bookstore at the middle of the night,

The aims of the Zionist project, Harry Potter, has long been understood, even to the Western intellectuals and they have very frequently pointed out their suspicion about the book. Zionists have spent billions of dollars on this project.

Now there are many out there who may claim that a few in Iran need a little bit of couch time, but Mr Bagel has been doing a little bit of under cover research, and has come across evidence that the Zionist plot may actually have merit!

It seems that a Publisher in Iran has assembled a crack team of translaters who will translate the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from English into Farsi.

The Islamic Republic News Agency tells us that the Publisher to release the top-quality translation of the latest and last of the widely popular book of the young wizard boy, Harry Potter. It is hoped a circulation of 200,000 copies will hit the Iranian book selves.

And this ladies and Gentlemen, this is were the Elders have been so clever, they are going to corrupt the young innocent minds of hundreds of thousands of these future citizens of Iran.

Now you may still not believe it, but Mr Bagel has proof!
Click on the picture below and all will be revealed!

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Kipper tip to Carl in Jerusalem