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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Temple Mount destruction continues:
Proof: July 2007 Video and Photos

I recently read an article on Yid with Lid about the recent destruction occurring on the Temple Mount. [JPost : Temple Mount Travesty]

I decided to chase down any Video or photos that were possibly available. I've come across this series of photos and video.

The destruction that has occurred is quite distressing. The total contempt that is shown for archaeological artifacts is appalling. With such wanton disregard and disrespect shown why is it we sit by idly whilst this occurs?

As is so eloquently expressed in Psalm 137, 5-7

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither, let my tongue cleave to my palate if I do not remember you, if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy." (Psalm 137, 5-7).
Should we not think our tongues are already cleaved?

Why the silence?

Why do we ignore such travesties yet endure hysteria and hyperbole from Palestinians when sensitive excavations with full archaeological surveys are carried out by Israeli authorities?

Where is the respect here? Why is this obvious resource for Historical knowledge desecrated with such alarming cultural insensitivities?

We know the answer, but we act like our arms are withered.

Following is a video of the CPDATM member visit at the new trench that was dug in the Temple Mount upper platform near the Dome of the Rock – the site of the Temple. We were not allowed to pick up any archaeological artifacts from the soil, while in the same time the Waqf's tractor was maneuvering the earth. In the video I. Caspi (the committee chair) is asking the police chief officer of the Temple Mount what should we do if we find an ancient seal in the soil. At the distance archaeologist E. Mazar is seen examining the soil and a policemen is sent over to her in order to guard that she will not touch anything.

The trench. The trench at it's southern edge reach the depth of 2-3 feet. The bedrock at that location is about 2-4 feet below the level of the current platform.

Architectural remains at the northern section of the trench that are located beneath the current platform foundation.

More Architectural remains at a different strata level.

The trench after it was refilled.

Many pottery shards were seen in the soil that came out of the trench.

More Pottery shards easily discernible.

Archaeological artifacts including shards of pottery, tiles and glass vessels, have been lost forever. The strata has been disrupted, and clues to their exact origin and era never to be retrieved. Whilst we stand by and allow this desecration.

A floor tile from the Second Temple period made of bitumen. No fragments were able to be retrieved. When the Israeli authorities dig, everything is planned, cultural sensitivities are observed, cultural heritage values respected, why do we allow un surveyed excavations on the most holy of holiest sites? Why do we sit by and allow this to continually happen?

An fragment of an ancient glass vessel.

A fragment of a wall tile made of black marble with white veins.

The spare soil that wasn't used to cover back the trench was dumped in the improvised dump yard at the eastern section of the Temple Mount.

Ask yourself, would we treat such cultural sensitive archaeological remains in such a fashion? Ask yourself why is it the Wakf so readily dismissive to bar any kind of thorough archaeological surveys before such destructive digs?

Credits for Photos:
Monday 9/7/07 (Taken by Gideon Charlap)
Wednesday 11/7/07 (taken by Zachi Zweig)

For further resources try:
The Temple Mount Archaelogical Destruction: http://www.har-habayt.org/
JPost: The Temple Mount Travesty

CPDATM – The Committee for the Prevention of the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount. Aims

1 Comment:

black mole said...

Nice pictures. Sharon walks on the temple mount and the muslims riot and kill people, the muslims dig a trench with no regard for artifacts and the jews are quiet. The current leader of Israel reminds me of Chamberlain.