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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Money or the Box!
50, 000 reasons to visit Haveil Havalim

Its not often your given the choice of:
50,000 in cold hard cash* or to go to Haveil Havalim.
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Seems my friend Yid with Lid has come up with a mathematical formula that has lead him to believe its the 50,000 Haveil Havalim edition, now I would have thought it was the 125th Edition, but given the choice of 50,000 Rials from Mahmoud (Worth $5.40 and falling) or the pleasure to visit Yid with Lids amazing Haveil Havalim, well its a no brainer.

So Here it is Yid with Lids 50,000th Edition of Havil Havalim
which was formerly the 125th Edition of Haveil Havalim until Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got a wiff of it and inflated its value.

Oh and if your wondering about the 50,000 Rial bill that Mahmoud recently issued, it shows an atomic nucleus over a map of Iran.

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 12 – In yet another snub to the United Nations Security Council which has imposed economic sanctions on Iran over its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, the Islamic Republic on Monday introduced a new banknote carrying the atomic symbol.

The new 50,000 rial note displays a map of Iran with a giant atom and orbiting electrons on it. On its back, the note features a portrait of the founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

The new note is worth the equivalent of about $5.40 - more than twice the amount of Iran’s previous highest denomination.

Officials announced that six million copies of the notes were circulated through the state banks.

Now if Mahmoud could have only pinpointed on the 50,000 rial note, the sites involved in processing nuclear fuel as well, then we could have saved a lot more than 50,000 Rials worth of time.

*Oh my offer is a sincere offer, if you genuinely would prefer 50,000 rials to visiting the 50,000th edition of Haveil Havalim, then there's one condition only. Visit Iran, tell Mahmoud to grow a brain, and I'll will send you the 50,000 rials.

Till then Mr Bagel

More about the 50,000 rial note

[pinglink to hh125]

1 Comment:

Lady-Light said...

Dang, if I had to choose between Iranian money and Haveil Havalim, you know where I would go!
I have duly tagged you with the Meme of Eight , so please go to my blog and read it! (-and I hope you will consider adding me to your blogroll.)