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Sunday, 15 July 2007

12th Imam to arrive via a UFO
Break out the tin foil hats

The gossip from Iranian bloggers, is a Iranian Cleric was heard on a state-run radio station talking about the twelfth Imam, who is supposed to rise/return and make every thing honkey dory for Shia Muslims. He has reportedly mentioned,

“It is not like Imam will use his sword to defeat the enemies.

Have you not heard about the occasional news about the UFOs which are spotted in the sky? We know nothing about the passengers of those objects. Maybe, Imam will use UFOs to attack his enemies. Because, when the time comes, he will call you guys and will tell you, ‘You! Go and become the governor of London, You! Go and become the governor of Chicago. You! Go and become the governor of Berlin. You have to be ready for the time, when he calls on you to become the governor of Paris’”.
thanks to Akiva for the Kipper tip and Kamangir