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Friday, 20 July 2007

The 12th edition of JPix is Up!

This stunning photo is from Yossi at The Next Step...

Baleboosteh has been gracious enough to do this fortnights JPix 12. It is a day late, seems with my birthday yesterday the onset of senility is faster than I could have imagined. JPix completely skipped my thoughts, which isn't usually the case.

The thing is JPix is now basically running like a well oiled machine, there were a few grumblings last fortnight, when one or two regulars were dropped due to not submitting, but now that people know they have to submit to have a chance to be in JPix the work load is a lot easier.

For those that are willing to give hosting JPix a go, (thanks Rafi G for your offer to host JPix 14 in 4 weeks time) I would still encourage you to go scouting for 'new talent' but in essence, the regulars have been whipped into shape and most of the work is basically already done.

Now knowing this, who is going to host next fortnights JPix13? If you miss out, JPix 15 and Jpix 16 are still available as well. Leave a comment or email Mr Bagel to let me know.[Click read More...]

This particular edition of JPix Photo carnival is reflective of just how much growth JPhotographers are achieving, there really are some beautiful shots. Beautiful content isn't always the essence of what makes up a superb photo, some of the very best photos are of the mundane.

Speaking of Beauty, Baleboosteh has done a marvelous job of JPix 12, and thrown down the challenge, remember there are no hard and fast rules in presenting JPix, its like any creative process, it works best with a sense of freedom and la joie de vivre.