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Saturday, 27 January 2007

Koolanoo's New Promo Video: Drugs, Sex, Violence and Gore Ready to sign up?

Koolanoo is a relatively new Jewish Social Network. I was sent their first two Promo videos and although they were well shot, I thought one of the videos was so off the mark I sent a letter back to their Marketing advisers.

For those that recieved these two videos the second one, which seemed to be a bit of a 'spoof' of Mission Impossible, and concerned a Assasin was to me, offensive.

Never the less, knowing the penchant for new organisations to 'be' controversial, I did take too much heed.

This is their new video.

It is well hard to describe. Its for mature audiences.

It has animated depictions of drug use, sex, violence and gore.

It is defintely not Child friendly and I would consider it most likely not Work safe.

If there's a problem playing the video click here

Koolanoo - Jewish Ninja Social Networking

What do you think? Make you want to rush and join up?
Is it me? I'm I growing old, and lost that sense of what's 'hip'.


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