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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

News Just In:...What a Heartbreaker! Shahar Peer Beaten 8-6 in tie breaker! ..So Close!

The Australian Open -
One of Four tournaments designated as a 'Grand Slam' event.
Unbelievable! Beaten by a tie break point.

She won the first set, fought for the second,
and looked like winning the third,
until a change of luck went Serena Williams way. Shahar Peer is only Nineteen,
we will see many more achievements from her.
Mazal Tov to Shahar Peer for a superb effort,
She has gone so close to making the Australian Open Semi Finals

A Photo from her previous match.
A Fantastic Performance by Shahar Peer

Here's What Bagelblogger had to say the other day!

Every one should be very proud of the efforts of Shahar Peer

What a excellent achievement for Israel Sport

Check out Shahar's results at this Australian Open Page: Results S Peer

Bagelblogger Go Shahar..!
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