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Monday, 22 January 2007

An Apple a day helps keep Muqtada al -Sadr away

Iran wants Nuclear Weapons, this Cleric's breath could be far deadly

It seems that our Iraqi Friend Muqtada al -Sadr has been busy not only keeping himself away from the dentist chair but sticky his porky fingers in places he shouldn't be. Some attribute him as being a major factor in the sectarian unrest that is plaguing Iraq. His well known Anti American stance has caused many causalities in Iraq.

Finally after years of Pseudo protection the Iraqi Government appears to have stopped protecting the Shiite militant.

In a desperate bid to stop an all out American offensive he has withdrawn a two month boycott of the Government.

His supporters include 30 law makers and 6 cabinet ministers under his control, which are now back at their Jobs Sunday.

Clearly this man acts only out of his own megalomaniacal self interests, he dreams of a an Iraq under Sharia law.

At times he has openly encouraged rebellion against the 'invaders' and Iraqi police. Due to his Shia background and that his political followers include a large active militia, and 30 MP's and a handful of ministers in the American-backed government, confronting him has been a very tall task.

As predicted fatalities have began increasing in Iraq, this should come as no surprise to any one, those desperate to maintain their tyrannical holds are doing every thing they ca to inflame sectarian violence and cause US casualties.

The truth be known this Shia Cleric has been trouble all along. The quicker he is dealt with the better.

The upside is, when he is finally captured, he may just get that desperately needed dental appointment.

Right: When asked how many times he had brushed his teeth in his life he simply gestured 1, we figured this must be a pending appointment.

If cleanliness is next to G_dliness what's toothlessness?

For a more extensive update check out;

Chron.com: Iraq PM stops protecting Shiite militia

Chron.com: Iraq PM stops protecting Shiite militia
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