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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Every Problem that exists in the World is due to the Jews...

Ghada Karmi

Thats basically what the author of the disgraceful opinion piece that appeared in the Melbourne Age today would have you think.

The title of this surreal voyage in avoidance of responsibility is

Israel the roadblock to peace in Middle East

The opinion piece is written by Ghada Karmi, who is a Palestinian academic at the University of Exeter, Britain, and the author of Married to another man: Israel's dilemma in Palestine.

Below I've taken a few quotations out of the article and put them in a more generalised plainer oft repeated format.
Just in case you have any doubts the aim of this opinion piece take a look at the title.

"Israel the roadblock to peace in Middle East"

Heres a few claims of the article.

Its all the Jews fault...
  • "It has now dawned on most people that the terrorist attacks on America and Europe, the al-Qaeda rhetoric about the suffering of fellow Muslims, and the instability in the Middle East are connected with the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

  • If only Israel would...
  • "Finding a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is not the problem. The parameters have been clear for decades: Israel's withdrawal from the 1967-occupied territories, the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return of refugees. These are also the components of the 2002 Saudi plan and offer Israel full normalisation of relations with the Arab states in exchange"

  • Israel must concede on everypoint...
  • "The plan is in line with international law and has the support of the Western powers. Yet it has no chance of succeeding, nor has any other peace proposal not to Israel's liking."

  • A little historical revisionism even if you're supposed to be an Academic...
  • "And that is the nub of the problem. Israel, which ceaselessly professes its desire for peace, has never initiated a peace proposal of its own and has prevaricated when offered one."

  • Human Rights abuses?...
  • The dire effects of this regime have all been documented by the World Bank and various aid organisations. Yet this abuse of human rights, condemned by every international agency and legal body, even by some Israelis, continues unchecked.

  • Those greedy Jews...
  • "By forcing Israel to accept that peace involves giving, not just taking, a proper settlement could begin to emerge."

  • America is in control of the Jewish lobby...
  • America, which could have made a difference, is hamstrung by its domestic subservience to the Israel lobby

  • Terrorism is the fault of Israel and will continue because of Israel...
  • Leaving the status quo to fester will lead to more desperate acts of violence and more dangerous instability.

  • I recommend you read this opinion piece its quite revealing of the strategies the Palestinian and Arab lobby are trying to put forward. Now excuse me while I go and vomit...

    A Not so Peaceful Proponent of Peace...
    If you like to see just how peaceful this Palestinian Academic really is then you will not mind reading this rather revealing excerpt of a debate about whether Arabs have been at fault in not helping the Palestinians...

    Thank you. I speak with a heavy heart because as an Arab, I should not attack fellow Arabs, but it is not the Arab people, who have always supported the Palestinians, that I mean. It is their governments who so often do not represent them.

    What I say will earn me no favours with Arab governments, but I believe that if we are to progress, we Arabs must not be afraid to be self-critical and to face our faults honesty. Yes, the Arab governments have failed the Palestinians. Now the other side argues, and I knew it would, that they'd helped them a lot. We don't deny that, they did help. They have given them funding, they have given them help, the sort of thing you've heard about, Jordan gave them citizenship and so on, but look closer.

    The Arab states never succeeded in defeating Israel. In 1978, which His Excellency has referred to, Egypt, the only state which could have, left the battle front with the Camp David Treaty.

    Since then, the rest have been trying to make peace with Israel, a state that occupies Arab land and kills Arabs. Today, they are falling over themselves to recognise Israel. Why? Because Israel vacated a few settlements which were illegal anyway, and look what we're reduced to. Egypt, that great power, is now Israel's policeman on Gaza's border, and the rest watch helplessly while Israel kills and bombs the Palestinians, and steals their land, and Israel's best friend, America, lays waste to that great country, Iraq.

    I am not unsympathetic to the Arab governments' dilemma. They owe their support, and in many cases their very existence, to American favour. America is Israel's greatest ally, so if they fight Israel, they risk losing American support and threaten their own survival. It is an unenviable position, but no matter what the cause, for the Palestinians it comes down to the same thing: the Arab governments have failed them. So I urge you tonight to vote with your consciences. You know that I'm saying what most of you think but do not say. I urge you, vote on the side of truth and honesty, vote to support our motion.
    an extract from The Doha debates: 'This House believes that the Arab governments have failed the Palestinians'

    The Age: Israel the roadblock to peace in Middle East

    1 Comment:

    SnoopyTheGoon said...

    Exeter... Ilan Pappe is there now too. More than one sick Pappe finds a shelter in this place. Must be quite a stinko...