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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

All is not what it seems...
A provocative theory

In the latest development to come out of Iraq, we are lead to believe that Kurdish rebels have attacked and killed 13 Turkish soldiers.

I don't doubt for a moment thirteen Turkish soldiers have died.

I don't doubt that their death was an act of hostility.

Yet despite the long and bitter dispute the Kurds have had with Turkey I don't for a second believe that after years of towing the line in Iraq and gaining a certain degree of self autonomy they would be foolish enough to target Turkish soldiers.

By attacking Turkish troops, Residents in Iraq's Kurdish region bordering Turkey fear more violence.

After such an attack it would be almost inevitable that Turkey prepares for military operation in Iraq against Kurdish rebels

Which poses the question if the rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) didn't kill the Turkish soldiers who did?

This is unfortunately the question that needs to be asked.

Ask yourself when it comes down to it who had most to gain in:

1. Further embroiling The US into the quagmire that Iraq has become.

2. Destabilising the close friendship that the US and Turkey have enjoyed, and possibly posing a risk to the Future of the U.S.-Turkey Relationship

3. Risk the use and access to Turkish airspace by US planes.

4. Bring a rise of a destabilising Islamic backed revolt within Turkey directed in part towards the Kurds in Iraq.

Do I need to spell it out?

5. Which Country in all the Middle East would like to Jepodise the use of Turkish airspace by United States planes?

6. Which country would like to cause the Iraq conflict to escalate to avoid conflict itself?

Mr Bagel

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