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Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Volkswagen connection :
Ashkan Dejagah

Ashkan Dejagah
Despite being nurtured by the German Under 21 team

he still reserves the right to play for Iran if he so choses.

Despite it being publicised by numerous media outlets that Ashkan Dejagah was Hertha Berlin’s striker, the team he actually plays for now is Vfl Wolfsburg.

Ashkan Dejagah was in the press lately for his refusal to play in Israel for the under 21 Soccer cup for 'political' reasons.

Now it seems that Vfl Wolfsburg isn't seeing the seriousness of this matter.

From the teams website comes this:
Ashkan Dejagah still training with the Wolves
Some recent newspaper reports wrongly suggested that the German under-21 midfielder Ashkan Dejagah had been suspended from training at VfL Wolfsburg. In truth, the 21 year old will continue first team training, as the Wolfsburg coach Felix Magath pointed out after today's training session. Dejagah was conspicuous by his absence at Wednesday's morning session: "I have given him the day off", explained Magath.

Despite Wolfsburg's coach giving him the day off, to avoid the media scrum, it seems this is all Vfl Wolfsburg intends to do.

Its not without a certain bitterness that I observe one of Vfl Wolfsburg main sponsors is Volkswagen.

You might remember that there were many s articles recently on the Israeli Government contracting Volkswagen to supply the Israeli government's fleet of government cars. Re: Israel's Choice of German-Made Cars Stirs Emotions of Holocaust Survivors

Well now it seems somewhat ironical that the very soccer club that the Iranian born striker plays for Vfl Wolfsburg is sponsored by Volkswagen.

All I'm waiting for is the journalist with the balls to ask Ashkan Dejagah if he believes that the holocaust happened. I think we may all know his answer already.