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Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Dry Bones - To the Point

There is some rather dark Irony to the recent Sabre rattling of the French component of the UNIFIL threatening to fire apon Israeli Jets.

Dry Bones blogs about it, on October 23rd 2006.

A date marked in infamy for the attacks on the Marine Barracks and French Paratroopers barracks in Lebanon. The two separate, simultaneous attacks caused the death of 58 French and 241 US soldiers.

Later it was concluded that the Iranians were responsible for the Logistics and Planning of this sophisticated operation with the forerunner of Hizbollah being the organization that carried it out in Lebanon.

Whilst the French are looking to the skies for an opportunity to enforce their Anti Semitic yearnings and test their military prowess, lets hope whilst in Lebanon they check Trucks coming to their gates.

One can't help but think French Domestic politics and societal problems are driving these anti Israeli sentiments.[END]

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