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Saturday, 28 October 2006

South Park Lampoons Steve Irwins Death

Has the sensibilities of taste and decency left the Park and gone 'South'?

STEVE Irwin's still grieving family faces more heartbreak after the creators of the South Park released a cartoon making fun of his death.

The 'Hell on Earth' episode is set to be released in the US this week and shows Irwin walking around a fancy dress party in Hell with a stingray sticking out of his chest.

Irwin, 44, died just eight weeks ago when a stingray spiked him in the heart as he was filming a segment for his daughter Bindi's upcoming children's documentary.

The show's creators have defended the episode with a callous disrespect for a family still grieving.
"We have offended people in the past and probably will again,'' a South Park spokesman told a London newspaper.

"We know that regular watchers will not be shocked.''

[BB: I wouldn't be so sure of that Mr South Park heres one regular who will be giving your animation the digital salute ].

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As well as Irwin, hundreds of dead celebrities are at the party, hosted by Satan and including the likes of rapper Notorious B.I.G., Princess Diana and Adolf Hitler.

However none of those shown died as recently as Irwin, whose family is still recovering from his shock death on the Barrier Reef on September 4.

The Hell on Earth 2006, depicts Irwin being kicked out of the party after being confronted by the Devil because he is not in fancy dress.

Britain's media watchdog, aware the show will be made available later this year, condemned the episode.

"This is such bad taste and the makers of South Park should review their decision to show it,'' watchdog John Beyer said.

"Steve's family are still grieving.

"To lampoon somebody's death like that is unacceptable and so soon after the event is grossly insensitive.''

The Australian Television staton SBS spokesperson said in all likelihood the episode would be broadcast in Australia but probably not until 2008.
The timing could not be worse after Mr Irwin's eight-year-old daughter today announced she would launch her first DVD Bindi Kidfitness which features her famous father.

Available from November 25, the DVD will "fight fat with fun''.

It includes nine animal-inspired songs and routines performed by Bindi and her all-singing, all-dancing sidekicks the Crocmen.
Bindi also whips up fat-free treats with her father in a segment called "Steve's Cooking School''.
Irwin features throughout the DVD as he dances, plays instruments and - in a scene that may raise questions about its suitability - swims with his daughter.

"We might push the boundaries a bit and do some things we shouldn't but we want kids to look, laugh and learn because that is the bottom line when you're fighting fat,'' said Irwin's widow Terri who also features in the DVD.

The fun DVD provides welcome light relief for the Irwin family which has not only had to cope with the Crocodile Hunter's tragic death but also the cruel jokes, emails and internet pictures that have followed.

Irwin's manager John Stainton did not return calls today but this week said he did not log onto the internet because of the "distasteful'' Crocodile Hunter material.

"Dummied up photos, all the things that are happening around the world associated with Steve's tragedy - I just can't understand it to be honest,'' he said.

It is not the first time South Park has lampooned the Crocodile Hunter.

In a 1999 episode, Mr Irwin was shown terrorising animals before being hired by the Government to track down an ice man.

Meanwhile, Mr Stainton also responded to concerns that Bindi had been thrust into the public glare too soon and too often since her father's death. Since her memorable address at Mr Irwin's September 20 public service, Bindi presented at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in Sydney, made a commercial to raise money for her father's Wildlife Warriors charity and been the subject of an episode of ABC TV's Australian Story.

Bindi will also return soon to filming her television series for America's Discovery Channel.

"She's an incredibly strong little girl,'' Mr Stainton said.
"We've had a huge disruption in our life and that takes a lot of acclimatising on everybody's part.
"But Bindi really enjoys what she does and we can't take that away from her.''

BB: Not Funny South Park. It's one thing to have a loser on the web make a stupid 'Steve Irwin's Last Video', its another to see that stupidity transposed to a institution such as South Park. It's not controversial, its not poor taste its, just wrong,wrong wrong.

News.com.au: South Park lampoons Irwin death

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