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Sunday, 22 October 2006

Gee blogger seems to be having a lot of problems today!

I've had a joyous day to day. Fist there was no electricity. then, an email was sent 24 hours late advising me not to turn my satellite modem off as there was a configuration problem, and those that turn their satellite modems will not have Internet. Then after trying all day to fix the problem, of not having Internet, after the power had gone of, I decided that I had to program my router.

As my visit to my ISP via a very slow 14k phone line showed that there was no advice of an outage. So I reprogrammed my router, then finally received my 24 hour late email telling me to NOT to turn of my Satellite modem which I never do, except for today the power went off....which means I've spent the greater part of today programing my router for..nothing. Now I'm finally, yes finally I'm back on and BLOGGER now doesn't seem to want to play fair.
It seems to be having server problems. Has any one received this blogger Problem message? Because it kind of represents how I feel!


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