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Saturday, 6 January 2007

Silencing MEMORY: A Photo Essay documenting the legacy of trauma and suffering caused by Saddam Hussein.

Click the picture or Here to go to the Photo Essay

Saddam is gone.
A lot will rejoice at the despots demise.
But the Legacy of his existance shall scar Iraq for generations to come.
I came across this photo essay by Sheryl A. Mendez.

It was uploaded to WarShooter two full months before his demise.

The photo essay is a moving tribute to those that have suffered at the hands of Saddam.

The horror is expressed to me, possibly because I am a father, most simply in the bravery of this mans last words to his wife and children.

Click Here or the picture to enlarge the image

My dearest wife and lovely children,
Because of my country, I will be executed. I ask you not to
Wear black clothes and don't disavow the children's wishes.

Let them work and work hard. Don't stop them from watching

TV, listening to radio or records. Don't think about my fate.

They must worry about their future and I ask them to continue

Their education successfully.

Don't let the Enemy put his hands on the furniture of the house
And distribute it. And about that land which I own, I advise

You not to think about it until the situation changes for the
Better. At that time, do what you think is right.

I put my shop some things with my son Sherwan [weapons]

And you should know about them. I kiss your brother Abdula's
Eyes and mu brothers and sisters and relatives. I kissed the eyes of

Sherwan. I'm sorry I didn't live long enough to hug him at least
one more time. I am proud of my place. I am proud because

my son will be the son of a martyr and ask you not to make friends
until you trust them at least. I ask for G_d in every corner of my

cell [2metres x 2metres]. My brother Jabar and I, Atta-al-Haq
Mr. Ahmed, and Mohammad Rachim are waiting for our lives
to end.

5, NOVEMBER 1990


Photo Essay is an original work by Sheryl A .Mendez
It is located at War Shooter.com

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