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Thursday, 26 April 2007

JPix 6 is Up go check it out at Baleboosteh's.

Tsfas Shule remnants after 1837 Earthquake
David Linn

After hosting JPix 5, Baleboosteh enjoyed it so much she put her hand up to host JPix 6 too!
I must say I'm so happy people have responded well to this carnival, It was always going to be a carnival for 'everyone'

What pleases me is that the JBlogosphere has actually really stepped up and offered to host carnivals.
Its tough being the organiser of this JPix Carnival.
With , Me-ander hosting JPix 3: Pt 1 & Pt 2, Chaim hosting Jpix 4 and Baleboosteh doing, JPix6 (after doing JPix 5) David from Termunot putting up his hand to do next fortnights JPix7 [Submit] and Rafi doing Jpix 8, Mottel has just declared his interest, so he most likely will do JPix9, I feel exhausted. (Chuckle)

That's why this carnival is so good, every one participates, we often unfortunately focus on the negative sides of things in life, but with JPix, its been both fun and entertaining!
JPix 6 is Now UP, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Submit a post to the Next JPix Carnival

1 Comment:

Sarah said...

good job on starting it up :)