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Monday, 23 April 2007

The JIB's : First round of Voting Begins

Baleboosteh has been nominated for two JIB awards.

Best Photo/Graphics Blog

Best Personal Blog

From Baleboosteh

As we are all aware it is JIB time. Nominations have now finished and it is now voting time from the 22nd April to the 29th.
I am happy to say, my blog is nominated for Best Photo/Graphics Blog and also Best Personal Blog.

I know I have only been blogging for 10 months but, If you would like to vote for me in either (or both! :P) categorys please click on the titles below. Even though I have no expectations of winning any award, votes would be greatly apprecited and each one counts!

Vote for me for Best Photo/Graphics Blog here
Vote for me for Best Personal Blog here

Voting is very quick and easy - no registration is required.


From Bagel

I'm certainly not impartial when it comes to Baleboosteh, I don't know if she will win a blogging award, I do know how much effort she puts into her blog, her photos, and the carnivals she does. Actually it seems everything she does she does well, as a person she wins my award.